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The Absorptive Power Of Soils

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t. o! - ten ü I Id sotú I re Loartt. i r ' ) 104 frota t! '. . otiier lid a oorretpouditig ju;ii ■ i witii mil ab vn? id e Ile ou lüi.ily■ soií-" ,',-.h liiivo tlie greatest Vff-íf iíiry pmo-ity will .„ , , t f iiianiirial r j srnslrl siufüccs; rp ■' ;! tho udtter, and will ..y to tlie root ;- :. K masa of ■ Lnt a verj ... nmt oí' avuiiüblo manufëj but mvm is : friabk by .ik'nl pr1 iwer of bíod it amazingly inoreased. In view of' what lias beeu gtated, it 8 Vfity oh ar tbat ono w.ay in wbioh piowing iooreaa iüty of lod, íb íby iucreasing its porosity by pulve: izutioa. manaría) subslnnccs es thé so:!, v g iü.-'oliible, exí)O aotiuu on tlie growth of plants, 1-.)!Hribute DOtbiog to tlieir nutri tlon, but b slow, thoueh rígolaT aetiou aud the rain, the air and (be o, insoluble ud refructory comí-i ale rediu-cd to a. Boluble etito aiiU ure approf.riato and i .posit bv the B - o oredit gf Uio uexl cilti'. bis explaius the wel! ■ i ' iet tiiut Poilr?, vrbich have beun Mes " ' ''"' veTJ ver8e oí" barrcuness, :: ihcir ferü'i;y, if to ■ ' i . under. tlu aotiou pf climal . , ío satui'iitD tha eoi! with thj i.o;oYsary plant food wbioh Ibej have unlocked frorn their ohemita! ioatious, and given to tho soil in n proper physical cundition Tbeeecbr.Dg s aro hrouglit a'uout mnie li];dy whuu csi'tQin tuechanisal chucgca cf uoiiditioo are wroi kbe soiU Carbon! loofthe iTmst ctive ol ts eiplnyetj in 'uriiiging tho insoluble ( agauio rnattÉr in tbe sui! hito tí at p 'utiitiou i: wbioh it bcconi -iood ; in .il rm d, it s ts. ■ ■ . lu-utors i:i the soil ehoold be brcjught into direct atmwphere, froja whiob . a tlrq oxygao i.eoe.-tí .iy to i) uto caí ) acid. So a na in tiio I is in u densa ■ coi ■!. ion, it is iuiiibo couverted auid.'


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