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Apropos of the receut eleotions, tho following is capital, and will ho espocially reliu'ued ly gmitlenieu who have buen uuöiicco.-sfui iu their axpiratioiis for otiion : ]n one of tho towcs of Pennsylvania tiyj Gmrnjn.d ''"' i!i;iy yuiir8 depositcamiidate. Sucb a thiug as wbig or Repubiioao ws unknowo, and prior lo the Gra'it and Seymour ouiupaign no looal ticket iiad over been ruu. At tbat time, liowever, the puliticiaus of au adjaocut township tbouiht it au opportune OOOas'iOQ to atttiiipt the cstablisliment, io tbat town, of u Kepublioan organiza tion. To this end they persuaded a oertain Mr. Green, who rooenlly setllud theie, to boeouio tbeir candidato for soma minor office, hopiog lo procure for hiin a fow votes under the popularity of tho gruat nuuie of Graut, and thus to got an eutering wedge iato tbe local üihiirs of tho towiiship. The day of eloction arrived, but Mr. Greeu was uuablo to got to tbe polis by rea son of üiebness. In duo timo tbu ru turna were pubUsfaed, and Mr. Oreou had just one vote. (Jbaimued at thia, and anopyed by the aocusation tiiat bo bad voted for himcelf, he announced tbat if tbe person who bad VOted for him would oomü forward and make au aflidavit to tho fast, he would roward l;im witb a good suit oí clotliea. A few morninga afterwards a burly, stupidlookiugeiiiisylvauia Dutchmau called upoa Mr. Groeu, aud abruptly remarked: 1 rants dat uit of cioes." "Ah I" oaid Mr. üreeu, ' t'ueu you are tha man who voted for BB ?" "Yab, l'm dat man." "Are you wilüug to mak e an affidavit of it r" "Yab, I swoar to 'ein." Mr. Green, accompanied by the intull'gont voter, wout to lbo office of the justioa of tha peace, and tbe requirod affidavit was made ; altar which the olothes wero purchaspd and givou 10 the eponent. So de!ightL-d was Mr. Greco to bo rei'ivod iiDin th.3 ii'ipleasautnoss of bis itüutioD, ftii'l soglad fco learn that there vaianolbor rigbteous uiu in be townbip, tb:it tío L:id taken tlm Dutchiuati's ïe)iiblicanism as a mutter of cours, lowever, at partiuK, ha éaid: "Now, ny rViend, you have your suit nf olotbes, ust answer me One (juosiiun - How carne 'O-a to votü for me ?" "You vants to know dut ?" "Yes" "Andycu von't go back on do cloes ?' "So." 'rull," s:iil bc, slowly, and with a si; twiuklo of the eye, "den I tolo you ; J makes a mistske in du dicket !" Wasn't tliut óoo8o}atory ! Mr. Groen svDWfl hls uualterablo datera1 ination never ajsin to appeal t.n popular sulirae fot pubüo po.sitiou - M I I 4


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