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A Sketch Of "josh Billings."

A Sketch Of "josh Billings." image
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Mr. Shair, in many of his articles Ín rokon Engliíh, surpasses all who have ried that olasj of wriliog. Bu' to apreoia!e h.m fu!ly or.e mut feo and [now him. He isaboni-tS yeara oíd; id is the quainteít speuimeu of humanity with whioh we have ever met. Five year ago he was n auotioneer n PoughkeepHie', N. T. Ho has inca novad to New York city, where be cepa a boardin;? houaa amused by bis rrt'prcíti()le odditien. Aa he passes own Broaíway he cannot escape obcrTation, His broad, bent forin, his mínense hat, and his Urge eagle-like' 'oo'ui'L'S, are alw;iys notieealile. Ui; weakuoss is for chewing tóbacóo nd telling stories. There is no fuelí tory taller in the land. Such quaint, nd laüghable yares aa he oan spin are ot estiij put iu print. The nly loungn place he has is ut the office of the New York We$kly, for wbioh paper be oatributea weekly irlioles. When ths ecure aeason is at bind be senda out íuiuorous prospeotuse. He mnkea from $3,000 to $4,000 a ear from hil lecturiug. and as much more frota his newspaper work. Always tuerful umi genial, alwwys witty and et kind, he is liked cxooadíngly by his irel of frionds. Perhapa souae of our ouders will remembr (ho publioity that vas ttivn a littlo tin ago to ihe mariage of one of his daughters, whose )omtv had boojme notorious. tíhe wag


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