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A Sad Disaster In The Pacific

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bah Francisco, Jammry . The United S'.ates Bteamer Saginnw went ahoro on Suturday, October 29, on Occan Island, nr d the Frcncli fri jate Skoalanear Midway Islaad. Verj few proviRion' were savcl frorn tho lattor, Ihougli tlie ship d-d not entirely go to pieoee until tbo 1-ltli nf Novombur Ou tho I8Ü1 of November, hor exeou live officer, Li -ut. Talbot, witli sub officers, s'artcd ít n gig for Sandwich ]- land. After cndiiring incrediblc 'fuflFuriugs thoy reaohod Kanai, December 18 but all wore verj WL'ak. Jjiciit. Talbot. Peter Franjeas, (uartt'rniasler, rJa!no Muir and John Andrcw, sailürs, were drowned in the surf iu laodig The boilicB wcro iccovered. Tho i;es wf Bent at ouce to Honolulú, and tin schoonrr Kona and a paeket woro pent by the Americao tniawter with provin ions and water. Two dayg later 'bc stpamfr Kelama was pi icid at his di posal by lbo governintut, and digpr.tcbed It was I opei! si e would arrive in CEfou to save tlia lives of tlio wearied crew, 90 in numbor, all of wlioin were on qiiarler rationa, the laúd jieldino uo'.hiog. 'J'ho Jackdon Assoeiation of Pitts! ur.'h beid :i baiujuet Monday uiglit. Auung tlioso oxpected to tako part wisb C liarles Ffíincis Aiiiiai!", of Massachus tts, wbo wrota a letter regretting hi nbsenoo, in whiob he said wheo Cïonoral Jnrkgon Rpnko " thoso memorabk' w)rdfr ' The TJniou gball bc proferred,' he undoubtcdly r eíocl blu f.-iïtli on the ppontniicous co oi'eralioii of lbo uias of tbe nation refponuing to lus cali and legitímate oh&nnels pri'Ecribet Ly creani.-- law, liii ii' ver contempluted the us? of bajonL-is iu contijiliüg the f.-rnis f colleotiag tbo general sulíYage, for sal ly ns n Ddtion li!8 in g'iing bac'; to i 0 ÈVst priuiifik-s, forgetting tbat ferce baa ovei b 'm ret;( rted to as r pa i r ful necos8 'y to pr ier e tbem. W'bul was a bitur m d citio sbouid uot bj turued iuto duily food." Kx Poetmnster General Randall b e just returiiod from Japnn, wLitber he was nrromponied by tbe Hnn. Win. 11. Seivatd He sav tbat tbe bouoiab'o gentleman is sufforing frotn complete poralvMj of botb anus, Bn t' at bc is deprive 1 of (hu us nf tlicin. V ti this ezoeptioD hú hcalth seema to bu unimpiircd. JIr prnp"s;?3 to extend bis tvio o India, n)d on lm way home will v'.sit 8 . Petersburg, upoo tbe invitation of t .e Czar of Iluwia - iwi ■ - ■. i a p-mm Tho uiiirino los-'es of llio Unitod States f ir 1870 amount to 4S0 vo'sols. vr.lucd witli tb ir at 19,557,700. Tlio last tbroo inontbs of 1870 aro cbürgcil with tbc los of 20-1 veisel", vabied at $7,880,800. Tho tjtal marire Ijssos ibroughout tbc wotld aa ï'tturned to t!iH IJiitish Lloyds, froai January 1 to December 10, 1870, nmouut to 1,8S7 esois.


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