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A Washington co:respoudeiit of tbc Fret Press s.ys in a reoont letter : Chandler favors Win. A. Howard Beaniau is for Beainan, in case the foor aspirauta are all thrown overboard ; - Stoughton favors J. M. iiovrard ; Con ger goe.s for J. M. Howard; Striekland is for J. M. Howard, or for any other man in preference to Ulair ; Chandler ia bitterly opposei to Blair, und will go for auy man who can beat the sspiring ex-Governor. It is woll understooc here amoug your delegation that Blair has this bargaia with Driggs (who is un derstood, as Ohandler saya, to be "mov iug heaven aud earth for Blair"), to turn out all the anli Driggs office-bolders iu the Sixtb District and toñll their plaofts with such frieuds as he (Driggs) may desígnate. Tuut Blair has so bargain ed with Driggs there can be no doubt and what makes this look more probable is the fact that Blair is the only ona o the delcgati'in who continúes to dofent Driggs; all the rost say, "ssrved him right." liut Blair is outspokeu in bis vift uuiimg ivaaioais wtio defeated Lis pet frieud. It is hinted here in well-in fortned circles that Chaudlur has advis ed his Iriends in case the contest should be very hot in the caucus to thraw al four of thi caudidates overboard, and bring out Judge Withey or some other prominent inau in the western part of the State, and per contrary it is also said that Mr. Ferry, in case he is likely to he defouted himself, will favor Jacob M. Howa-d, or any other man who can beat Wm. A. Howard, whora he accuscs oí intruding upon his politioal roost.- As the oontest now stauds the leading Radioals from your State now ia this city prediot that Jacob M. Howard atands the best chance of a!i e'ection, but all adinit that thequestion is involved in considerable doubt. Senator Howard himself says that he is sure of a reelectioo. Judgo Kdmunds and his deputy, Porter, are busy wriling letters to members of the Legislatura urging them to support Ferry. Judee E. has never been much of a friend of Senator Howard and takes this uourse to pay ofl some old scores heowes Mr. Howard.


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