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A "merry Christmas" To All The

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Akgus Hay povertyand want and pischlug coia be drlven fiora every door: ivcliccrful Bresbiirn iipon every liearth■tone, (ainlly and frlendfy fratherliigs be „menraaend happy, and plenty flll every mbic Aii'l niajr ihose who have been ujjged In thelr abanderice sert out and re meaibcr the poor. Agaln, a "Jlerry ChrlstfgNDEi.L Vnii.Lii's l:nd a largo nuditocc on Tuesday ercnlug. Jüs subject sts as liefore ariuounced, "'l'tmperance, Jabtr,ad hemen." Tlie ïlrst lic consider hI uot Irxjin the moral nuil physlcnl Standpoint, but trom tlie polltlcal or mitional. i Suiiii tts all inon wen votera it was iniportini that all iaën be sobar, and planting ihi tempera ucu cause on tlie ballot box he ladicsicd ilmt It wan the chity o( the Na tluail Ooverument to t:ike the matter in haui Au lie Uiil uot iUks" a prohlbltlon of Ibe inaiiiiTactnie aud sale of llquors hy Coügress, or a iHsfruiichlt.ement of tlie drinker, we aro at a loss to discover hls RBwdrför dUease he cannot ilenoonce irtrely. Tlie Labor qoestlon he also .lanteil un tlie ballot. Laboren voUmI Hiid Jtborers musí be educated su as to vute Intdllgcatly. He advanccd soiue severe nctures against capital, and was n llttie lophistical.foriio law', [fan equal división o pBperty were made to-day, wou ld prevent ome being rlch and othere poor to-litorrV [feducatlon will worfe therewedy wc wlll in hy a siraw in his way. The Womau, siso, hi plsnted on the ballot. Siie was no better, he tlioulit tlian man, but the üovcniineut needed tlie aid of all the moráis nul braiu's, and suc had hsr sliare. Mr. Phillips bolds. that menund woir.en are botli made better by associatioii ; tliat nicn's tars.iiid meu's schools are a nuisanre or ■ iiy cvil : (ii it womau alone is below licnuotil standard ; and t!::it CO-edacatlou v.d wHlkuI co operation is the sovercign biim lor social and polilical wounds. Mr. Pfioin'8 spoke with all his old clo((ucuci1, oiily that he dealt less in invective ai.du'fuuiifiatiou than Dsaal. If nj ofeur reader had been ooquett;i;p with Wlnier, and tmaglned the stern oíd fellofv toued down and softeued in lus ruil qualitics, tlu'y woku ou Wednestiay morning to flnd themselves mistaken In iklr Kckoulog. Ilis warmestemllea had gtven budilcii place to freezlng frowns, and Intiag aou'wester forced its way tbirongh cracks and cranoles ar.d crevioes, ander íiiJ vu1 aii'l around düors aud Windows, ml snapptd at the mts and uoses aud Taces md Hogers- if unglored, of all oliiiged to go out o' doors. Jt was uot the coldest weather feit and remembered by the 'oldcst iubabitaat," but it was more tliuu was expected or prepared for, and the mercar; uocouifortably near to zero, say 5 above, a hll o( 24 ileg. n the tweiity-four hours. And it blusl'jied all day. Yesterday morning the wiud was down, the air was clear is a bcll, and tbe mercury marklng zero, tliough not near as tedious out as the previüus muniliiK. The annual meeting of the WasL'edw County Agrtcattttral and HorticuiturJl Society was held at the Court House on Tuesdty. The attendance was uot largo, only 2G vote being polled. L. S. Wood wm re elected President ; David M. FlNUt. Secretary ; LoBSXIM) Davis, Corresponiliug Secretary; and 8. 'M. WKBSTBB, Treisurcr. A list of Vice Presidents and EiecutlveCommittee has not been furnish6i us. Thesmall meetiiiK does not udicatc the rlght kind of Interest In the society. Tbe authorities of Edinburgli Univer'ty have posted the ollowiug "extract frorn the minutes of the Senatus Academif 08" : "Reiolced, That it bc uoted to the students that in luture any case of a student Woe brooght beloro a pólice magistntte snd convleted wlll be coiisidered as a Uní versity oflfcnce, and dealt with by the Senam accurdinly." A similar rule mlght not be inappropri"luíomí American Universities. The fall of snow Tuesday niht made ffttxl sleighing, which is being iinproved by the wooctmen and their eountry-cousius. Bitter roaJs ought to brlng the price of wooddowu. The load úgnres have been 4to$C per load, or $8 to $12 if measured, ith an uawillingucss to contract. Contacta can novv i,e mace at 4 50@7, the latw beiug outside figures íor seasoned hick. ory. David Hbxnixo, of tliia city, has been 'ittteüTreasuror of the Toledo, Ann Arbor ni Northern Rail road Goiapany. If Mr. "'' ss successful id managing tlie linances Uiecompany as bc is bis own business ?"e frienrls of tlic enlerprise wll] flnd uo Qseto complaln. However, the Dirtcorsoijst first giye hiin some fluanccs ta On Sunday next, Cbristmas Day, W. R. G. Melles, of Detroit, will fach Id the Dnltarlan Charch, and will tst In the evcning, at 7 o'clock, bis lecjWe on "George Fox and the Quakers," de'vercd on the last öunday cveniíiíf in the Drot Opera House. " were privileged to hear one of tbe aiLssoü concerts at Detroit last week, but havc fortúnate!)' enlisted iu our Bervice a critic with ear and pen both superior to our wn. h was a rare treat, and tbc enthusi 8" &nd commendation of our critic are Mhwamnted.


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