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Sípml gtatirtjsu PX. SCJTEKCK AVVTSES COXSrMPTIVEn I TO GO TO FLOniDA Itf WIK TER. II a. ving forthelastthirty-five y pars rtevoteflmy whole tline aml attentiontothc study oí' luntj diseasea and conumptlon, Ifoul that I ur.derstand fully thc course that ouKlitto l.'tí pursaedtO restore a tolcrably bad case of diseased luns to healthy soundnewj. The llrst aiul most Important step is, furtho patiënt to ayoid takíngcold; nnd the best of all places on tliis continent for ibis purpoea, in winter, is Florida, well down in the State, where the temperatura is regular, and not subject tosuch variations as In more northem latitudes, ralatka Isa poínt I con recommend. A gOÖd hotel ia kept there by Foterman. Iit winter I saw severa] persons therc whoso langt bad been badly elisca'-ed, luit who, underthe liealing nfluence of the límate and my medicines, were gettint,' W8lL One hundred miles farllier down tlio rlvorls & poïnt trlilchl wouldprefertoPalatka, as thc tempcrature is inoro even and the air dry and bracing. Jlellonville nnd Enterprise are located there. I f-hould give a declded preference to Mcllonville: it ia two nillea from river or lake, and it seems almost inipossiblc to tak e cold there. The tablc3 in Florida might bo botter, and patW-nts complain nt t imes ; i -u i that ia a good f: ■- n, as it indícate & return of appetitc: and, vhen this is tho case, they ecncrally Increasoin flesh, and ihcn tho lunps must hcaï. jachsonvtlle, Ifibcruta, (irecn Covi, and many other places in various parta of Florida can bo safely recommended to consumptivesin winter. My reasons forsaylnji soarc, tliat pationts arelcssliflble to take cold ilitro tlian v.-lurc there is a less even tempera ture; mul It is not nccessary to eay, tliat, where a consum-ptive porson exposeshimself to frequent colds, be ia cerlain to dio ehortly : tlu-rffore my advicc is. go wrll down into tlio Btate,outof thereach of prevaillnj? cast ■wind and foga. Jackeonviile, or ulmostany othcr of the localiticsl bavo namcd, will benefit thoc who arotroultled wilh ft torpld ILvcr, ft disordcred stomacli, deronged bowcls, sorc tSlTO&t, orcoujih; bat. forthose whosolunpi arediscaaed.amor aouthern pnint Is earnestly rccomnicndcd. 1 For lineen rcars prior to 1869, 1 was profesa lonally in Kcw Turk. Boston, lialtimore, and l'hiladelphia every week, whero I saw nnd cxamined on on average flvo lunulred patlcnts a week. A practico so extensivo, embracing cverypossible phase of lung disenso, has enabled tno to understand tho diñase fully ; and henee my caution In regard to taklng cold. A persun my feakfl vast quauitt'cs of " Schcnck's l'ulmonlc fiyrup, Seaweed Tonic, and Slandrakt1 l'Jlls," and yet die ir he docs not avoid laiüng ín Florida, ncarly cvcrybody la uslníf Sclienck's fanflrako í'ills; for the clima te is more likcly to produco biliOUJ balíitsthan moro nortbern latitudes. It isa welicstaMishcd fact, that natíves of Florida rarcly die of conBumption, cspeclally thoseof theeoutherapavt. On tho otlier hand, in íícw tnland, onc-thlrü at least of the jiopulatkm die of this terrible diftcase. Jn tlie Jli-lillo Btotes. it doc-s not prevalí so largely; &till tlicre are mauy thousands of cases there. Vhat a vut percentage oT lile woold besaved IfconsumptiveswereascasUyalarnïCd in renard to taklng fresb. coldsas they aro aboutucarlct fe ver, small-pox, ce. I but they are not: thor tnko wbat they term a littlocoUI, whicíi they aro creduioiu enouch tu bclieve will wear off ín a few davs. Tlu-y pay noattentlontoit; and henee it laya the foundation tac finot ber and another etill, uiitll tbc lungs are discased beyond all hope of cure. Mv advice to peraons wliosc lunps flto anecten, even tÜtríitlv, Ís tolay ina stock of Schenck'srulmonir Svrup, BchcnOk'sSpaweedTunic.andScliynck'BMnndrHkcViH, and go to Florida, Irccommend thesc particular medicines, because I nm thoroughly arqualntcd witli their ftctlon. I know, that, where they uro used in Mrict accordance wilh my direction?, they villdothe wurk isremiirtd. Ibis accomplished, nature will do the rent. The uhvülclnn who prescribes for cold, cmiKh, or ninht Bwcats.'nml then advises the patiënt t o walk orride out every dny, will bu sure to bavo a corpso im bis bands before lohy. ... jiiv pian is, to glve my Ihrco medicines in accordanco wlth Uioprinteddlrectlonexcopt in some cases wiu-m n freer use of the Jlandrake VillsiKnoccgfiary. íly olj"-ict is, to cive tone to the stomaeb,- toget up a good nppctito. It h always a good slfín when a patiënt be pi na to crow liungry : I havehopesofsuch. With a reliali for fond, and tho gratíflcatiun of that relish, cmies feood blood, and wilu Itmoreflesh, whichiscloseiy rniiowM bya bealinRof tho lunps, - then tho couh loosensantl ntiatt-s, thu creepintf chilla and clannny nliht nreati no tonger prost rato and annoy, and tho patiënt gctswcll, provided he avoids takins cold. i líow, thcre uro m-iny consumptives who brvve not tho mcans to go to Florida. The question nía tic :iskii, Ís thcre no hopolOTflOCh? Certainly thercis. Jly advico to Buch is, and ever Jiaa been, to Btay in a warm room during tlio winter, with ntemperaturc of ahoui. serenty úegrec, which eliould bo kept rcgularly at that potnt by mean of a thermometer. I-et auch a patirnt taku bul exercisc within the limita of tho room by walking up and down as much as liia trength will normluln order to keep up abcttlthy circulatum oftlic blood. I ha ve cu red thouaands by this syatcm, and can do so again. C'on■amptloo Ir ás t;isilv cured as any othef ulsease, if it is takcn ín time, and the proper kind of treatinent ia purBued. Tho fact stands undisputed on record, that Schenck's I'ulmonic Svrup, Mandrako 1'iUs, and Kcowced Tonic havo curca very many of what aucmed to be liopeless cases of consumptiun. O o whero you will, you will be ahnost certain tollnd some poor conaumptivo who has been rescued from tbe very Jaws of death by their UseSo far fl the Mandrako Tilla aro concerned, everybody Bhould keep a supply of them on hand. They act n tho livcr better than caiomel, and leavo none tt ita hurtful cíTeet behlnd. In fact, they are cxcvllent in all cases whtro a purgativo medicine is rcqulrcd. If you bavo partaken too frccly of fruit, and diarrheea ensues, adoso of tho Aiandrakes will curo you. Jf you aro subject to Bick hendache, tako a-dosc of the Alandrakes, and they will relieve you in two hourt. If you wuuld obvíate the rlTcctofa chango of water, ortliotuo freo indulgcncc in fruit, tuko one of tho llandrakcs every night, ond you may Uien drink wau-r, and eat water niclons, pcars, npples, plumn, peachea, or corn, without thc risk of being mudo Bick by them. They wfll protect those who live ín damp Bitufitions agalnst chUti and twen. 'Irythem. They aro perfectly uannloat. They can do you good only 1 have abaadoued my proleiaionaJ visiuto Hostoa and Nw York, lut continue to Hi-e patienttatmy oih'ce, ISo. 15 ííírth Sixih fetreet, Philaoeljphfa. overy Batnraay, from 9,,to3, r.M. Thoso wuo wlBh a thoroogh cxamlmatlon with the Resplrometer wiul lo eltarged five dollars. The BeBplfometei doclam the exact vunditwn of thc lunus; and pailents can readlJy learn wluther they are curable or not. lïut I deatre il diünctly underritood, that tho value of my medicines dopende entlreyupon th'eir btinK taken stiictly accordlng tudirectiona In conclusión, 1 will s:iy, wlien persons take my medicines, and their systems nro broui:ht into a lieatihy condition tbereby, they are not bo Hablo to take cold; y et no ono wlth dlMOsed lunpscan beara Biiddcn chanco of atniosphore without tlie liabiiity of greater ur lssirritationot tho bronchtal tubes. Full directioiis in all languneofl nccompnny my medicines, so cxpliclt and clear thai any one can use ihMn without conaulting me, and eau bo bought from any Aruggist. ■ J. IT. PcnitscK, M.P. , Ko. lSKorth Sixtli Ötreot, rbilaUelphia JOHN P. HENRY, 8 COLLEaE PLACE, NEW YOEE, "Wtolossalo Afont. pEOPLE'S DRUG STOxvr,. R. W. EU IS Sc CG. i ANN ABBO-" fiüMIT " ÁbVfiRTlSEMBKTS.' Tht carde in Ifti.í column aré all of Icgitimatcïtri' terjtrite. TVwie af a qnetítonable charaoitT accepted. Michigan MaclUnery Depot. Q. S. WORMER & S01Ï, OO, 1O1 (trui 1O3 JofTenioii" Avenue, p.-ftlerti In all kiiidu at ffOOD ANP IRON WOBK1KS MACTINERY. DETUOIT, UIOHIOAK. lJ9;.3ra. ["ry (jíoods. WJiolesnle, ALBERT D. PIERCE & CO., WHOLESALE DllY (JOODS 35 WOODWARD AVENUE, DETBOIT, : MICHIGAN" 129T-m3. JOIl SALE- T.OOO ACBESof Vol 11 rv h Ie ' PINE AND FARMING LANDS, OV TIME, At Friera Ranglng from $2.00 TO $10.00 PER ACRE. WilKHE LOCATEIH fi,i8:) errfl Tino L in ris on t tío Wlsnoïnin Riror. S00 acre on the Cbeboygn RiTor, Mich., leitding ff CliObojrgAD or I hincan. 3,000 acres on Thun-ler Uy watOT, liafl!n(r tn Al pona, 1,200 aorrs on th iiniivtfc liiviT. KV) ftOreil on (ie Ti tilia wtiñue.e tlver, 2.S10 crea in Gl Ad tv in cnuntjT, Mlch , fot i .rmPftnd tfmber. 1,272 rhoicr mnornl aod hnril ïmbnr lmi'N mar Onlfmaeon. 1,600 noMM prnlrfo an in Ncira.ka, Dtftr t[irt l'nion I'nrific R.R. 4U0 CMl on -Au Sftvhh Po fuil deacriptioD. pries anl tc-rips, onl for circular. DAVID HRK8TON & CO., Bunkers, De1r;t. M. ÜRTROKT LiircoMOTIVa H'OBKl, MACBlNK PKOP AND F0UNDRY. MAKCKACTtTRER8 OV ïiech & Low Pressure Engines 'or lloat", Propeller, Sw Mills nnd Mining Pur posru. !(i:,r".HS,of 11 klnl umi t'tten for I.ocom olive?, Sieainors anil Sar M!l!a HMterst MndplpeBreeehniï. Ac., fcc. Iron and ïlrpfis (.'astings of cverv do criptioa. Cenrine f.,r ?u Mills. Qriat Milla, feo. Fnlon Pl.ineran! Wood W(rkini[ Mftchinery, Orpal I Nortli Amorirmi Giintf, mn'Ie fintirely of Iron, anti lio uRunl B'.ylu of Bftw l'ill CancR ï' lii'ïi.iuH of all kintU dono on nbort notice, Ijnr nr cny. V"rk.s oa I.Arv.ocl rh1 ConRrefn, froni Tlnrd to "ourthHtn. , Ofllc sor.Kiarnu nnJ Thlrrl Stroot. ', H. 1)1 Hl., Pios't. 1). R. PRIRCB.Sec. Knrl Treas J. V. BARTLKTT. Moahanlcal Sup't. I KTHOIT STRAM FANC1 1)1E1.( J K8TABU8HMKNT, i 42 Congress Etreet, East. 'ley njrolní dono on Pilk, Wnnlen n'l Mited iooris of a 11 ktndfl, ïirnt clnss. t pry dpscription of Hhawla olaancd, ily-d uíñ fïonti Grnients clea n-d or Djrd la tho vory btt manner. ioodsaent by Expreni promptly nttcnded (o ARCHl). GRANT. ISTABLISHKD 1Í64. TAIHES JESKS, J DnalTln all kln!cf AND STTPPLÍE3, DETHOIT, - - - MIC II. 29 AtwaterSt., betwepn Hatos ana Kandnlph Sta, Machine: shop mui uih Womaéry Do yon want ñrKt cluns BRAS3 WORK 0R BR&SS CASTÏNÖS Imn Pipe ami FHtinfn for Oas, Stem an1 Water. ïl(?h ftml Low Prrssure Steftni Encinos aud Boilers. lrt-whous nnl ulstilli-ry Blaeljritery , írc. Sentí for íirculrir dt!; Tricp JAvS. FL0WER& EROS. PriBnmh St., Detroit N. M.- All kinds ui 8tMU Hi-ating tlone. IailT TUKKS-Apptcs, Pea ra, Plmn, Cliflrries, renchef, ir upe riñen. Curra r.ta, lonsí'hL-rries, HnpVu-rrirH, BUchberrien, tí tra wirrrifs, Ac. AU oi the above at Inir raten hy lito Iiounnnd. Ornarnrntal Trc-efl nd Hhrubn, all th 'Kr Ut i 48 .-'ii: tJiMo for out ctimate, wi(I be touml in crat nbunlrinco. H"Ilanl ííulhs, jiist import c-1, of hf-st quaïitj. Greenhouse Plant b. Vegctablo aniï Flower Set-fls, Ac. Adiirfes, Wil. AUAIR, Detroit, Mich. nARttlAGR ItlAIVUFACTURKRS JOHNPATTON&SONJ ' Ae ofTrÍDg tíie largf-et and best osortmnt of CARRIAGES AND BUGGIES, IX THE WESTJt t Oroatïy Rptlucpd lrices. All worV made' ander our c,vft HupcrrisioD, and Fclly Wbbahtko. F.ct'ry iin Wn rfrooniSj curner Woodbndgp and I.-u.HÍi Stiufta, Detroit. LH AT H lïï H. o SHOE FINDINGS. Tanner's Oils Sc.' fcieo. E. Curtis & Co., No. 118 Jefforson Avrnup. Detroit, Michigan FWETMonK A CO.. Wholeaalo Dealers In Crockery, Glassware, China, GAS FIXTURES, JLAMFSi n.TJIT JAKS, Scd. IMPORT ÍSSOKTKD CRATES FOR THE TRADE 100 Woodward Aranue , Detroit. JAMES GOLi-A-SS Sc BRO. Importcrs and Dpalcrs in LSATHCR AND FINDINGS, 11 Grand Rirtr Street West, DETRO T, MICHIGAN MARBIE-OEO. F. MEHMNO, 78 Congrenn treot, Fat, Detroit, munufiioturer ot Blue Stonn Slnt'l Marble Maotles, imitation of all the rare color.-d Marblog, snch as Egptian, Spaoiih, Olj üruen,BructoIle, Ac. DKTKOIT lt IA UU TAKIjIS Klanuf.ctory - QlOKOa Smith, Dealer in Frencli "aromand Four Pocket ïïilliard Tablea, BKali-]le, Pigeon Hole, lIvil AmortLst Tailors" Tables. Kiretprizes given by Mi(h. íttí Fair '67, 'C8, 'ö i '70 DELIABLE INSURANCE, AT THE OLD AGENCY OB1 C. II. MILLEN, Who hasfornearly twenty ycare, aud wbo still rcprc8outs the Home, of Now York, CAPITAL AKD SURPLUS, NEARLY FIVE MILLIONS. ratiwatxl m %m CAPITAL AXD SURPLOS, ISTearly S2. 500?00OThI Compnny partlclpnt? in its rolities wlth the iiBured. City Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, O000,000. ALL L0SSE3 FAIRLY ADJUSTED and PROMPTLY PAID C. H. MILLEN, Agent. ISStmB A UGÜST lOth, 1870. NEWWHLATFLOUR superior qaaltiy, attli AN1ÑT ARBOR CITY MILLS. Vcry nlea boltedOorn Menl. coarpo Moal, Gruliüm Fiour - sood Baoaod qnality Vloiir ftt low iric, - (Jnujketi Whent, and all kinds of Feed, at towM prlccr, aud üulivcrcd in miy part if ihe city. Term c;'h. &W Orrlers loft in my Order I)ox ut t!ic Post Offtc promptly attcuded to. li J.T. SWATIIKL g, 40 or GO ACRES OF .AND FOÏl SALÍ. Choice Sp ti tot QftrdonUig ftni Fmit. One ni ik; n.iif miluH froiu the Ouiirt lloatá. Inquiro a lilis llfflOÍ Aun Arl or. Jsnuary r.d, 1S71. 13O3 Finost Assortmont of Toilet Joods in the City, by nUY YOÜK Hooking Glasses OF W. D. HOLMES, Ann Arbor, FOR UEASCijSS. Firt, beeaune hekofpt1ie best of ImportpdGlass. and a go d aisortmenlof square and aren top Tramos, andiieUB OHEAPi 3econlly , beaupp they bMonp to bis bii(nes. He mak et thm a special (y, doeshiit ownwrork, an'l oan afford to s-ll CHEAPEE. 1 Thlrdly, Beeaust he manufactures thcm f and can and wil! xell the OHEAPEST 1 of anyonelothecity. Hpalfto aells PICTURE FRAMES! Thechsaptnt of anybody in the State - b far as liparc f rom . NICE OVAL FRAMES FOR GO CTS. Picture Cord, Tassels & Nails! FRB.1CH GLAS9- bj the light or box- I Forricturcn orfor BOtTSXl GrTjA.SgHSTOr l 3 KAST HURON STRïET, AíTISr ARBOR. - - - MICH. 117ft t f ATONEr CAN NOT BUY IÏT Oü 6IOHr ISPRIÖELESS && THE UTAMOND G I.ASIS, Mnniifiiptiwri' by .T. K. Spencrr & ('i.t N. V.,uli!cli i-r ikw otfvrr'l tal '' public, are jtronounccl hy all celpKraifd Upttcl a nu of the World to te tho Most Perfpct, Natural, Ariiücialliolp tn tho human f ji o evrt known. Thev nrt' jround under thftir wn mipervi''ion. Trom mloutefrystal Febblen, mcltcï (ogelhiT, pnl lriv theirnnmp, " Din mond, nu account of 1 tieïr lianlD(m nn.J brilli-uicy. The S"Untifto Principie oh vrhich the v ure conBtnicti'd biinpKlho rure orcpntre f he ln dircr' I.t in front nfth pi producliiK a eUiar and iliotinct vitinn, s in thp natural lienltïiy Kfght, arnl provrtitit al] nnplrdtíü nt R0O6& tion-i, !uch a trlim-neri-ie MDQ ivtrinti of sight, d1r,zin!tit, fcc, peculiar to all nfchri ia tte. il, .-y aíemouüted in the RINEST MANNKIï, In fiKiifs of tlm bost quality, of all ninténolt; used fot tht pufpoM. Tl'ir tinih and diirnbiïity cannot 3e uurpssod. ('CiION'. - None genolD nnlcKfl baiing ttieir trle mark jitnmped on ertry fruae. .T.C. WATTS.t Rlïf)., Jpwrlerancl Opticmnfi.arf nnlraffpnU tor AïV AliiïdR, MIJN., from whbm they cah dnly be obtainr-i. TKpB goed are notsuppïil to Ptdlf ntany prfci. 12fyl


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