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Woman And Wine

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Wnman has never been associütcd villi vrioe without disgraeeand disaster. Tli3 t(J38t and the bacehaual that, witl) musical iMiteratiorij couple these two words, fpring fiom the liot 1 ï prf of eensunlity, si ii il aro burdeiio i witli shame. - A man who can sing of vviue and wom::i n (lie saín! breath, isone whnge presence is diegraee, and wlioee touch is polhition. A wan who can forgct mothcr ami nistor, or wife and daughter, and wantonly engage in a revel in which the name of wonian is invoked to faefghten t4ie pleasures of tlic io(6icatiog cup, s, li yond conlroversy and without mitiga(iou, a bea8t. "I)ost tliou thinJr, beeauee iliou art virtuous , tlicro sliall bo Dfi tíakes and alo?" Ay, cakea und alo, if yoa wil!, but let it be cakes and nlo. - Let uu', ihe nuine by which we oall the pure aml preoiotis ones at home be I rought in lo iThiminaté a degraaiog fcast. Of tho worst foes Ihat womnn Iiob ever had to óncouater, wine stands at tho Jnad. Tne appelite for sirong drink in man h s spoiled the lives of mjro woiuosi- ruined more hopes for thora, brouglit io them more ibame, sorrow and hardjnp - than any other evil thnt lives - ■ The country numbers tens of thousandrf - nay, linndreds of thousanda - of women who ure widows to-dny, and sit in hopeless weeds, because their liut-bands }iave been ilftin by strong drink. Thcre ura huudreds of tnctuawida oí homos hcaUorcd all over lliu land, in which ivo-nen live lives of torture, going through sil t!ie chaiigos of sufïering th:it lie bunveen the extremes cf foar and desp:ir, bocause those vrhom the}' love, love wine ■ batter than they do the women they liavc s'-voru to iove. Thero are woüien by tliousands who droad to liear at the door the step Unit once thrilied them with ]leasure, beci;uso that step h.ifl tëartoed to reel under the iofluence of ihe seductiva poison. There are women groauing with pais, while we write these woids, lrom bruises and brutalities inflictcd by husband8 made mad by driuk Ttiere can be no exageratioi n auy statement made iu regard to this matter because uo humau imngination cnn create Boything worso thua the trutb, and uo peu ia oapable of portrayiog the trnth. Tho sorrows and the horrors of s wiffl with a dranken husband, or u inothor with a drunkeu ?on, aru as near thorealizatiou of heil as eau bo reaelied j in this world, at least Tho shame, the indignation, the sorrow, the of di.sgrace for hersell and her childreo, the poverty, and uot uiifret[ueutly the beggary, - the fear and the fact of violence the liugering, life-long stniggle aud despair oí oountless women with druoken limbauds, are euough to wake all wouien ourse wine, and engsgo uniteclly to oppose it everywhere as the woist enemy of thcir Pcx. Aud now what shall we seo on the New-Year's Day, 1871 ? Women all over the city of New York - womeu here and there all over the oountry, where like social cuetoms prevail - setting out upon their tables the well-filled decanters whieb, before night shall clone down, wiil be emptied iuto tbe brains of young men and old men, who will go reeling to darker orgies, or to homes tbat will feel auhamed of them. man's lips will give the iuvitation, woman'a band will fill and present the gl8s, womau's caroless voice will laugh at the effeots of the niischievousdraught upon their fiiends, and, having dono all this, woman will rehire to baliay rest previously haviiig reckoued the nurnber of those to whotn she has, diiring the day, presentad a dangerous temptaúon, and rejoiced over it in the degree of its magnitude. O wonian I woman ! Is it not about time that this thing was etopped ? Have you a husband, a brolber, a son ? .Are they etronger tlian their ueighborswh i hsve, one after another, dropjud uto the graves of drunkarda ? Look around you, and seu the deoUdions that drink has wrought among your acquaiutances, and then decide whothcr you have any right to p!aee tt-mptation in anv uiiin's wy, or lo augbt to a fcoeia! custom respectible whiob leada hundreds of rf men into ondage anc doatb. WLy the bottle coino on everywhere ? Why can there not be a festul occasion without this vulgar guz zling of strong di hik ? Woraan, there are somo tbinjjs that you oan do, and this s ono : you eau inake (irinkinjr unpom!ar aLd disgrito:ful amoüg the young. You can utterly discountonance all drinking in your own house, and you can hold in 6Upieion every young man who touches the oup. - You koow that no young man wo di inks can Buíely Le trusted with the ha piness af any tvoiuan, and that ho is unfit as a man can be eau be for wenm-'s society. Have this ucdersiood ; tbat e ery young man tbat driLksis Kcciully pr scribed. - 13ring up your chiidren to re ard diinkkig au net cnly dangerous but disgraoefut Place temptation in no rrin'sway If men wühin -ka beasts of thuntclves let tbem do it in ether socieiy thu youra. If your uiercenary lnebande Ueat tbfir cuatomers t'rotn nivate ctore kept u Uieir counting rooms, Khame tbem luto deeenoy by your regard for th honor of your home. Kccournize the living terrible fact that wine hr.s always beeu, and is to-day, tíe curse of your sex ; - tfrat it Bteale tlui iiearts of men away frutn j'oii, that it ocies up your proFperity, that it endangers your safety, that it oao only bring yn evil. If social custom compels you to preeent wino at your fcaets, rebe] egaiu&t it, and make a social cnstom in tLe interest of virtuc nd purity. The matter is very muoh in your own hands. The woiik-ii ot' (he counliv, id vvhat ia Oalled polite soeiety, can do more to njake the baiiou températe than all ths kifislators and tumultuoub retoriuers tbat are BtrnggÜDg and l)lunderiog in their eflbrts to thia end. At any rate, if thoy will try, tliej shall have Surjbuer'g Monthly to help them. Dr. Holland in Ser ihwr' a for Januari). ë% gRcjnpti %x%%


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