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In each llou.e tli9 stunding commitces wero onnomiccd on Mon'lay last, id both bodioo put ia working coudion. By annthcr weels u thail bc ahlo o "soit out" of iu doings goraettiing ortli ohrouiciiug. The leading committccs of tbe Semita re cbalnnan ed na follows : Financ.t - Mr. Wileox. Judiciary - Mr. Eniorson. Military JjTuirt - Mr. ('rnvulb. JnUrnal Improvtmtiüi - Mr. VVaterïry. Pubii'e ïmlrmiion - Mr. Storrs nts ;ciaed wiüi Mossrp. JJnibtir and Gay. Incorporaliom - Mr, M o ïï t. Agruidlure - Mr. Prutzman. Stalt Jjffiirs-Ur. Wood. Mina and Hiñerais - Mr. Wbite. Federal ll!ulioni - }ilr. Stockbridge. State Inetilutionê - Insiine Asyium, Mr. Sbeley ; Dcaf and Dumb Atylum. Mr. Bcgole; State Prison, Jlr, ISeasmith ; Reform Scbool, Mr. Randall. Salt Inleretlf - Mr Monn. Geclogtcal Survey - Mr. Morton. Railroads- Mr. Ball. Comliiutional Amendmentt - Mr. Wheeler. Drainag - Mr. Stodtlard. Mr. Mann, of tliis oounty, ís also plao od on the curmnittecs on Privileges and üections, State Library, and Mices and vliüeralg. The seleot committeo on Congressional and Legislativo Appoitionment is: VIessrs. Stoukbridgu, Stoddard, Iíandnll, Cravath, Moffait, Jcnks, and Wood, all llepublicans, tho Democratio members having no rights aud roprosontíng no conetituents, wo supposo. In the House, tbo Washtenaw memaers aro placed as followa : Mr. Post is ohairman of tho Iusurance Committee, and a member of tho odd od Federal Kelutions. Mr. Grant ís ohairman of ibe Comuiitteo on Eduoatioo, and a muinbor of tbaton Gcologioal Survey. Mr. CiiiLDa ia on the Agricultural Collego and the 8 tato Library Comiiiittoes, Mr. Conodon is attached to tbe Com mitiee ou llüligioui aud Uenevolnn Sociuties. - Iíoracb PniLLiPS, of Ypsilanti has been appoiutcd Assistaut Secretar) of the Senate; and S. F. Cook, of tbi oity, Ass8tant Clerk of the House. - In the Senato, on Wedneaday, a bilí vas iutroduced providing for compiliug the lsws, and the ffrst bilí pasaod, to provide for pojÏDg newspapers for the publlcation of the geural laws. Iu tbe House, a bilí was reportad favorable from the Judiciary Committee, inoreasing the salaries of the Judg93 of the Suprema Court to 3,000. Gov. Baldwin reeornniends a re-compilation and rspriut of the general laws now in forcé. Ií this could be done, and then any amendinents of the general laws bo prohibiteJ for the uext ton years, we aro quita sure llie State would be tho gainer. Uut tliis last is probably impossible, owiiig to the penchant of cash lcgislator to leave "hts mark upon tho statute books. Aoolher thinir, howover, eau and ihould be done bblore a re-conjpilatien is made. There are a largo nuuiber of laws and parta of laws uow "ia force," or nominally o at least, whicb. are viriually iuoperotive, having bad thoir day or having boen superseded, tliough not in terui8 repealed, by subaoquunt aots. - Tbos ■ acts and parta of acts can not be omittsd by tho compiler, and must be reprinted ouly to lutnbor up tho volume3 and confuse the most agilo praclitiouor. A revisión is not admissible, os the Govijrnor guggests, but the Legislatura, or the Governor by its autbonty, raay appoiut a commissioner or u commission to report a list of tho acts or parts of acts unrcpealed and yet inoperativo, and the Logitlature ca repeal them and olear a vast deal of rubbish frona the compiler' way. If this is not dono, or Roincthing like t, a new compilation will be of little valuo. The Charlotte Hepubltcan enters the following soleiTin warning against somo proposod official bloodletting. Hear it : "There are minors in circnlation that the Supervisor of tntcrual Reven ue for Michigan and Wisconsln will be removed becaase he preferrètl and labored for the election of Ansliii Bluir as Senator. Wc know that soine of Mr. Ferry's friends Iiave said so. Gentlemen of the succc-siul faction, we beg leave to say that there has been enough of thls pollcy of proscrlblng Republicans on account of their personal preferences, lu this State, and if it is carried out in the future as it has been In the past, we express the iirm conviction that the Republicans have chosen the last United States Senator in Michigan." Our cotemporary evidently don't relish the throat to "oysterciae" the Blaib men, but it liad botter prepare for tho (lose. The threegroat inodorn letter-writer : Yice Admiral Porter, "Onr Blair," aud OuvilleL. Grant. Pohter's got oto print, camed Grant to 'lose all confidcDOO in human uature,"and lost himself ooveted promotion ; BlairV aleo gol into print, and, in revenge, the "lot of corrupt scoundrels''8witoLed him off tbo Sonatorial track ; Orville Guant's also got into print, bit t like Porteu's haabeen taken back, and what hc was ready to "swoar to" ho now claims wae a mistako Lotter writing is a big tliing for polilioians, - as Gen. Cass learncd when ho wroto hii "Nicholton letter" and his letter to tho Clovelaud Hurbor Con?eotion. ÏHE N. Y. Mail saya tliat Frrrv 'is a mernber of tho Tresln-tenao church and Superintendent of a Sunday Sohool iu the town wheie ho reside, aud will ba found in the Sonate, as in tho House loyal to cousoienoe on all questious affeoting the publio welfare." In which oase ho will bo very like that "cat in a atrango garret," that kind of "loyaltv" being generally underitcnd t'J bo bclow par at Wfhiogton. Tin-: qjossips now send over tlio wire rem Washington, tb at Fien hasicaptii ïorinr cnoiigh íd he State Department, nd that Seuator Morton is to lakc hip ïlaoj na soon as tbis sessioa of Gongreua s ilone. Tlio only goud thini kb can ce ikely to come out of tho ci.angp, vilt be a Democratie Senaïor from Iniaun, providci! the Legisla tare can mange to remfiin in session uotil Morïon's esignntion is tendtred. Tho State D)Krtmo!it will bo a loser. - Also, tbat Jacob M. Hi.ward is to e consDlcd for Í1Í8 recent üefeat atLaning by being ïaaue Attorney Gecora!. iVhat ia to b8 done with Aosbruah or )regon Williams is not yet divulged. L'eats will havo to bn providcd for tbcm. The Fres Prent Biiys HoWARD is a"symwthetio constilutinnal Inwycr," wbioh moaris, wo euppose that bis pnJitical aym)athies will control bis legal opinioas. [sn't that just vrhat is wantod at Washington ? The Detnocfatic meaibcrs of the Legislatare Held a uancua on Wcduesday cvening, Senator Mokton in lbo obur, to naiiiinate a caiididaïc for United States Senator. On the first bnüot tbe voleetood: For Hnn. II. N. Walker, of tbe Detroit f ree Press, SO; for llon. lï. O. Stout, of Oak land, 5; ior Hon. Hknry OöamberIj.sin, of Berrien, 5. Od a second ballot, jMr. Walker was unanimously Doniinated. A compliment wortbily bestcjwed, and if bcater. by the Kepubliean nomiuco tho Democratie menibers of either Houso can console themBoircH with the aesuraucu that they votcd ior tliu bettcr innn. - After tbc ïiomiuation was made Judgo Sutiikuland was called out anc made a (hort but pointcd speech. - m - i m - w - !■■ The Morton resolutiong, sending a roving commission to Saa Domingo, pnssed tho Home on Tuasday, by a voto of 123 lo G3, but uot until t.e AxBLBB tail-piaoe, - declaring that uothing containcd in them shall bc beid, understood or conslrucd ob committing Congrets to the poliay o[ untexotion - had been adopted by a vote of lüS to 7G. Tíe Demócrata voted BOÜdly agaicst the resolutioDS, and with them six Rcpubüoans. - The Senate, on Wednosday, conouircd iu the House amendment, but rejected Bevoral amendrnents proposed by Senator Sumkbr. Before a vote was reichcd Senator Sciickz got a chance to gire the annexution schema some h;ir. hits. The doath of llon. John Covode, of Pennsylvania, is announcod. He dicd at the Uuitcc States Hotel, Harrisburg, on the llth inst., of heart distase. Mr, Covodb was born at Lockport, Pa.# Murch 17th, 1808, and was, therefore, nearly 63 years old. 'Ho was a niember of the 84th, 35th, 36th, 37 tb, and 40lh Cougresses, wasbeateu in the curopaign for the 41-t, by the people, but was elected by Congress itself. He was a thorough pnrtisan, could see no good in apolítica} oponent, and reoognizcd a Dciaocrut as having uo rights ho was bound to respect. Fkiiky is a legitímate descendant - pcihaps a relalive-of that vigorous yuuth vvlio cxclaiiued : 'I lickcd a man the o'. her day seventv years old, and I cou!d havo doae it had bo been a huiidrcd'1 ; for being only 43j. years old he has faiily whipped throo old fellows : - Blaiu, aged 52 ; I3ill Howap.d, aged about 65 ; and Jakh Howarp, nged Oö-j. What is this w rld coming to when 8uch disrespeot for ono's seniors is not only winked at, but rojoioed over ! Ir the Legislaturo shall be of the same uii;id as Lieut. Gov. Bates, the new Congressionnl and Senate district are to bo mado in the exclusivo interest o1 the Ilopublicau party, and contiguous territory, unity of interests or population wil] coant for nothiog conipared with Republican majorities. At least, we suppose that such is the mind of Liout. Gov. Batks, for in appointiug a select cnmrnittee on appnrtioument bo bas notgivon the Demooratio minority a singlo member of the ceven. Such narrow minded paitisanship should bo beneath the presiding oflieor of auch a body aa the Michigan Sonato (ought to bo). ünb Gov. Palmer, of Illinois, also protests in bis lato annunl messago against Federal iuterference and the overnwing preseuee of Federal troops at eltic'ions. Do both Pat.mkp. nnd Geary see thu cloud ie tha horizon no biger thau a raan's hand, that is to enlarge, burst and destrny tho very semblancc of freo elections ? It is time that cthor eycs wero opened. In the Arkansas Legislnture, on Tuosday, Gov. Clayton was e!ectod United States Senator, by a vote of 91 to 1J. He succeeds Senator Mc Dunald. - In tho Louisiana Lsgislaturo, on the same day, J. E. West was clocted United Rtntcs Senator by a largo majority, to aucceed Senator" IIarris. A triumph of Gov. Wabmouth. Du. Livinostonb is agatn reported gafo, ar.d thia timo as haviog arrived at Mozambiq'io ; wbith should bo taken, howevei-, with a few graios of allowance. II on. J. G. SuiiiERLAXD, membor of Congress clect from the Bixth district, hus teedcred hia reeignation as Cirotfit Judge.


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