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Tbc Jauitary .Tliijjnziiir s. 8erüntr't Monthiy iiiore tliau meets the "greatexpcctatlonti" ralsed by th initia) auiubera adüed to the publlshers' promlses. Us illustruted articles are: Fairmount Park, full ol beauty an.l Interest, by Newton Cruue ; Klugs of the Air, by üurt. G. Wilder; Tlie Goblin of the Ice, a weircl story, by Dr. Ilayes Tlie Chri.stmas Door, by Lola Brjoke, a poeni ; Lucky Peer. the llrst chspten of a story by Hans Clmstiau A:.dcion, wlth a portrait of the autlior ; Sllipa (oM aml new), by J. T. Heailley; Nurilu-rii Llgllta, by W. C. WtlklDBOO, a poem ; tttrtwbourg ktter iln1 Surremler, by M. ]J Iiiüille ; Wilfred (Juniberinedf1, chap. x., by (iio. JIae Donulil : aild .Mis üaloney uu the ('iiiuese QjeKtlon. lieüiües these, we have Mirubel's ChrlSluiAS, by-MissTraftou ; Nutasijua, tiiu story of Mis. Hebecca Uordlug Dax is, coiiclutk'il ; Terins of Pcact: by .Tol) 11 Blgelow, a not very brlglit view for Francit; Cliristmus Eve in Ucrinsny, by lli-Ui) Berji ; How we escape! war wlth Spain, by L. Li. Crounse; CJiristmas Carol, by íiollaild, srt to inania by QtiO. J. üuss ; aiüJ nu nnpabllshed paem, My Wild Sis, by N. Willis, and other poeins. Topics of itie Times, The OKI Oabluet, Home and Society, Booke and Authors, are well-fllled dcpar'.ineuts. Ifsuoli be Scribiur's ilunlhly everybodj vl)l Want It. $3 aycar. Ko club iiitcs. Aldross ScutusEK & Cu , 054 liroaiiwiiv, A. V. - Tlie GaUtxy has : Lady .JudilU ; A Tale of Two Uontlueuts, cbapj. xi, aud xu., by Juatlu McCarlky ; DAvld, King of Israel, partij., bf A. II. Guernscy ; tiome Uecoilectlona of an ü!d Woniam, by E. De SI ; Overlaurl, cliaps. kxu, - xxiv , by J. V. Dn Poi'eKt ; I.oiiis Aiiolphc Tb Iers, by Justin HcOartby ; Tlie Mau who Dldn't, by Eiljjar Fawcett ; Fort Pickens, In wlilch ex Secretary Welles provea tliat he is not uovv asleep; Types of Anieriean Beanty, by .Iiinius Hriirl Urovvne, wlth a portrait ; üuglit vc to Visit ller.chaps. r - iv., by tlmt popular aiithor Mrs. luhvards, whose ■'.Siisan L-'ii-lilï ui" and "Archie Lovell" have made ber many admirare; Wood; Sclentlllc MUcellttny ; Currcnt Litcrature; Memoranda, ia wbtch Mark Twaln appeare a;i nrilsi, and glvei ;i portralt of Clng Willuun by lilinsclf, also discourses, Twaiulike, of various thiugs and Nebuto. Tliis list ouglit to asaarc the reader tliat, for 1871 tiie motto ui tbe OaUny s onicunl, and tliat is iroudiiotors and contributors will spare no effort to keep it up wlth the time. $i a year ; lwo copie! 7. Address Sueldok & Co., Kew York. The títdaxy aud the Altoos for $5. ■ - Arthur't Lady's Home Magazine la ft readabie onmber, and has soine cai)Hal lUistratious, "The Skein Windere," "Grand pa"s Darling," "Going to Schoo'," "Coming froin School," a colored fashion píate, etc. t gives prora i su of an entórtalo! Dg valunie. f? a year. Address 1 S. Autijuu & So.ns, Piiiltidelphia. Prom the same we hava the Ccüdrêii't Huur, a model magazine ior the llttle oues of the bousehold, wlth hêauiiful plctores and clioice storles. It is just the thing lor a Christmas pivseut. $1 25 a year. - The Xurtery comes to aur table for Janaarj as fresh ;is a new-blovn rose. lts arge type, bcautiful pie tares, simply told storics, and pretty verses, i usure it a relcome wherever tliore ure wee ones. The Jfwétry will make llghter the taak of the muther or nurse wlio inustneeds find soinething to amuse the little ones in tiieir charge. It has no line tliat is uot healtliy u tone. Now is the time to subscribe for 1871. $1.00 a veiir. Address Jous L. Suorky, Boston, Mass. The yursery ami the Ahgus for ? 3. The PüBLisiiKiia ok Litteu.'s Living Aqe announce that thsy will begin, with tliu nevv year, the publication of u serial story, entitled "'Seed-Tlme and Harvest, or Duriug 'My Apprenticeship," translated specially for them from the PlaU-Ueutsch of the distinguished poet and DOVellst, Fritz itEUTEii. No Germán auihor of the present time is more popular in his own country than lleuter, and by many hc is considered 'the most popular Germau writer of the ust half ceutury." His stories are written u l'kM deutich, a dialect orNorth Gcrmauy, and the English writer, Charles Lee Lewes, says that "the Germans of the more Southern States, where Plait-iUuttch is unkuowu, now frequently learn it for the sole purpose of reatllng Renter's works." Reuter i ea pecially uoted as the rare liuraorist, the gennlne poet and the fascinating delineator of the 11 ves ol his 1'laU deatsch neighbors, and as such ia probably more beloved than any other Germau autlior of the day. The story in question ia said to tju one of hia uest WQiks, givinjj us a charming aequalutance with the tjuaiut, int.-resting liatt dttUtch people. The publication of the translatiou is annqunoed to be begun iu the. flrst iiuniber of 'Jhe Living Agê for 1871, and to be continucd from wtek to week until it is complcted. The Living Age for 1871 wlll also contain serial stories by Gkoruk MacDonaU) and other dlstiogulahed Knglish authors, together with the usual ainountor the best scleotlflc and literary matter of the day, making in all more thau three thOUBand large pages of readiug matter a yar. The last two uumbers of 1870, contalniug the baglnnlng of Geo. MacDonald's story, are uroinised gratis to all new subscribers for 1871. The suuxcriptlon prioeofthis sixty-lbur page weekly magazine la $8, bul for ten dollars any oue of the American f4 magazines is sent with 2he Living Age fur a year. Littcll & Gay, Boston, are publishers. ïu lb Ladie! All thosc io want of Winter Milllnerv should oct rail to attend tho Oreat Clcariog OatSalo at the New Millinery StoroValvet Hats for 50 Cent. Satín HaU for íí Cents, Plneh Hato for 75 CenU. 1S01 47 So'ith Main Streot. LM41 Khatuü 8WINDLERS ! ! Thoiie are mild terms wilh which to desígnate lbose mean contemptible advunturers who have beeu iaduced bj the high reputatlon which Dr. Sage's Catarrh Hemedy has won, to put and oflor for galo a worthless iinitation of tui celebrated medicine. Remember that Dr. R. V. Picrce'n private Stamp, which Is tt.u only Poiitivc Quarastce of Otuumeness, should bc upon everj package. This private stamp, issued by the U. S. Uovernment (pressly lor atamplug Dr. Piercu's medici in-8, haa upou It hi portrait, pamo and addrots, snd the words " S. Certificato of (lenu. ineness.'? Dou't gut swiadlcd by men calling themsslvos Dr. gtgt : Dr Pierce. of Buffaio, X Y.. i the on)y n)an now living thai haf the right aud can make tb original Dr Sage's Catiirrb Hemedy. Sold by irugslsts or ont by mail on rccclpt of ity cents. Am Ockoi or Peevíntio.v lurks in a bottlc of Fluid Swect Quininc, worth tons of black, cauaeoui quack mixtures- tj:e couteuts of which aro ag uaascous as thy are oucrut apd Persons recontly living iu districts wlicre AorK prevails, or golas to thtm, or tmvelinü in tbcm, thould Pkivkut Chills and Fever, and all its attendantu. by taking email doet of Fi-t id Swsrt Qciwivk raornlngundeveulng. It i th ■■! bent f irengüieniDg tonic In tUo vf orld. Sold by Eburbach & Co. Sceond Haud and !Vcw Orjans And Melodeons forsflle very cheap at l'rif. Mills mutic room, No.43 Main Ktrccí. (Over liullttlíub iueon's.) UTCtf ALVIN WILSEY. lüiiiiiiy to Soltiicrs. Thosa who anllttftdln 1861 quthc flrst cali of Pres ident Liucoln, and who were houorahly dichared beforethe expiration of the term of tbeir enliatment, are entitled to $10Q cach, as boiiuty. Andsoldicrs enligtiug under act of .Tuly 4th, 1864 are to be allowed the uupnid instalments ofbounty Ifthey were discharged by expiratiun of service Theabove classes should make application to the nndersigned. Maren 24th ,1870, 126ïtf JOHN N. GOTT, Bounty and Claim A2ut


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