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The Albany Express Robbery

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The details of the railroad robbery and attenipted murdcr of an expresa uessenger telegraphed frora Alb:my on Saturday iucreases the horror of thu af:air. Halpino, tho mossengir who was dangerously woundod, is still iiviug, and by hiiu tho story of tho crime is revealed. Halpine's train lcit Albsiny in the ovening about 8 o'clock, and tho robhery was acootnplished as it orosaed tht bridge. Tho robber ont. ring tho car as it left the depot acoosted Halpiuc, who was enííaged in mnking up his aocounts and asked funiiliarly for "Wöodrnff," anothcr messenger, thus throwing Halpine off his guard, who replying, ' He is not on this run," coniiiiued his work - Thereupon, wi hout furtker excuse, tho robber began firiog at hu victim ; Iial pino attompted to riee, but the bal struck him in tbo nuck and be droppei to the floor. Tbe robber oontioaec firingand approoobed bim, aud hi'ldin tbe piatol cluae to Halpine'a head fircu twiee more. 0c of these baila struck biin below tbe right eye and lodged iu tbe head. Tbo ttmd ball enterod tbo right ear and lodged in lbo head also. Laborera at work uuder tha bridge - at a poiut knowu as tbo " Buil lluu Switch" - assert ibnt tbcy heard th ebota at lbo time iadicated, but couk not imagine wht nee tbey carne, or u whom or what direeïcd. Halpiuo efi'totually Jjpabled and ap parently ded, lbo robber took lbo kcy of the aie frora bis pocket, aud hastily rippiog tbe ruouey bag tberein, seizec $2,259 lenviug bcbiud biin a groate sum, and disappearcd just ai ihe tniii reaohed tbe Gieenbutl fcido of tlic tiv er. In a few minutes tho wounded man seema to have recovtred elightly, bu Dot cnough to raise bis voico Th noise, bowever, attracted the atteolion of employés, as lbo train stood at th depot, aud tbe uuLrtunato viotiüi vo found saturated in bis own blood, whic ran in a itream on tbo floor of tbo car His face was dreadfully blackoned wit powder, and gapiug wouuds wera fouut in bis licck nd faoe. lt suenis tLat thu robber pat tbc pistol almost at the victim's head, as tba powder plaiuly indioated, Ilalpine, on Saturday, was till nüve, but nu hopo vraa cuterlaine.i of bis recovery. ïwo bulla síill remain d bis body, aud cao nut be extracted He i oenscious, and takea occaüousl nourishment. The ball which entered theright eur, it is now thought, slruck the temple booe, acd glauoing, lodged in tb muécle ucder tlie tar, without injuiiu a vital part. From the wounds iu th eye and thioat, b!ood passod in larg quautitica iutj hia toinach. The ba wliicb pasücd throagh ibe ueck did no ii.juro auy of the large vcílí or mus olee. The grettMt dauger ücg in the fact that iufiamatiüQ of tha braiu in Hicely to eiisuc' at auy momont irom th effect of the wounds, The robber and probably murdere was seeu to enter the car by severu railroad uieu, but bucIi a tliiug ia no uDusual aud no attcDtioa was paid t liim. No clue to liim bas yet bee found. He if, bowever, described b; the ine8sengcr aud othei's, and may pos sibly be recoguized, as several persuo unswering the description havo been no ticeü about the depot at Albnuy lor week or two. The Express autlioritit offer $5,000 reward for intelligeuo leading to the robber's capture.


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