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bout 5 "dock a. u. on Tuesday laat, :i ürewas'Jisciivercil In one of t lic old ruw of neden buildings on the north slde of the jjurt-known as "Rotten Row' - owned b;Mrs. HoBAï, and occupied as a mloo n, ty Jacob Dengleu. Tlfe Breinen were promptly on "1(; spot, but owlng to th? itxm co'.d , with the Ireei ing of the watei in the host-, tlie flre was not snbdued, and ueune building east, owned iy D. Mc jtïse, and the (oor west, owned byJoHN Curs, saloon ; Kooer Matthkws, mest ïirket; Wjl Borkb, groceries; John bDOUM, orcupled by John Gould, groreriej, were all burned. Mr. Rkynoids ■tbrared on hia buildljig In toe som ol (1)0: Mr. Gould oh stook $500; Air. kui,OD building and stock for $2,500, rtitclaimed loss of $4,000; Mr. Ma.tiüws on stock and tools, $500. Mrs Boeiï ad Mr. CLAKB had no iusurance_ JonBi'KKiiAiiDT, harness maker, occnpled h iyp:r Tuoni i'i Bcrke's bnlldlng, bui atenotaili'isi'ij of Mie unoinit of hla los. ThcRrc was probibly caused by a - 'flic Anisan inmediato loss to the oimeNisdoccupautsof the buildings, bul Inttcewlivül, we trust, bes beneát toour city. - The snow on the roof of the olil postffice hulliling aiul vigorosa snow-bulllug, uveil that, and Luke C'oyi.k's good brick building stayeil the lire to the est. The usual Cbristmas Festival was Wdit tlie Poor House on Mouday afteron. The ludies of St. Luke's Church, Tpsikinti, bud providfd tlie tree with its tenis: useful anieles for the inmates, Btiwoinen umi children, such as are u t liraistcil at the liouse. In no prevlors jw te the snpply been as large. And Wies of St Amlrew's Church, Ann Arbor, proviileil a very bountiful supply of nubles, iaclading paek.iges of tea anl pr. A number of ladies and gentlemen fn present t'rom both places, and every tiitian was glven by Mr. and Mrs. Kin Wt nike the occasion a picasant one ktkelnmaiesoftlie house in 1 the visitors. ltare at present, In all, 105 persons ín üe hoisc. ilw New Euffland S.iok'tj held i's Nrersnry at the Qregory House on hndayKBlnj( of last weck. The adiwsffasilelivered by tlie Rev. Mr. Bai Ud, of Detroit, aml iras pronounced a Nthlug. Aftcr the addresa about 80 fwms partook of an excellent supper pro""M br mino host of the Gregory, and "w carne thc usual toasts, with respondes ?Dr.CaoBT,Rev. C. II Bitir.iiui, and We were auable to be present, and 'Wl list of toast and speakers has not "" (brnishcd us. Tlie response by Dr BI have heard spoken of as very The general expression by al fítwas Ihat they "had a good time." Il heilig vacation week, hoth at the "% and In the public scliools, "11 is Won the Huron." Exercises in the Jjdlcil deparlincnt will be resamed on % next, the 8d of Janoary, and in the Tjand Law departmentaoo Mouday, "■y Oth. The city schools will also n on the 9th. The boys and Iris- old youngare now rnjoylug theinselvcs Vy. Je hu Press was tho only Detroit i wliidi issued a paper on Tuesday 78. Whlch proves the Free Pre to be "oewspaperoi ihat city. Take the P"" toKet tlie news before it is old e. For terins sce prospectus lierePibllshed. " Monday morning the mail was tiiuClriietl ')y tIlis city' or a Prtion of be a Forbearancc is fast ccasin; to {los"""5' a"1' llereafter we slla" tllke s procure and publish the name of Wffl Dte "gent who is so heedless or inpete"t, wc dou't care irhlch. Th T" m Vixcf " aiatio Coiupany of Félix A. T' now Playlng at Hangsterfer'a m aj e the Porter Zouaves "a benefit" Wí Urda? (to"morrovv) eveni.iií. Mr"lih o" a'") Jl'SS Sankoud are favoritos lrt "r plliy"oini? public, and their pop. ' Uh that of the Zouaves will no Wwmmand a ruil house. ÍthB,0rnÍOg th" aily p!3rs are "4th ll:''list3 oí lires, fires in city ' "! min86 an' C0UDtrJ' ! n inanufactories i s aml !ltls and stores and dwellwjan hou8es Rnd barn8 The listH libefw' "'"coll"nns. And a most ter"cm 't1 's llle loss of life iu several lu 0!iov; " SUll all in hand to ook well ■"""PJpo.chiinneyg, &c


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