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o ruisitiüS ij Niw Yokk, August 15th, 186?. Allow me to oall yonr attention to ly PRKPARATION OF COMPOUND EXTRACT IHJCHU. The omponent parts are, BUUHU, LoN .kak, CUÜEBS, JUNIFEH 1ÏK1LÍIJS8. Modk of Preparation. - Buchu, in aCno. Juuiper lierries, by dNtillation, o form a fino pin. Cubebfi extractad y ditpUcérneat wi'h piritn obtainel ïom Juniper IJerries; very littlo sugnr s used and a smoll pi-oportion of pirit. It is moro palatable thau any ow in use. Uuchu as preparod oy Druggists, is f a dark color. It is a plant thut. mits its fragninco; the actinn of n nmo destroys ttiis (its nctire principie), eaving a dark and glutinous decociion. Hiiie is the color of ingredients. '1 he Juchu in my preparation predominatoj ; ie smallest qunntity of the otlier inrtdieute aro addod, to prevent fermenation ; upon inspaction it will he fotind ot to be a Tinolure, os mado in Pharmacopoc, nor is it a Syrup - nrid therebre can be usod in caoos whore fevor or nfiammation eMis't. In this, you have he knowledjje of tlio ingredieuts, and ie modo of propor.ition Ilopiníí that you will favor it with a rial, and that upon inspootion it will meet with your approbation, With a fooling of profouud confidenoej I am, very reapecffully. IT T. HELMHOLD Chomist and Druggist of 19 Years' Ex)erienoe. Froui the larpest Manofaoturing Chem ista in the World). Novkmder 4, 1854. " I am acquainted with Mr. H. T. lelmbold ; he ocenpied the Drug Store opposite my residence, and was succeasful in conductiug the busineis whero otherë had not been equally so before him. I have heen favonibly impressed with his chiiractcr aud enterpriBö." WILLIAil WEIGIITMAN, Firm of Powers and Weightninu M:inufactui ing Chemiuts, Ninth aud Browu Streots, Philadelphia. HElilili ftl. ÜJ a ihS. 3 w JÍJ Ja R , FLUID EMTEA0T BUOHU! Fcrwenknfas nrisiug from iniiscretion . Theex liauxted powtrs of Nture which are accompanie bj o maujr tUnnlog mtunii, mong m-McIi wi befouniSjtiirtlipositUiDtti eitiuB,Lu of Msmurj Wakeluluois, ll'irror of üiieast, or Foreboding o EtII; Intact, Uni Triil I.aiiitud Prontiitlon, an Inability toentet into Ibe cujo) mint of Kcioty. THE CONSTITïTION onceaffeeied with Orgatic Wckncs, rpquirt the atd of Medicine to !renthen and Inrigorate Ibe jctein.wliicli BELUBOLD'8 EXTKACT BUCHUiuVhriably does. 1 f i: trtjhtun n t s Bubmittedto,Cun aumption ur Ineauity eubues. HELMBOLD'S FLUID EXTRACT BTxcoBrcx in afTectu-nfi peculiar to K#iai!s, in unequalled by uyother p rep rat i on , us ia Chlorosls. or l! -t'j n'. i" Pain ful ceas or Suppressi'-nof cuBtoniary EracuationK, Ulcera td orSchirruí 1ta1e of the Uterus, amlal complaintj incMcLtal to the itx, or decline o cliauge uf lifu. L HELMEOLD'S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHÜ IJIPEOYEü 8 OFEWASH Wil! r&dieally extorminite from tlio Bystem díeae arislog ffom habit of dissijiatlon, al little expenses little or DO chungo in -liet, do inconenience or ex ïügure; ccmletely supcrsed)D2 those uopleaean' and dtingerom remedisB, Copaiva audMcrcury, ín ttllthese dibeaats. TJSE HELMBOLD'S TLUÍD EXTRACT BUCHU Ín 11 diitnees of these orgsri, wlietber exutlng in inateor ít-male, fnm wlmtfrer cause origluatf uf am! no matter of how Imite at&ndtng. (ris plranant In taete and oiler, ' ' immeüiate" in actio i, and mom strergtlieniDg than tinj of the jreparations of Bark or Iron. T!iOf"eii(Tcrii(f frm bioken iVvr or delicate coné ti tu tí ons , p rccuie tïm remedy at on(-t. The reader must be aware tht, huwever nhglit ni y be the ftttek Dl t)ie above rticeiiccs, { certftintoa'fcct tliebodily health and mental po vers. All the abore dÏBeaies reduit o ilu-aid ut a Umre ti-,. IiKl.MLsul.D'ö KÏTHACT BÜCHU ie a grcüt Dia r Uo. SoM by Drugglsts Everyivhere, Prlce $1.25 per Bottle, or 6 Bottles for $6 50. Delivered to any address. Desciibe Symptoms iuall[ccn:m catious ADDRESS, H. T. HELMBOLD, Drug & Chemical Warehouse, 594 BROADWAY, IN"ew York. JVOIVK AH E GKINUiKE uní ss done up in steel enpvavul wrapper, WiH fac-slmile oí iny Cht-micnl Warehcnse, and signed H. T. HEIMBOLD. "ÍHñiCIA1 "PHSCBIPTIOSr ACCURATELY ANK '. CAREFULLY PRSPARED BT , R. W.ELL18 & VO.,DRUGGiaiS. ' I WASKTENAWCbuNTY.3 KJLadlQ-fY sa -- iw B NOTARY PUBLIC 1" AND - ,3 El GENERAL L _ sas s ?nnarbor r585 üiiU IJü3ü ll'llll!Jillll!111'l:iiniï'iirii'ili:!i'''i'li'Mi!'i'llii:!!;i:llillll!'i;il!Fllillll!J8l REAL ESTÁTE EXCHANGE ! ! The underafgoed haring a perfect líecord hhtnry of I f Ihi Roal K-int Title ia Ibm ïtf and Ib th mntjr of Whten%w, taken pleasunlo tumnuncg to th e public t hai r.e wil I examiuAtflle.giTtabrae U oí Éfral Bstat tile,m;iko oeed mortgtffB, )nlract and other legal pajiors on tlif Hhortunt ktloei Wili bIh innke KM O f CU ƒ property nnA irme rent bonset, aud freulote moHfVffw. J'crmis waiitin n hiMtorv of Keal EaUte t itl", will r ílleottlifctbls B:okn Uk(o TnxTltlefl nl alí cí,-atcral matten w blcli tmota eaoli tarUcdlaf i!t-rt:ri. on; nuil rtll inorttf itfs, anck'ut or niO'lt'cn, whicb ot-ear to be stil) subBÍxtíng of rectrrl t ihe preíient me. I oTer tlte following Real Etnto for ale : o.lOO. The Malonj House aud Lot on Divihíon Street. o.lOl. Hodh and Lot In lli-cí-k addition. Pi Ice $2.000. o. 102. Two Story Brick Hou on Spring Ptreet. To. 103. To8tOTT Wond House on Spring Stieet. o. 101. Nioe Houae.Lot and Barn just wcit of Law COll00 N'o 105. Fino Hoiittp, Ont-hiuso, Baru and 5 aeree of I ínl,Waít,T Fount, &c- rery desirable Property. Ko.106. Ilnufte aud 3 acres of Land Inside corpora, tion. Mo. 107. Honna and Lot just toutfa of the Uul veril tv building N'o. 108. 15í acres of Land ]et of tbe ITniversity QroandSi N'n. lc9. City Lol f nfnrly opposito Dr. Chase' Print lag Establiahorant. Ho. 110. On Two Stoiy Wood Dwelliug on State Street. No. 111. One elegant Two Story Brick Ilouftd near UuiTcr.sity S'pmre. Ko.119. 30 aerea wlth builiiags just northoftho City. Ko.118. One Two Story Uoune jast sorth Cemetiry Gronndd. N'o. 114. Two Brick House west ftideof On l Ter tl t y Sqiiar1. NTo. 11B. 6 acres juft west of thft City. Xo. 110. 5 acres with buildings juut wet of the City. Ho. 1J7. lfiO acres urith biiilnmi and inprovement 5 miles n.'irtli - good sjtuation. N'o. 11?. 320 acre;i - fine farm In Shiawafiaeo. N'o. ll'J. 2,000 acres r Wild Landt in the Conntla of Wayne, M on roe, S:iginaw and 91iia wassee. Aly Abstract Books arpotedto date. No. 120. O'ie pl"fantTbree Story Building on Huron 8trtf went. So. 121. 175 acres on tftddle Road to Yppilan'J. Nro. 122. 40 Hcres on Scnth Road with Buildings an improTcmentü. So. 123. 240 aeren on North extei Road. 2 noile out .with impt'o vemen tg, No. 124. And much other Itesl Esiate oot horein In cluded. Tlipre are miny oíd niortí;íia;t8 in WasMenaw Coan tj undisobarged of Record, and the Itwi of Limita tioDBHa to Mortgf.ges is dilTurent frum tïut applic ble to Heul Ktstate. Triii" of OomtniBsion on hhIcs of Roal Eatnte , on urcent. if h;iIí mnde. Haten for sijarch of Keal Fs tate Title G cent per f.t for Deeds nnd nix cents yenrfor Mortgagee untíl cha n ge of notieo. No charges will be made for exHniinatin of litle makine paper?or recirdiug, to parties leDdtng mone, tbjoagta ii(i. MonT wanted to lan on nntneum boreil Rea' Eftate froin on tu five 10 pe cent. interet net W the leodtr. Ann Arbur , March 20, 1B70 TRACY W. ROOT. 8 3 í , g S W fi z 5 H asa & i 3 5 2 - S 1 □ Has 1 oí 'S . lh i 5 ■ in 5 COMPLETE STOCK OF Niw and seasoable ÜOODS, NOV BEING KECKlVKl) F1MLEY k LEWIS. WE ASK ÏIIË PARTICULAR ATTENTION OF BUYERS TO OUR LARGE STOCK OF Kip & Calf Boots, MADE BT HAND EXPBESSLY FOR OUR 1RADE, 'W.A.rR.lSrEIR.i'S Wurncr 1 1 1 ♦ Kcinctfy ba nevr (uot ■ !. i. ■■:■ -,i f ■■ ' u cure t ■ ver - worst cusen of í liti'i . Itching OT lïleedinir Pilfs. Tl:osfi who nre nfilicifl fthould )mmediatt!y cali on tl't'ir ArBgtlt wnl get WarxkrN Puit Rkmkliy K is expres); for :he Pilen, and i not rwommended to ro any othi r .líneas. It ha cureri mny ra-tpn of over thirty standing l'rice Oue Pnllar. Kor Halo by DYSEÏ-SÏA.""" Warner! l)y]-iiln Tonlo is pr#pard expresêlv for Dvspcptirs at tliosp suffpfiDK witti h&b itral Co t'iTu ii isa. it Ík a slfffbt si i in u lating toi ie anda Rpleuiiiil pprtizer ; t st rengtitf n tli RtDi ach uli il r(-ftor' the tl fit f t i ve oiga n to lbh hpiilihy atte. Wak, tiervoni ani dyipoptic per-" non; ihoqld me Waünku's DTtFXFSiA Tomo For s;ile by iïurtrit . F'rire Out' Hollar_QU(in ivc?_y(iüZ WwriM-.-1 ('nu'li üaKiini is hesiiDff, -i fr -ji - ii'.gnnl expe:toratii)g. Tlie xtraoi tüna r pDwer it po868ftpf in itumfdJHti'ly rel'eving, and evfütiiAlly euring ÜiP moit nbfltinati cases of Couffhs, Qoldty Sure Tln"Ht , Bronebitis, In il nenia . C&tarrli, Hoftrecnb, AsthmA and ContoiiliiD is rIitk si incrfiltbjf. o prompt is the relief aml eertatp it tffatitfl In H the above ensec, or nny aiïectitin f he tliro+ and lungs, that thmiflnnd of ph sfelltna are daily p rrscr ibirg it , nl One and all sa. y that i t Ifl the most hnliuii nn pxpeotoTat ny mociicino knowo One dope alwji'B aflrln roliflf, and in mo-tt capeg one bottle offect-i a ruri?. rtnld by dragglstt, lo large hottlfí-t, Prico One Tollar. It 'm yoor own f a uit i f y ou s 1 311 cougli and uffcr. The Bal Kam will cure. WI]SrE OF TIFJE. The grent Hlood Purlfler and nriicious Drink Wurnfr'ft Vltmm Vin.', i iiu of !,:, is frcf from any poisonous druss or iuipnritie, beinjf prfpaipd for tbos who requttfl % ntimular t . I la a nplenriid appt-tiztr and tortic, und tha finps thinu'ir. tli e wond for purifjitig tb bloo4, It is the mogt pleasant and deliciou arliclo ever ofTerpil to tS4 public, far superior to bnunly. wliiskv, wlnp, bitters, or any otber Hrt'cle. It is more healthy nal chenper Bth lualv jr female, Toung or olï, can take the Wineof Life. It U, in fact, a lif preserrer. Thcme who wihh to tnjoy gotirl health and & frp flow of Hvely spirit, wiil do irel! to take the Wino of Life. It. in different from any Ihinff evorbefore in iis. It isoid br drnggtflli; also ly all respoc table saloons. Prico Oi e Dullar, in quart bottlee. "SMMENAGÖGUEr UnriKi'i Rniiurnago{(iie is the only nrticle knnaro to cure the VI,itei. UI ill cure in evfrj case.) Wherfii tlie fainiy in hicli tilia important medicine i not nanled? HOtbera, 1hi i tlieKreateêt blejiir.g rery offered yoii.nml youMbnuM lmmeiliatrly procura it. It in lo a uure cure for Fenmle Irregularitit! , and may be dflpo..d upon in every cae wliere tlie moothlr llow has been obatrucled througb cold or diseiíe. Solí! by druffiriflts l'rice One Hollar. Oraeutbj mail onreceipt of One Dollar and a Quarter. OIO State Street, Chungo. PAPRANÜ, 3HELEY & CO. Who!ea1e keenU Detroit. ForalobyEberbach t Co, and R.W. Ellisk Co, sSweet Quitóme' Cversus Bitter. [ A - y Forlho followlng REASONS SwceW Quinxnt shoukl replace the old forufoT Jlitter Qíiininc. I 'X'iriliiulnlnr U wahrastki) nMirinally í'.'cílíca in clfcct "vith Bitier (i ine. weet Ims NONE of Ulo c se and persLunt bittcryicss oí common Qi uinu. Kweet ÍQulnliic ís niailo from I' ruvian liuii only, tho sourcu of Bittcjr Qi huno. In SvXt itif iilnr the biltornoss ig rfectly cncH;akHl, but xuay bc iüktuntY,' do velomccl if clesirej. f Svreet i(ulnln wlU not sicken, aayocy billJ substunces ol'tcn do. wce-iuliilitr Ia rcailily taken, aild wlthoujthi leuat Ucsitatioii, by olduntVyoung. SweeuQiiiiiine entirely obviatcs tllUt uu OOSAuerable dUUlM wlilch chUdremlmve to BVtcr Quininc. Sveet Qululnr roijuin-s no elfxboraUl proliarulïun to takc, i r?aily lor instan, uao. Swtet Auinliie, 'n if ftcoabilit' and proipt effleacy, (ilsaboaea the 'jiublio lili d of much prcjuilitii acains! Qiíiiiino, anj uiiU Iho efforts of tlio intoAiycnt Pliulciun in iu utlministration. Sweit Wuliiiii costs ro more ihunl tho BiUY jLiinine. fwfft uinlne enn bo had at the í)ruj Slorls in two forins, viz : fluiil, toiTeonven'enco of familirs aiu I tÍM' onei-alpiiÜi licjUind alfiler, for uso 0 l'liysidna StiStns, Farr & 5O., y] lWtfCTURINGCKEMISTk ' Vew vosii. X X. For Sale ly EberlMtob S Co., druggitt, 12fi4jl f I wIbSÉbbLd 1 -i.. ii. .t leti to n-fontj jrou, rAder,that Dr. Winfitirfui , or any oiher man , has (lbicoverej & reincly that cure CsaaumpUoil, when tlio lunga art; huif eoofiuroed, in hUort, wijl oore al] :í-m-.-s wbathorof mimi, lif)d or estat, inuke nitn live foroTer, anil leavp loatli to pla for want of woi'k KSd is A&AgÜQÜ to mivke our Huülunury npborc a bitnfu 1 Paradia to wliirli HiTD lUelf sbftll be but ftSfdeshr.v Yu licnrd t-niMiph uf tVmt liinil of luiuibiiffíryHut when I teil fou tlmt Dr. ?age'fl Ctrrh ILhikmIv tetü potitircly curt. (He w.r-t OAt'iu of Oitarrh in tin Hcal, I only anm-rt tlmt rbloh thusatids eau testitp no. I wlll }y $51)0 rí-w.U'l for i raso tlmt I eaunet -ur. a ptmphivt K'ivinu' sraiptonu nd otbof Lnfor mation Hunt free to nny aMrs. 'ÏU rcmodyia SUI.D Bi. MOST DIÏUGGISTS I.V A IX I'AKTS OF THE W0H1.D. Price 60 cents . Sint by mail, p.;sfp!'l , on roceipt of sixly cci)ti, or (ourpackee for two dolían. Uenare if eounterftitg and worthles imitations. See t lint tüy Siamj, wliich is a poíitlve gunrautcR of (on uiruMicxK upon tlir Oütuttfö wrippef Hon mber tliat tliifl private itiiuij, lOO3 bv ihf UDlfitdSlAtfl (íovernment, nxpressly for stamping my me(!tcine haa mv portrAtt, nnme an"1 atMrpus, am] t :i e woriln U. S.Certifii:ate of Genuiiiftnch;," enjrrftvetl tipon il an.l oeed not bo mistaken. Pon'! be w-indlel bv truvcler ttnl ofheri repitseotlBg (hem s Al ves h rr. Sajre ; I am Iho n y nmn n.w living tltat kas tb e knowledge and liu'Iit, tr inonufuciure (imuineTir. SfT'iCtfcrffc RemeJy, and 1 nevt-r trr vfl lo iel] thfl medicine. R V. FÏKHCE,M. D. 1J3 Seneen trtct, líutfalo, H.T. 1300 Finest Assortment of Toilet Goods in the City, by


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