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We quote from Mrs. Stowe'a story the adviee gïven te Harry on leaviiiij home for college : "So yoa are going to college, boy ! Well, away with you ; there's n ) use ndvising you : you'II do as the rest do In oae year you'll know more than your father. your moUier, or I, or all your college officers ; in faot than the Lord hrnraslf. You'll have doubtn aboui the Kthle, and think you could have made a botter one. you'll think that if the Lord had consultad you 1 o could have lnid tho foundatious of tho earth hct'.f r, and arranged the course of nature to inore purpose. In short, you'll be a god, knowing good aud eil, ai.d running oveijall crention meisuring everytliinc and everybodv in your pinl cup. Therc'll bo nn lirit with you. But you'll get over it - it is only the febrile stite of knowledge. But il' you hsve a good consiitutioa you'll come through with it." The census takers;have Ibund a little parad ise od an islaoi] in Narragansett Bay. All tho raen and womau work ; the cliraate is good, thn nil is grateful, and there s not a criminal, a pauper, or o house servaut on tlie ishinil. In tbe Antnrotio Öeas there are weeds whioh have sterns about twenty feet high, aud nith a dianieter so great that they have been collncted by niaiiner in those rogions for (uel, under the beliaf that they were drift wood, Thcy are as thick as a man's thigh.


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