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The Curse Of Wine

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A wlndow in the haaven was just n.lar, Wlien all anseen by tlie Bcntinel star, Au angel sllppecl out trom ber Jatper thrope And waadered down to the woiid ulone, !ie watched t!io cblldren of n, □ In tha rac For ÍU.xliiou and fame, for pcwer ivuci place Slie saw liow the miseï. Uoarci up hls gold And leave iiisown kind red tod ie In t lic cold 8he saw liow the spholar bent o'er his bóoks Till tlio snal of di'UÜi'; iingol was seea in hi" looks: 9he .'-:iv i, i wariu.r, tq hope c.f venowi) Ti:e lives of the pcople h'.iv clover mowec clown. 8he saw liow the malden by solü carsed, Tliouh by llatterers b!cs&ed by lier vioiuns v:iü carsed ; Ühc saw crime -siulned culprits In pulpit ilil't pCTT, And the falsenesa of tiloso who had Hworn to be í nii1. En the n!iips ou the sea, in the houses on land, The touch of the tempter was ever at hand. In the links of the chalu were life's phases all told, Both the irood Rinl the true with the Uase and the bold ; And the shadows of sin liko a Uniiaiïient llUllli O'er tlio orutehes o e,u and the steps of the yoiins, And, the tears o; the sorrowlag flowed like a wave O'er Bhrlnes tliat wuru btoken that lovu could not save. 3nt a sorrow far deeper, more fearful tliau all The angel had viewed, through lioyel or hajl, Iad yet to be seen, where the vlctlnw of rum a the aslies of grief and In sorrow were dumb. STot loii!{ did she walt, ere the trail oí tlio cup Was sr-en In its march over faltli, love, and hope. An.l liever camc tiile that in ebb or flow, Covvro 1 ovcl' siich lovu or revealed suoli woe. " O, children of men," s;iid the angel to me, " The Borrow uf Borrows Uiis sorrow ïuust be ! Beyomi all the aorrOTO that miser can m!ke, Beyoud all the Uves that uuiUivioucan tuke, The greateat Is Uii. where all is bereft A.nd the curse of tntemperance only is left, O man, made Iramortal tot lona orforgalo. Why, why touch the wlne-cup f Why tke, to your hearta That viper'whioh eutew but seWom departs. Xly cüll Uowa the shudovv tu fokl you iu wratb, [nstead of the sunshiue to brigUteu your path."


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