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Clean Hands--a Story For Boys

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When I was ab'out ten yeura old, gonilematij who had ctlled on inv fat her Po trunstiot Pome budines, perceived (lint my handt weru dirty, nd iho:) of my brother Freí in the samo condition." "My boys," Raid ho, "1 batw dirty fingers. Now, if ynurs are clean when I oall here aginn next Tuesday, I will make y u a present." Ah soon as it wub light on the Tuesday murning, my brother ud I got up and began to wash our hand. We uaed more soap tliat uioniitig ttiun we had uHi'd for a nionth beforf ; and if evor our hands were deun, they cei tainly wiTe theu. The guntlemaft did not come til! dinner time, so we thougbt it be'tnr to hav unother Bcrubbing ut our bands aud once more were up to our elbowe in fcOapnuds. The gentleman came, and afier examiniii}! our hands, ho gave eacb of U" livo ncw briglit ten ent pieces, und wo f'ancifd oursolves to be as rich as Jewg "Now my boys," said ho, "you seu il is possible to keep your hands clean when it answefs yoür purpose to do so. I vhould be ashamed of a boy whn would be meiD enough to wash hisha'da to make money, aud not keep them olean lo tuuki! his paient and fricnds comlortaLle. The love and good opinión of your poreuts nnd friouds are worth all the money In the wofld."


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