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Swrt Qüikibï, Wbat is iT?- Hrerjboáy lcnow hal Qniaino Is,- the iuter medicine, obtaJned frona F'Tiivlan Bark, Wblch fOT inore thnn ihnt hnndrerl yoars has prood thf onc positive cure tot t--tc "U'wh occur in most new or thinlv Fettled rci'ïons, HMái aa Fever and Ano, Chili Pevor, Kemlti ni rever and Billi-.ns IMsordcrs. Wll. Swoct Q-iiiiiiie is on ïmproveme&t apon ïïitit-r Quiniue, iníumuch R8 it line not tlnU intense penitert bitter, b:it otli1 fwlso, has al] the ra dical power of it ït is gold by nl! druggistB in fiuid, po tbat tho done mny ii'ci] bj teuspoons, and it may bo had in puw. rior also. ir your dragjitt haa oot got it, write t 8tearD, Put &Ot., P.O DoïUM, X.Y City, cr Eo Fred'k Stearn, Detroit, thuy wiJl seud it Prico f Fluid Sweet Qnlnioe is üno Dollar pcrbottïu. Sold by Eberbach & Co. tjrTL. $1 093 raward la oiTered by the proprictor of T)r. Pleroo'i Alt Bzt. or Golden kfedleal Dípcovojj 'or a medicino thafc w'ü equal it for the curt: of all ]-, dl&eOBM for which it is recommndfd, among wblch nrc " BUUonsneiia11 or " I.ivrr Coni]lnint," conslipated bowél ■, Impuro i lood, crofalou? diiiptions. Pimples, ËloTches, Boïls and seTOre and linering Cniffhs Lronchiiïs, Consnni]itiini n Itfl early stïigcs and nervons aud gcucral debil ity. Sold bydroffgUts. Bounty to Soliücrs. Thoae who enlisterfin 1S51 ontho flrat cnll ofPresdent Liucoln, mul wtio we re honorabl}' discharod icforethe explrntion of the term of tftctr enllstnar-jit, nrc enUUed to $100 cach, as bonnty. Andsoldiers enlisting nnder act of July 4th, 1864 reto be allo wed the unpaid instnlmentfl ofbonnty f they were dïscharged by expiration of service The above classes should makc appUcfttioa to the luderelgnod March JltlulSTO, 10-U JOHN N. GOTT, . Bonnty and Claim Azeni. ScconI tlartil aiiiï Sev Organs And ttelodeons Forsale Tery ohoap at Trof. Mills1 ■■ui, No. 48 Uain Struct. (Over Huil & Rob 12T6tf ALVIK WILSEY.


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