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IVIort friere Bale. DEFAULT li:i.i!,L' been made In the condltlon of n Li fl hy Joscpb w . Walt, o' ti-,H City of Aun Albor. Cotuity f W&HbteDaw and State of Michigan . to Jamei "' ■-■■ -: ■ of the tuwnphlp ï Aim rtrbor, Con nú i i 011 fhe t ■! July A. l. I ín the R iclster's office of tbc (V'mfy of ;i thtenuw. ou thf b lith dft ofj ilj A. D. ■ ■ o'olock P. 4. in über 2'- of roortgece?. on pac 4M and ttifti thffl of tuis uotice l h ■ mi bucdred i ne ii lart and twenty-twocems, alo an AttorneyV fee ol fiUceii dollars shonid iiny proceedliiffs be takn to foreclu - ■ I ! r:i ■ 1 1 ■ ajto, onïl 110 procvcdiuKS at luw or In i QUitj bavlng heen had to recove Buíd Bums o! ■ . or any part thereof ; Itow, tberefore, notiw Is herehy piven, t luí t. by víi i u óf ;idttrr of sale la siüd mortjíApa contatnea, . II t puMic atiction to ]:■■ dor. on the I8th day f Febrnary, A. I), i-;".. a( -i oVlnck P. :■! cbiy . ut the (runt dooï o' tbftOouri ! tho placo where the Circuit Uonrt for the Conntyof (Vashtenaw aforeéaid Ir held; thft follow iner describid pitees oryarccls of land eituated in the CIct or Ánn Arbor, and descrlbed as folio wr to-wlt : Betag lot "o one. lwo and three. i Mok híx. in ;-n.,:i i Falleras Additlon to the Pillaje of Aun Albor : also elht rods sqnave oí Innfl lying nórth and ■ e sitifl bloek six, and ttoatiu oo Ponttac m1c n ]icce o!' l.ind adjotnlng sald loto eatcry, and belüj: nlne roda and x links in tongtb and fonr r ls in width, atid ftdjoiDiDg the DOrtb line of eaid block x. ijafed, November 23d, 1S7. JAMES TREADWKLL, Morteagee. JOHS K. (ÍOTT, Un Attoruey for Mortgagee. MortL?aye 8a]e. DEFAIT! t bavlng boon mude in thfl rondition of r 6ertaiu mortgage exeented by Dorhskaü, Oregory umi fvlrar M . Qregory of üi.; city of Ann Arbor, i, to Enoch James f tho same place, on the ürel nay r Octriber, A. i'. c-ji; ihooftand ci'ht bundrtíd and í:xtythryo.and recorred ui the office Ol the Register of Doeda for the Connty of Waehtenaw and Stnto aforewüd, on tiie flfth rtny ofOctoher, a. d i'clockP. M. of saíííday, in libei mortgaj f, which sald mortgage wasduly d ly said Boocb .Jftine-s to IlenryL. Jai WUnameburgh, MawachDAettfl, on the toni teentb Baj of March, A, i. i.-;'",:,. and recordad in t:" oftlco of the l■illr tf Doeds Tor &atd { onnty of Wasbtenaw, on the 2d day of November. A . ï) HO, al 0 i.' ■■!'., -I; , .ï.. in .il)cr tl of moi " 20. on which said raortgage and bond accompanyinc the Bame, there a claunsd to be doe .tt the date of thlê notíce thesam ol nlnoteen hundred aad flvc I alflo uu AttomevN fee of üfiy dollars shonld any proceciUngs be taken to forcclope Uit; samo, nnd u-o anit or prooeédins tu iaw or eqnlty havïnp been institatod to recorer the dobt ot any part thereof: Noticc is bereby glven that by of ihc power of ■ale in said mortsage contalned, T hall eell at pnblfc ■■■■ t the nlghest bidder on the Hthdayof Febroary, n xr. at Iwo o'dock P. M of said day. at Ifae Imnt door of tne Oo-.irt House, in the City of Aun Arbor, in said Oounty of Washtenaw. the pr m crlbed in said mortgago, as : All that certain plece or parcel of land autuUe and b t;1: In t!u(':: -■ "f Ann Atbor, in the Connty nf WashtenüW, and State jf Michigan a knovrn anti deserflx ú as folto-wit: Lot nomber one ui bïocfa N. one nortn of Huron stroot, in range two, accor the recorded pint of the viilftge Cnow city) of Ann Arbor. betug ail thosu premXses knuws as the Monitor Hotel property. November 3d. 1870. HENRT L JAMES, AssIU'-c of baid UortgogO. JOIIX N. GOTT, Attorney for Assignce of said Mortgae. Mortgngo Sale. DÏCPAULT hivinar bctii made in the condltïon of fi cei tain mort ga (ie nu ■ i hska N. Urog ry and Edgar M. Grejpory. of the i Ity of Ann tb Uotinty ol Washteoaw, and Swte ol .■!;.:.! . . to L,ymau D. Jntnea mi t. tylhlrddaj ol Augnirt IS62, and reCordtHl ■ ■ day at 5 oVlAck 1. M In líber 2S ol iiiot nuw dqo and anpald on suitl mortga the Bum uf o Aullara, mul to bccon ■ ' ■ td ínteres! at tin ral from t.. ■ .-r. uu the twenty1 ■ ' ; Ltiijn-I i 7-. :iii a re:ionablc Attor-" boj jf fee sh ■'■ ■ "■■ t;.ki-:i :j [ tho Hamo, un tit or h ty having been b I part thcreof; Now. threfore. notice hen on, thal f i power of snle in sul '. I Bh&ll BGil ui pnl aoctlon blgheet bidder, on the i. rsouary ür'MT. ñi 2 o'clttck P. M oi siiii day, üt the fr ntdoor of the Cour! House, iu the city of Ann Arbor, In sald Uoonty, i i tract or paree! of land kaown and decrlbed -,- followe to-wit : LotIo. ofte, bl ■.!■■ nortn, in range two the city of At u Arbor, tu the l onnty of Wauhtcnaw. aud .S.iitc oí Michigan, Dated, OctoberSSd. i. LV.MAN I. JAMES, MorlMseo. John 5T. GoiTiAtty. for Mortgagee. 1299 Real Eslate for Salo. CTATEOP MICHIQ -X, onnty of Washtenaw,. 0 In the matter' of the eetate o ■ . ■- Yu'iz, dc-ceated. Notfw is berel 01 ? ii order granted to tl ... tcator of the etnte oi - Jndge of 'ü-1 ■! ■■ fi ij . ■,.-. (,,i the twenty-tecónd day of Soptember, A. D. there wil 5e tsold at public vendue, to the ; btdder4 door of the ■ . in ü.e A nu -Albur. I ■ . said Sta urday, the twi-ntyfirst day of . A i. ls7 1 . ïit í'-n o'clock i ti the forenoon day, Csnhject to all encitm or oth of the deatl ■ i o i he i L--. bls widcw therelc)i toe follovnsg descrlbed real estáte to wit: A puree] oflftnd dcscribj . poinï in the center of the Kbt-r White roadon ooi eectfon thirty, In tbc townahip'of Ann Arbor, and tbirt.-fii chaluf north frrjm toe Boutta-west corner of said secttoD, rnnninj Bonth two asd a fcají dogreea w.est thlrteeu cbains to the Bonthwert corner 'vï s;rl eectlon thirty. north eighty Beven :n;rl qaarterdejrreeseaettiTOntytwo ch i n links, thene north itwo aad a half depreee weet eigbteen chaina and sixta links to the center of said Bher fVnlteroadi thence eonth eevpnty threo and n halfdegreea west along er o eaid rond to the ]licc of liepinniULs thirty-foar and 96-100 acroe. Also a pieceofland Ing at t Ik-1 north-west corner of sectlon thirtj'one. in thotown of Ann Arbor, ruuninL' then aiongthe Bectlon line forty fonr cuams and fortythree links to a stakc, thence south even chaina ad tbirty one links, thence weat forry four ohains and torty-three links, therjcc nortri swen cbjllns anfl forty-five links to the place of beginniug, containing thihy-two and 7S lino acres. Aleo the ;aet hal f of the eat nalfof the south weot goArter ofsectíon ten, intown-hip three south of rapge lnre oaet, coutain Isg fb'rty aeren more or less Abo twen tv ncrea of [jïg north of the hlghway, and off of the weet II half of tht; fiontneasi qoarter of sectlon twenty ñve in townshfp two oath of range five east ; all being In said Btate of Michigan. Patcd, December Uh A O Ï8TO. 1299 JOUNA. VOLZ, Administrator. Real Estáte for Sale. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, OonntyorWMhtenaw.ía. L5 In the matter of the state of Lodorska A. Swift, minor : N'tiec is hcreby givcn, that ui pnrsnance 01 an order granted to the underetened. Guardian of the esinte of unid minor, by the Hon Jadge of Probate for the Coiinty of Washtenaw, on tiio twentjthtrd rlny of November, A. ]) ISTO, there will ! sold at public vendne to tbe highest bidder, at the south dooi of the Court Boom, in la Oitj of Ann Arbor, in the (.'oiimy of WnshU'iiaw, in sald V:it on sday, the eleventh day of Jannary.A D. I8T1, atten oclock in the torenoon ofth:it day (subject Ut al i eGCumbraiices by mortgagA.or othenvise exitÍDg at tb time of tule. and alad subject to the rii;ht rol the underslgned, ae widow of FranÉuln Swllt, deceascd, thereln, ) I ' oru-fourlh of rlbed pnrcolsof rea! estáte, to-wit : CommrnclDg in the east Une oí' Bectlon twenty-nlue, in tovrnahlp sonth of range t, in suid State, nt a poiut thlrty-one rods north of the Intersectlon of the center Hurón Btreet in the UiO of n:i Arbor. if extended easterly as in the i rlglnal plat, theoee west purnllel ii. Haron treet ten rodi, thencc north live rods, thence cast paranel to Iluron etreet ten rods, thence to the place of besrinnir.g snbjtict to State Rtreet; It btitng Ü)e ast part of the laud co&veyed by G. W. Jcwitt to Mary J, Mayuard, Uarch,lsth A. D.lSüT. Alo of the andivfded half of a pleca o!' land lïiiiï asd being sast ol Slnolalr'e Mtll-Pond, and on the inarter of aection twentar, ' aehip 'Müi raDffê, commencüig at the Hoiith- rner of piece of land gold by Norman Chapín and wife to Prëderick Myers. and at the western terminas of i ftret tbat commenoea on Ponüao street, and rune westerly between blocke iourand ftve t)f Brown & Paller's Addltion to the village Cnowctty) of Ann Arbnr, westerly on said Hyer'saonth line tweuty rodi or more to the said mili pond, thence down said mfll-pond to land sold ■! Chapín aiid wife in 1839 to Oletneut H. Thompson, thence easterly nlon the north line of s .i i Thompson'fl lanri to laiM (ld by B. W. Blorgan and wife to taid Thompson . thence uortheriy on the westerly line of gafd Thompeon laud to the place of beginning, coiitaining abont five acre of land more or lesa - togetherwlth the privih-jie of entering on and npon the sontheast corner of eaid land with .1 team or .-■.! :,:i times, so that John T. Bwalhel or nis repreaentatlres trrny have free access to tbe ptece of land above belong Ing to eaid minor for all neceesary parposfls. Also ofthc nndivided half of the Sinclair Umi property, 'üy of Ann Arbor, md ofthe landa, rigbta. titles, Intèrwti watt r power and prtvillffea conveyed by a cortaln deed exented May ist. A. D. 1807,bj 1. sinchiir nnd wife to' Frankhn Swift and Vvllllam Dellbel, lecorded in llber oixiy-one (611 of : 'edg, in the ofBi 1 the Rpglster of Deeds of said Conuty. pn page tfonr bandredand liftv MO). Also of slip N ie hundred and thrce Cio.i'j in the ii-ü:. odisl EpUcopal 1 hnrch of Ann Arbor. And also all 1 tltleand Interest ofsatd minor in and to of tald Franklln Swift, deceased. Dated, November 23d, A i. it L. EUAUEÏH swift, MOT Gii: ■ Real Estáte for Salo. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Vnshtcnaw,9S, O in the matter of the lístate óf John Peatt.spendthrifl. Nutiicis hiTrlii L'iven. that. in pnrsnai au order erauted 'o the anderslgaed, Qaardlan of the Estáte 1 .i asid ependtbrift, by the Hon, Judge of Probate for the Connty "f Washtenaw, on the flrst day ofOctober.A 0. ï70,tbere wlli he Rold ntpnblíc rendne, to the litehest bidder, aL the dwelline hotiae on the üiemlsee herelnafter described in the Connty of Waihtenaw, in wild State, on Wednesday, the tbirticth day 'f November, A, J. lLT0, at feen o'clock in the fon-noon of that day, (sabject to all enenrabrancea by mortgage or otherwtep existmg at the time ofthe s.-iïcj the followfng described real estáte, to wit : Twenty-live orea off the soat h-eist quarterofthe Bontb-eaat tinarter ofsection thirtyji-i', in townshlp one sooth of range fn-.: iu saíd Btate, commendiig at the Southwest corner thereof ;nd runninii thonci' north one and a htlf degrees west ei et teen cliains anti sixty I ';nce north clghly-nlne and a half il. i-:it thtrteênchalji8 and forty-fenrllnks, thence south one and a half .:- ■ rees easl elhteenchains and sixty links, thi eighty-nlnc and a halfdegreee ■ ibainsand forty-four link, to ECeptfl i' one aere iu the Bt corner thereof, ' eastand west and ten rods wlde north and sonth, old by sald John Pcatt to Rebecca Tatt!e , October rth, A. I). is 19.J Dated, October Int, A. D 170. CEOItGE C. ARMS, Gaardian. The above sale is postponeil to the thirtlpth day of r next, at one o'clock P. M., to take place n the eteps of Allport'a Dexter Bxchange, in the ..i Dexter. GKD. C. AR11S, Guardi;,n. Dated, November 30tli,l8T0. ;pE0PLES DRUG STOiin;! R. W. ELLiS & CO. Chancery 8ale. IN PUR8UANCE and bj lirtne i ■ ol the CIrcuitCpiirt tui the County "i tVuithtesao , ia Ohancery, maOn on th twi dav ..: Seprhen i,' I Flei t. Johu i on Ho nnd Kj Iran I i '■ i hereby glven, una)! sel] at imblic sncttnn. to t. ■ der, Ou Sntiiiduy. be (wentv-cighth d in o'cli i tí A. M of Mild (l:iy at th" frmit or I ■ Aun Arbor iu the Oouniy oí RSatc of Mii M ■ ■ LOl' Of Miluh'.v. l 1 ■ '.irici■ il uomber three f:'-j the nortb of tho northeart qmftcr of Ke'lnn nntnbt-t ten fÍB) the northwc pt o,nafti'r ol i. r qnarter of n fll), all ::. townshlp number oun f i ) . [oor (f) sast, coni:M-- iiurcit-il dn! -i.xiy aeren mote ■■ and lhe nortb h al r ol the e [Uarter r tbe soutbeaat quarter f secllon uumbar eï !!i i-.jW uship out; tij tiltil .f 1.. ' !_' Uvrllty acres IlHtin Oï fats tlf couxtitutiuK :i fiirm bclng in . Countj mul Btntu nf NTichigftn. Diitol, Aim Arbur, üecomlwr iMh. A. 1. r 7". TAYj OR, Ore of tho Oircuii. Coflrt CommiBftODQrfl fnr Waehtenaw Coanty, Mlchlgnn. E. C. SltAMVN, Solicitorfor Complaiuant. '. OwG Coramissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Ctonnty óf Wshtenaw,K The nnderstgned ;i appoIntedbytlM Probate Conrtfor ;iiil Coauty. Cumiaissionerfl 10 reoeiva j examine and aíijnst all clalme and demande of all persons auainst thft cstuto if Hvman ):. late of saïcl Ccmity, deCeased, hereby give aoticc tnat six moiithnfroin flfite are alloweil. by orVr of enid Probate Conrt, for credltora to presos tthelrclaima agaiuet Lïwr eatateof safd deceaflea, and tlmt they wlli Uei cu of satd deecfico '.. ' . nu gaturday, the twenty-ifih day of Fibmary, andMonday, tlie twelfth day ol Jnuej t teD o'clock A.M. of each of Bala daynt tu recelve, examine, and adjn.-t sald dalias Datvd. Deo mber I-Ui A I). 18T0. I800 1 CommL-sioners1 Notioe. STATK OF MICHIGAN, Connty bl WaaMeTiftWj ra. The andersiDed bavuig heao appointed bj ii;u Probato (Jourt for Bal I lounl . . Commpseli srsto rcctiivc, examlDP, anrt adjari r.lï claims nnü dema íill persona o;jïint tlio etate of Charlo Stacfe, hite of f: id Coauty , deceftsed, horeby give notlce elx moatha frona irc aUowed y order of sald robal e Court for creditore to preseot thelr claims agfllosi thê - I dei eaaed, a ■ thf-y wi)l meet at the office ii C li an '■ re, ia th cïtj of Tpellantt) in aald Oonaty, on SaturdAy, the Dtb dtij oí Pebrnary, and Tl day of June, oeit, at ten o'clock A. M. ol ench of 8nid daye, to rewive, examinetaod aald clalme. Dftted, December th, 1870, l::t,o DA GE, - m . - CHUBi H1LL il. VANCLEVE, J Gommlssïonera Commissioners' Notice. QTATE OF MICHIGAN ■ Probate Conrl innty. lommj ceive examine, aptl ndjust sil claims and der :;,■ uil per 'f BHza J. Inte of said Connty . deceased, hei ttce tlmt. -ix monthe from date are ■. der of eaíti ProhateCoartfórcreditoret : bceatat oi - 1 wil! raeot at the residen ce VI Osood i; i rli day of I". .-■ oud day ol Jone nit, at ten o'cloek A Ó, p;üd daye, lo receive, examine and ai'jt: claims. Docomhfr2d, A. T. 1S70. Conimipsion r Notice, QTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ns. O The undei Probate Conrt; for saïd t'oanty, Co i to re cíívc, ftfc&mtn all pr, late "f six roontha firo ft by oreer Probate ourt, ior creditors to present wÜl nici-t ai the i-': - iiraiif e Com s cl'y of Ann Arhor, in .-ui'! CoTinty, on Satnrd ■ rtciry.iiufl Mouday, theüflb day of-!!: . a Xi-n oclock A. M p :i days, to ■: ■ cxiimine, :iii!i adjnipt said claims Duited, : th, A. !. 1170. lsi0 WiKRBNHAMjLTON, CommÍ3&i?uoiP. Cömmissioners' Notice. GTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of WLj The sn appointed bythe Probare Conrt for eaW Oouniy, - to re■ uil claims :r all per&oi I fcne nt nt of SamntI Ortt. late i-if iet: thftt eix monthB from date are flllov . d ) robiït! Coiírt, for creditors to present thelr claims ■ -.-ll meet ai the store 'T B. F. WhitHkef.Ip An■■ nary, and Tueday, the pixth day of et, ai lOoVlock A M. of ench ol eafd ilve, examino, air! a ;ins. Üatett, I), i ."l). 1S70. 1-20' '.F. WHITAKEK, ! gommiBfeionérs. Estafe of f -ít-üry i w r. STATEOFMICÏItGAN.i onntj of i '■ - --' n of tl ■ - 'bnte Court for the Connt) of Waabtenaw, holden at the Probate Offlöe, in the City oi Aun Aroor, on Saturday, the twenty-sixth iber, ín the yeal öne thoueand-eight . and seveiity. Preeent, HlraraJ. Beafeea, Jadge of Probato. In the raatier of the iüstate of Hfcury üowcr. iBed. On readingand filinitho pet lt ion, düly verlfled, of Margaret U. Boffer. A.dmloistratrljr, prayin shc may be Hcensed to Bell certala na! estáte , of eaid deoeaned difd eeized Tlicreupon it is onteren, t lint ?.Ioi vin v. tbesixteecth day of Jamiary oext, at ten .o'clock In the forenoon be aaslgnod for tliu hearing of aaJd petitiou, and thai the ht-irs at law of :iid rtecciiscd, and all othor persons latoreeted Inaaldestatei ure required to appear .'ir u Besston of said Conrt, Uien to bc holden at the Probate Office, in the City ol Ann Arbor, nnd show cause if auy thei why the prayer of the petitioner ahonld not be granted: Andltlsfurther orflt-red, tbftt Baklpetltloner tive notice to the persona íntereted in eald ,oJ tin1 pendency ofsnid petitlon, and the tb reof, bycaosinea copy of this order to be publisiied in the Michigan Argtun uewepaper, printed and circnlating in nald Connty, fotir sr.ccefsive wueks previoae to paidfifi ofhearlni, (Atruecopy.} H1KAM J. BKAKES, 1300 Jud-xe of Probate. Estáte of 8 lly Ann Pr:iy. S TATE OF MICHIGAN, Oonnty of Wiisiitcnaw, ?s At h scsinu oí' the Probato Court for the Cnuuty of Waxbtenaw, holden at the Probate, In the city of Ann Arlioi-, on Monriav, the twHfth dny of December, in the year one thuusand eight huudred and seventy. Present. Hir.-un 3. Beakop, Jurtire of Probato. Id the matter of the estáte of Sally Aiiii Pray, deceascd. OcorgoS. Wheeler. Administrntor of snld estáte. corueH into Coort anti representa that he in uow prepared to rencer hit niüil account as such Admiristrator. ThéreuponltisOrdered, that Satnrday. the fonr tcunth d.'iy of J:nniïiry, next, ai ten o'clot'k in tl:u forenoon be axsiijned for exmlnlsg and allowing snch Acco'iiii. ana that he belraat law of ssid deeBaaed and all other persons nterested iu said estáte, are required to appcar at :i scchíoi! nfsnidConrt, then to holden c tne Probate CM&ee, [n the City of Ann Arbov insaidCounti LfanytbeLebe( w!i-thc Baidacconntshonld not be allowcd : ■■ furthpr orderédi Uiac said AdninistTator elve ïioiice to tbe peraons interested in safd escate, of the pendency of sald-aocotint, and the hearine thoroof, hy caiieing a copy of ibis order to I lin the indclrcnlatiDt; in H.'iid Connty. tnree uccestive .weeks prevlona to sai] day of hearing. (AtrMSCopy.j HIKAM J. BEAKE8, ■ lSutiid Estáte nf Dclii Oliapman. OTATE OP MICHIGAN. ConDty of Washtenaw,a O At n Bessloo "i rite Probate Conrt for üw Conu ly o; lYsshtenaw, holden :it the Probate office, iu thecity of AnnArbor, on Tneeday, tbe sixtü da; "i December ia theye&rone thouaiud élebt iinndred :tnl Bei ■ Present, Hlram 3. Beakeat Judge of Probate In tbe matter of the tstaie of Delia Cha;iman, séd. On ceadingond ISUng tho Doiiti"n.dnly verifled, ol Iiiria Lemm. praytngthat a certaiu insirtiment now on lile in thls Court, pnrporting io be tlic lat will an 1 testament of said di ceased, ma be admltted to probate and that he or gome other puitalile person maybe appointed Admlnlstratrix with the illannexed of .'ul deceasod, Thereupun it is omered, Ihat Thnreday, the twelftb dy of Janoary next, at tca o"c)oi:k in the foivnoon, fiied for the hearing of said petitlon, and that the tegateev, dcvlseea and hetrs at law of said deceaeed, and all othcr pereo-jij Interested in said esut are required to appear at a e of said Court, dien to be 'holden at the Probate Olflcc. in the City of Ann Arhor, and show cause, i' any tnere be, why the prayer of tbe tloner sbonld not be erantëd : And itisfurthei. or(i.'Tefl tbat unid petitioner gire notlce lo the persona bterested i-i said ('state, ol the pendency of uld petttloni and the hearing tbuROf, bycaosinga copy o: ttii.s order to be pablTshed in the Miekiaan ñ newspaper piiated and elrculating tn sni.l ConDty, üirv.' Baccesslve weeks to :i:d day ol hearing. (Atmecopy.) HIKAM J.BBAKES, 1300 JuC'e Oi Proonte. Estáte of Nestel - Minors. STATE OP MICHIGAN, County At a scsiíion of the Probata Cuim for the C Of WjipIiU nnw. hokU'n ai the l'ribatu Ofiice. In tl!1 City of Ann Arbur. on Wednetday, theaevMitb dy of December, in Eheyear one thooaand elght hnndred mul m vonty. Present, llirara J. Beake?, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the Bátate of Bada J. Nestel and John F. Neatel. minors. liah Priest, Gaardian of ?a!d e.t:ite. comea into Uourt iiikï representa that he-ianowpr ar his rtnal acco::' asks tliat he ma; be pormlttfed tfl r.isiLm thut i 'i'hcreupon it is oraered, thal Ttintaday , the twclfth da; l' laonary, neiÈ, at ten o'clock In tbefuronoon, be avatened lor ox imlning and allowlng Buch account, and uat the i n!l othet . -. .--tv reqnlred tolappear at a segston ofaaldConrt, then too holden, a: the Probate Otiice, in the Citv of Ann Arbor, in Fiiid Connty, and nhow canflOt if any ■ ■, whj the saicl account BhooM not be alIoTved: Aiui it i fiirther ordered, tliat snid Goardian pive uoticc to the pereoBS intureeted In s.iiil estatè, of the pendenoy of said accotmt, aod the hearing thereof, by causing a cojjy of this order lü be inibüshed In n ' A rbu a Dffwvpaper priuted íuhI otrcnlatfng Lu t'Miiity, three siiccebsive weeks previons to Süid day of hearing. CA trnecopj.J HIRAM ,1. BEAKES, 1SU0 Jadee of Probate. Go toR.W.ELLIS & CO's i for cholee Wine6 andLiqunre for Medical Purposes . lístate of Simón Knnouse. CTATK OP MtCÍUQ W, Oounty orWathtcnaw ■ un for the Cou'm, ■ ■ holdi ii at the Probate office, i, tl City of Aun rln.r. on Pridny, thc nin h dar nf ■r. iu theyetoa thóusaud eiirht huuilreii and sqti Pre at, llirotn .T. Beake?. .lmge of Probate :i tbe -natter of the estáte of Simón Kaiiou-c 3 ei"-' ■:. ' Allen. Admhiistrntor of snid estáte oto Court and i .„■■- i e thal hc Is now pmI pared in render hu ilual account as snch Admlui. !!on t is oidered, that Thursday th twelfth . i.iy of January, next, at ten u'clock the forenomi, be asslned for examinlnir ñ,i - : Buota ii:;iiiiiii, and tliat tlie hei , I, and .il! inlier persons inter. ested in said entate aro reijuircd to appear at '■ Coart íhen to he holden nt the "1 Ann Arbor, in sid Connty, and show-canso, if any tlicrcbe, wliy ti,c ■untshonldnotbeallowed: And it isforü ;.tor -ivc notlceln the persons Intereated in sald estáte, o( the p. raid account, and the hearing thoreof ,bv tfls order tobepublished in the p Iper i.rinted und circu. aio '■: ii :_-,-. tlnee ituccessive woek prevlons t. süid dny of hearing. CA tras copy.j BIBAM i ÜHAKKS, Í3tota JodctOl l'robate. Estáte of Lucas Kittcl. DTATBOV MICHIHAX. Connty of Washtenaw.. O At asedtfton of t!i; Probate Cuiirt fur the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate ÜfCce, in ihs cify of Anu Arbor, 011 Wednewlay.the y:venth dut mber, in the yearoue tbuaaand cighthuu. dred and scventy. Present Slram j. Beakes, Jnáge of Probate. In the muller of tlie Ksuite of i.uc:it Kitlel, de. eraaed. mei M:inn, Administrctoi of sld estáte, '■■::;;■ inLo Coart and repreaenla that he la now pre pared ir. render .is flunl accuunt ue auch Admiuiö. trutor. ■pon il Is nrdered, that Tbaraday, the tirelfti d.iy of 'Jiuruuy, next, il ten o'clocfc in liie Tnrc. noon, be il6sllíed tor ezantining and nllowiui. anch a count, und that the bflra at law of oia ■!, and all oiher persons intcreütcd in aald estáte, are requircfl to appear ut a seaalon uf said Conrt Uien to i holden at the Probate OJttce, inttat City tf A n n Aibur, in aid Uonnty, and show cause, if uiy there be, wny the sald account shonld nut be ;ilki-.vt'(l : And it is furlher Ofdcred, that said Ad. iDinistrator glvo notlce to the iitrsous nu-rtleaio sftld estáte : tlie penüency of saiO acconut, nftd the huaiir.L' thereol by cansln a coiy of thla oreer to be iiUi!i.-'i:d in ttle Mihfinn Aiivt, a newspaper ;;ir in Paul threeaucceas[ve iveeka prevlons to suid dajr of hoarhuc. (Atmecopy.j BISAU 3 BKAKKS. WO" Jndoe of Pmbate. Estáte of William V. Orant. QTATBOP M ;::; II: ix. Connty of Washtenaw, m: k3 At i eeuion of the Probate Cuurtfor the Countt of Washii naw, holden at the Probate Office, in ths City of Ana Arbor, on Monda?, tbe twenty-flrft doy of November, In thc yenr oue ihonsndcight hundrcil and BeTeuty. i reaent, Uliam J. Boab' -- Jndge of Probaiè. In the matter of the Estáte ot Wiilmin V. Grani, diogand ttling the petltlon, dnly Terifled, oi ■ praytug Unit he miiybe . real rítalo wlnr of said dceased d ■ ■ . cllitribQtion q( t ÏL'j perdons iutcr. irdcred, that Tnenday, the tl.ird kin ihelnrennon be m, .nrt thattn heil :. w of said deeeaíM, Interested 1 n sakl ettato, are reMrtd Coart then to be ■ i robiiíe (ifflco. in the '.'Tv of Ann t.r. there be. irhj the pruyfr i Dted: And it is ordored, that ea;d petltionei nlvcnotiretothe in fiid estáte, of the i endenoy of u, ,nd tbehiarinc Ibercof, liy cautiñg s cnpyuflhis order to h pnblished In the MUhigan primed and circnlating ir. j'aiii ■ " prci lons to mM da? . (A trne cotiy.) III!: AM .T. BEAKES, I-" ol Probate. ite of John Gibtie?. S: OPHIOniOAH, Connty At :i session of the Probate Conrl for ih,í Coi ntj the Probate Oflke, in the City ol " ■ tbe si conddayo) De■ i the feta ime thotmand uilit humiredand Pres-ent )Iiram J. Beak.' . Inige of Probate Iu the matter of tkn eatate of John Uiliuey, ():i r.i i and Hing the p"tition. ilnly verifiedof at a certain instrament now on fonrt. pnrpnriin; to be lat . cewed may be iidmitted I fodi xiiitable perron may M ator with the wül anuexei of iai'l dec ased. : rli.i! Moiidny, thn fecomf riay of January, next. u in o'clock in üie forenoon, r the hearing of pnid petition, ui that thc . i hiirs at law of . and n!) other persons inlereited ia ■ -"inn f i the Probate Offlie,' In the City of Ann Arbor, and . ifanj il r.f the petltioner shosld further ordcred that faiil ; : persons interested fa y of sald petition, and the hearinir thercof acopy of this order . a newKpaper urinted and tingl ■ ■ . threesnceêaf ivi' weeks previona to said day of hearing. OA trnecopy.J HliAM .1. BBAKES, ■' .1; ;_!■ ol Probate. Ic of' Hamnel J. FrecmaD. [CHIO v .Conntyof Washtcnaw.sA "J At n ie Probate Conrt for the County len at ihe Probate Office in tbtf .y.n Arbor, on Mondar, thc iïfth day tnhor, In theyearone thonsand eigbthiindred and serenty. Pr ■ ' ■. Jnrlrrc ol ProKite. In the matter of thc estáte of tíamiiel J. Frcëman, decea:id flünirthe petition. dtily verifled, iit Harrif.' I r r dower in the real . said deceased led aeized may bc as-' stine-l : Thereupon Uisordered, that ifooday, the fecond dny of Jannáry nextaf ten o'eloclclii the foreñoon bc' ú for the hearing of said petition, and that the , devïsi s and heirs at law of said deceaasd. and all other pereocs intrrested in jí1 estáte, are required to appêu at a seasion of said Coart, thento l holden, at the l'robate Office, in the City of Ann Arbortand - ii any there l)e, why the priiytrof the petitloner hoaldnotoeKraatcd: Anditi furtiii-r ordcred, that said petltióner give notlce to tlie' Bted in ?! - iï i;:itc. ot' t pendencyoï said petition, and the hearins Iheieof, by canslngj copy of this oricr Co be pnbllshed In the Mlckiyd A newspaper prluted. and circnlatinr In sald Connty, three snceeeelTC weeks previoua tosaid daj' of !le;; (A truccopy.) 1IIRAM J. REAKES, 1299 Jndgeof Pribate. Estáte of Thomas J. Olcott. STAT: OP MICHIGAN, County ofWashtenaw, m. At u fcesMon of the Pro!;te Conrt for tbcConnty oí Waehtenaw, bolden ai 'he Probate OiW in the. City of Ann Arbor, on Sflttirday, the lifthdiyof Novenibor, iu theyearone thout-and uight hundreJ and sei Present Jlinm J. Jienkt', .Tndire of Probate In the matter of the estáte of Thomas J. Olcott decea.H. jobo r). Olcott, Adminfstraior of .aid estáte, ■:to Court and representa that he i r,W pruparedtor. ader lii 3nai account tis sueh Adtiiiuiv Vator. Thercnpon it is Orderod, that Mondav. tbr tv.eiityeixth day of I' cumber neit ;r ten d'cl Vk ht theforeDoon, be aeeigned tor exttmlnlDg niui aUowlof snoh acenü ,: the helre :-.t law of said liccfaged and alï other peron tntorested to sald ?ttc, are' required lo apne&r i cf s.-;id ' nirt,thentft obatti Oföce, in the City of Ann . !' any there be,why lia1 ■ :i.l account sbonld uot bnliowed: And it ;s I - ■! tliiit s:ü.l Af'mir.istrator glve notl Interoated in said ettate, of tli I ionnt, and the lienrinp LCOpyof M)i orlr to bt pu'tnewqpaper print' tl and clrcnlatln Comity, ihre fUcceseiTe weeks previ(jue to eaiddayof bearine. CA trnecopy.) " UW! IM .'. ]V.KFS, 12Ö5 Jude of Probnte. ateoFSamuelK McMaib. STATE or MICHIGAN, Cou'nty o Wabhtïswj p". At a seseiou of tbe Probate Oqart ir thoCountj e ProbateOfflcein thcCit of Aiui Arbor, or 'J'iuirsJny, th lïrst day of December, iu the year onc thousand elght tmndred anti sewuty. Pres-i;t. Iliram .1. IVnkes. Jndre of Probate. In the matter of the Estáte of gampel cifath, ■ ■'t flllüff tlu'pefition. verified.ot Charlea Fleming, pra; I I i insirumeiit aio i-i thi Uoartt ■ to b ne Ifli! willand icstamcDt of p;iid clecertst'Ct. may be ndmit téd to probiUc-, and that lii mul Caroline .McMalh m:iy ínted Ejecutora tlureof. u k)H it ie Ordered, iluil Mndr,y. thetweniyêecmber. ïnt.,at tono'clóck in theforeikoon, be :is.-ÍLruel for the hearing of said petiliou, and that the l laeos :i:id lu'irs tx luw of soiddc■ ..;'i other iH-vsoiiH" fnterested in aid estáte, [red to appear o ofsald ouri, then to be hokl-ii at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause, If any there be., why tiie prayer ut the petiüoner Bhould npt be i;rfinte(l : Andtt i fnrtherordortid that?aid petitioneruivt1 notie to tbe pereonfl Intereated tn said state, oi the pendoncy ot tion, and tiie hearing thereof, by cuusinga ■■ d ín the Michigam - urintud and clrcnlatiog in said Connty,three sacceetive weeks prevfoiw tosaiddsy of hearing; A truc oopj.j 1IIRAM J. "BEAKES, Jurfe oi Probate. Estáte óf Myron McLaren. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Conntj "f Was-htcnaw.?. O a: a - i 'tirt for the CoujMJ of Waebtflnaw, holde at the Probate Office, in W CltyofAnn Arbor, in Monday, the twecty-elghlt dayol November, tn the yeai one thousend eight hundrcd .-11111 seventy. Present, Hiram .!. r. a !;... Tm!;re of Probate. In tne matter of Cha Bstcte oí Myroa McLarca. dcceased. . , . nliilingtho pctltinn. dnlyTerifled.OT W. Tiuiilmil, prajiag t'iít sume suitabte jorson may be appolbtëd Aduiir.istrator of the e!■:!-■ of 91 Thsreapon it is ardcred that .Monday.the twonlycixth day ofDeceinbet, next, at ten o'clock In the slgned for Ihc hearing f said petr : that e lie helra al law of eald deoeated persona ïnterested lp Baid estat -iou oi said CJoart, thon tobe holden at the Probate Qfflce, In the City 01 Ann Arbor , and show canee, il'.-uiyihere bc.whythe prayer of the petttioner sbouhl ot he ■riaiitud :- Avïi it il furOtt r 1,1 ■ r ive Interestedin eoidestate, of the pondencyofstti(luetitioii.a:icl tin . cf0'lï acopy 01 thle order ' be pnMIfhed in the , a newgnaper printen and pirtnlatiag In said County. three sncceaslve weeks prevlon; tu yofhearing. U 3. BKAKffl, Judaeol Probate. _ Finest Assortmont of Toilet Goods in the City, by


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