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DETROIT ADVEBTISEMBSÏS. The cardé in thia column ar? all of legitímate' enterpriscê . jVoJifl of tú ij nest ion ab '.e ekaracttr accepted, IVïiclngiui Machinei'y Depot. G. 9. WORMER & SON, 9O, 1O1 and. 1O3 JefFerBon 'Avenue, Dealere In all kinds of WOOD AND IRON WOBKIRG MACHINERT. DETHOIT, HI0B1OAN. 1307-Sia. FAry (ioud, Wholesale. ALBERT D. PIERCE & CO., WJIULESALE JMtY GOODS 35 WOODWARD AVENUE, DETROIT, ; MICHiaAN" 129T ra3. Tj'OU SALE- 27,000 ACMÉS of Vulaable PINE AND FARMING LANDS, CW TIME, At I'rleea Kanglnir frorll $2.00 TO $10.00 PER ACRE. WHERE LOCATfeD! ,389 crea Pine Laadt oo the Wisconnln Rltor. 7,250 acres on t he Olieboygan RiTer, Mich., leatiing to ChabOjrgaB or Banaan, 3,000 acres on Thunder ; Pay wateri, le-idinfr to Alpf-in, 1,900 acres on th Manislee fitvcr. 850 acres on the Tillbawassee River, 2.2"0 nero i-i Oladirtn countj, Mich , for f rms and ttmber. 1 .'272 ehoicfi mineral and hard timber lanris near Onlonasnn. 1,(500 ere prairie 1 land in Nebraska, nMir the l.'nion l'acinc R.R. 400 : acres nn the Au Situiile Fir full deacription. pri' ces and term, sonii f-r circular. DAVID I'lifcSTON í: CO., Banker, Detroit, M. ETBOIT IAMJmroTIVE WORKS, MACHINE SHOP AND FOÜNDRY. MtXL'KACTURERB OF Hieh & Low Pressure Engines ! For Kaats, rropellem, Saw Mills and Mining Pur powefi. ; HOII.K ns , of all kind and size for Locomotlrel, Steamers and Sar Mills HeaterB, Mudplpn.Breaeb' ■ ing, ftc. kc. Iron and Bras Cnstinü' 0' eery d. noription. Ceariu; fnr Haw Mills, (rist Mili, he. Union l'lanerand Wood Working Machinerj, Great North American Gane, made entirely of Iron, and the muil atrleof ütw UillOanj; r HepaUs of all kindn done on ibort notice, Diglit or Í aj. Works ou Ijirned and Conffreï, from Third to Fourtli St., O lice cor.l.arnpd and Third Strest. C.H.DUHUPrcM't. 1) R. PEIRCH.Sec. and Treas J. W. BARDLKIT. Meohanicai Kup't. I iKTUOIT STF.4M FaIvCY D1K1.VG ' U ESTAHLISHMKNT, 42 Congress Street, East. Fancy Pjreinï done on Pllk, Wnnltn and Mixed (ooda of all kind, firH clas. Krarj decription of Shawls ck-aiud, dyf.l and rep.iired. Gents Oarmrnts cloancl nr Dyed in the very best tuanner. BOOdd Hi-nt bv Kxpress promptly nttrnded to. AUCHli. (RANT. FSTAKLISHKO 1864. J1MKS JKNICS, Dea Ier in all kinds t.t M ACHIMERY AND SUPPLiBS, DETROIT, - - - MICH. 23 A waterSt-, between Dates nnd Randniph Sts. MACI1I.VK SHOP nl Brnu Koundiy. Do ynu want tirst elns BRASS WORK OR BRASS CASTINGS Iron Pippand FtUiDgt for G;vs. Steam an-l Water. High anti Lq PrWtror Steun Kngïnes aui Boilem. BrvvhouM nd inttJIery Uoh.nrj, fte. Stnd for CireuUr .mr! PrtoeLfait. JAS. FL0WER& BBOS-.BrimitSt., Detroit N. .- All kiodi ui Steam Ueatfng done. FRUIT TKEES-Appl. Peni, PIuiik. Cberrii's, Peaclii'H, Grnpcvines . Curr nl.i, Ooonebvrrifs, iíanpb''rrifs, Black berrie, Strawborrit'ii, &c. AU ot th" ab ut ny raten hy t!ie thoii'nnd. (rnnm?ntal Trees nd Shruhs, all tiip Tiirii;t t-ri ünitable for om ctlmntf , will ho (ounl tu erreat abim1nco. Holland Ruihs. j nst ImpoHed, of bflt quftiüv. c rèenhoQ'ie Plaats, Vegetable an 1 Flower Seeds, &c. Addrwi, I VM. AüVIIt, Detroit, Mich. CA.RRIAGK WWUP%CTURER8 J0HNPATT0N&S0N,1 ' A'p ofTerinR tlie la icet and test Re-iortment of CARRIAGES AND BUGGIES, l. TIK WK8T.1 At Greatiy Re'lured Pric. Atl irork n.ado ' under ou r o wii inperriitioD. and Fcli.y Warkantkd. Paetorj nn'i Wartnionir-, ovruvr Woodbnde and Brush Atreetü, Detroit. liEAT I-X T3 H. SHOE FXNDINGS. Tanner's Oils Scc. Ijieo. E. Curtís & Co., Nrt. 118 .Ir-tn-rson AvriitH', Detroit, Michigan ITi WBTAIOKE ifc ;.. 1 Vholenla Daalera in Crückery, (ílassware, China, GAS FIXTURES, LAMPS, FRITIT CTAElt, ScC. ÏMI'OKT ASSOHTKD 0BATB8 FOR THK TRAPE fOO Woodwarfl Avenue, Petriif. J-A.ïvLES GLASS 5c BEO. Inipoiters and Pealer n LBATHER AND FINDINGS, 11 firand Iüver Street West, DETROIT, MICHIGAN MARBLR_OKI. r. HKHIJNO, ÏS Congresi streel. Kast, Dttioit, iiiHiinriicturer ol Bina Stone Mnrble Maotla, Imltatlon of all the rare colore'! Marbles, mich :i Egyptlo, Spaoish, (HUiïbj (!rc en , lïrocatftlle, itc, ÜKTROIT UII.1.IAHD TVIll.K MañfkCtory- UIOROK Smttii. Dealer in Franeh ('ariiin .mil Four Pocket ililli'trd Tablea, Diitatelle, Plljeon Hllla, "Oevil imaifll Tnilors" Tables. nratprina ui ven by Mie ii. BmaFalr 'n7,'s, 's "70 UÜÜtAL PAKTIES, FESTIVALS and WEOÜIAG PARTIES Cnn cet very Cholee Ciike, Ice Cream Oystcra icon ihort notice at the CITY ABCADB, CLAIUC & CROPSKY, pEOPLE'S DItUG STüxtA R. W. ELLIS & CO. FÜRNITÜRE. J. KECK t CO. Manuf-icturerg. wholoaale and IVtftli lealer in AND UPHOLSTERY GÜODS OF EVERY DESCUIPTION. We .Manufacture our groorts and will not be Unrtersold bj any HOU!SE KAST or VVEsT. UNDERTÁKING! We Keep Constant ly on Hand a fu II assortment of WOOD, MET JXXC, ' CLOTH COVERED CASES jfJSm COFFINS which will be sold at prices so LOW as to dcf y all Competition. Sales Room 'ñ Soul h Main Si., and 4 Weet Liberty Si reet. MANUFACTORY ! Coiner of Williaro aod "WeitFourth St, J. KEOK & CO. ■ r ADÍES' FASHIOJSAÜLE SHOE HOUSE. att. TAHRANT 24 South Main Street , Dealci in LADIE'S BOOTS AND SHOES, THE)NEVEST ;8TYLES IJST Kid, Oalf, and Cloth, Alwaygon hftad,and Stock and Work Guaranteed. IF VOC WAMT A BOOT. AUOAITKR,! A BU8KIN, OB - A SLIPPER, CALL AND KXAMINE MIS STOCK BKFORC TCR CHASING. 4 PEICES LOWEB :han the IOWEST. R. TARRANT. Aan Arbor Muy MT0.


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