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JUST EECEIVED WM. WACNER'S, A Largo auü Choico Stock of FALL AMD WINTER GOODS, [NOLI MM; OLOTIIS, CaSSTMEREíS, VESTINGS, &C. ilAtSST 3TYLKS AND B88T QUALlTiEt W1IICH UK VII.I. MANUFACTURE on ttrmt to tuit, and in the lm of READY-MADE CLOTHING AND Gents' FÜRNISÏÏING Goods. BE3ST O T Y 3L. ZC 5g AU e LADIEtfendOENTfl MOROCO O SATOHELS No.21 South Mala Strnot- Eaai alde. CALL AND SEE THEM. WILLIAWWAGNEK Ann Arl.or. Fept. 1870. Mortgage Sale. DTvFAT'LT Imvinv' 1w-''i] made in the coixlition of a córtalo tnortg&ge execnted ly Antlrew Service and Mary Service, bis wlfe, of the town oí Shnr on, in the Connty of Wasbtenaw. and Stnte of Hlcbi:-iii. to Varens II. Rowp of the saine place, on ttaa twenty-flfth day of September, A I icGr, and rero-rlcd in the offlee of the li L'i-tcr of Doeds for BaJd Coiuity of Washtenaw, od the 26th day of September A.D. 139fi. at 8clocfe A ofsaid day, in Líber í!4 of Mortgacs on pape 221 , whlCÏl tiïiirt mort■ ■ öuly nssifrned by wid Maren II, Rowe to Samnel Cnshraan on the "th day of Pebrnary,A. I). 1808, aufl re onled 'ii rh iith dïiy of Efabruary. A D. lfiCS,at lOo'clock A-M..ln Lïberl of Asslgninente of Mortgagffi, on pajre609, nrtl asaln assigned by S:miiu'l Coshmftn ioUlrnm Hisb of Bharon. '"otmty :tii(l Stftte ftforef aid, on the Ï8tn flay of December A. o i - b, and recorded In the office of the Regtoter of Doeds of PMid Couniy on the2ftthdaj ofOecember. isri1 , in Liher No 2 of Autgn menta of Morrajree on pnjre W, whtnh pald mortpaife waa acaln wwlirDcd by aid Hiram llii;l) to Luther Jamo?, of theolty of Ann Arbnr. Cnonty afoKsaId,on ihe iifth day of June, A. I. 166 and recorded In the office of the líejíiHterof Dot'd foFKiid Connty, on tin twentj day of November. A n I8T0 atlOJí o'eloek A. M. in'Liber 2 nf Avslgnments of Mortfrnjtee, on pafte ii.-,: . and thatthere Ib clalmed tobo dne ftt the dute hercof the snm of onc thonnnd and twontytwo dol Ia re and twentj-throe "cente, alao an Au.-'fnyV (eë of twenty flve dollar ih uld any prooodlngfl bo linfi tu !i.ri - 1 ■ e the name, nnd forthor Int talmente to become dno on eïd inortffafte, nnd no snit. er pro ceedinci at Uw or In eqotly havinjr been had to re cover the debí Mcnred bv eaid mortgflffe or any par thereof: Notlco le hereby giren that. by virtuo o tbr power of sale in sa!d mortga$recontfllned. ! Bhal pull nt piiblir lUKtion to tb" blffhbet bidder ontb fbnrth day of Maren, 1). Í871. at 2 o'clock in the ttftemoon of that day, at the front doo of the Court House ín the CHy of Ann Arbor, In th Connty -f Washtenaw. nnd state of Michigan, th premteei tleecrlbed In ia ld mortgao aa. uil thou eer tain plecefl or parcela rf laod descrlbed ni followg to wit : The wost balf of the tontheaat qnartero Heetten tw' utv-tivc. and tbe e st tliird of the e as hali' of tho touthwest quiirter of eoctlon twenty-ftv in town three oath or range three east; alsu th sontheast quartor of the &mihu-tKt qunrtcr of euc Hon ïiumbci thirïy one in townahfp intmbcr thre bontli of raase number fonr aast (excep-'lng on arc heretofore so'd o .Jacob Scheble) ííj Connt of Waebiohaw, and state of Michlgnn, accordlna t the UnUed States 8nrvöy, contaiomg one hundrec and forty nine neres tbe same more or less. Datcd, November "ík ist;, LUT1IEU JAMES, Assignee. John N íjOtt. Attoirey for A8ÍL;nce. 12flí) Mcrtgaíe Sïile. DEFATJLT havlng been made in the conditlon o a certain mortgagA.contatnlns tbereln a po we b roken, mude by Charles Chan dier and Eliza Chandler. his wifo. of the vlÜaseo ('lint i). in the Cfrinty ofLenawee, and Staten Michigan, to Phillnda C. Chandler ot the ara place, bfarin ' f'.nU' the fonrteenth day ofNovembei eiL'hteen hundred and ílxty-lhree, upon cyrtñii i.iiids desciibed In eaid m rtgafto aa baisgtb southeast qnarter ofacctlon nnmber thlrty-tnrc fii:t;, in tow. .shlp number four (4j soiith of rang n.iiiilii r lonr (4) east, contato Ing one hnndrod an .Ixty acres of land, more or lef if and "asbelnj sltuated In the townsbip of Brldirewater, in th County of Wfifhtcnaw and St:te of Michigan1 to se cure the payment of the urn ofeïïht hundred do! lare in font ycarp from date, with interest payabl mnually on the same nt se ven per cent. per ai: nu in ami provldtag In case of non payment of tl: est it should become prlnctpal . and draw interest the mtf afcu'c.iïiid, Jind pifovldlne also Ftr the pay im;nt of th snm of twenty-live dollars as an Atlor nt'y shpald Jiny proceedlnaS be taken to foreclosc the same, which mortgflse, wíth sach power of sale was duly recorded in the office of the Rpfflatero Dct-daoi the Coanty "f WiwJitenaw and suite o Michigan, oothflOth day of December, A. D.1868 atláodo-jk l'. M, In liber 31 of - . i page" fcí-59, by the nou-payment of the wholo amount of tho priuclpal sum , with the Annial interest thereon since the flrst dy of September, A. 1 1805, and the amount claimed to be ene thereon at the date of thls notlce belng one thi -1---VI1 I and stxtyflve dollarr and Aftt-en cents, ($l,06ft,16J for prtndpal and iiiicrcst, toseLher with tUu i?aid snm f tweuty-flve dollar? as snch Attoroey fe , and do solt or proceedlng havlng been Instilo tea at law to recover the dubt secured by said mortgage, or -iiiy part thereof ; Notice is hereby plvnn that on Sfiturday, the 2.'ith d.ïy ol Ftbripirr, A. I). I8T1, at ten o'eïock in the f irenoon of tlint day, at the south door of th" Court Ho im'. In the City jf Ann Albor, withln and for the iui l County of washto&nw CtbAt bel Dg the place of holding the Circuit Court ftlihfn the County in which the premisos to be soldare bínate), snid mortgage wijl be forectosed by a salo ol the mortgaged premf'es above dérlbéd, or some part of tbetn. at public aucÜOD, to the higndst bidder, Air cash, to satfafy the amoiintdueon said notöand mortgage at the date of tlii.s notire, with the Interest thereon, and tlie costs, fee-, aadcxpenRes provided for ín eaid iuortgae.nnd thostí ahowt'l by law Datcd, Ana Arbor, November, '21 Kt. Ï87O. PIIILINDA C. CUANDLBR, Colman & Rooi, Mortjragee. Atty'sfor Mortgasee. 12Ö8 Alortgrtgo bale. DEFAt'LT haring been made in the cnndition of a .curta i u toortgage. excuted by Willïajn Mol [i'iiknmp and Mury Mollenkamp. of the towashlp ol Sharon, Coanty of Washtenaw. nnd State of Michigan, on the (Wenty-tfftK d:iy of September, A. D. 1800 to Lnther Jjmee, of the City ol Ann Arbor Coünty aforeaaid.and recorded in t hu office of the Register ol'Deeda fur sald Couüty "I Wwhteffliw, on theSthdny of Febrnary, A 1). ls;o, at 5 o'dock 1' M. of nald day, in Librr 42 oif Mortgajiefl, on pág 'Mi, and that therela claimed to be due at tbe latt hereol t'n ■ nuni of elven (in ad red and twunty-oiu dollars and eighly-eignl cents, also ai Attorney's fee of ftfty dolía rs nhould any proceedlnga be Iml to foreclose this niortgnge ; and no salí or procedups at ]:iw or in eqnlty havincr been had to recover the debt eociircd by eaw mortae or any part thereof : Noticels hereby (fivcn that. by virttie of the power of sale in eaid fncttt&tlfffi contnlnul. I ahall tcll at public aactlon to the blghee; bidder, on the foarth day of March next, at '2 o'clock in tho afternoon of thnl tl:iy. at the front door of the Conri House in the City of Ann Arbor, In tlie Counf oí VatiU']i:n'. and State of Michigan, the premi scb descrlbed in bhW murtgage as. all certiün pleces or parcelfi of tand deacrloéd n foliows, to-wlt : Be log the west halt' of the sontheast qnacter of Kcctlon QDinber twenty fivv. fexccptintr live ïcren in the southeogt corner heretofore solo to O.M.Fellow and tbe eaftt tblrd of the oaflt half of tho soathwesl qnaftec of eectlon N. twenty five (2b) in towosbip mnnbor three nouth of ratij;i itumbt'r thrée east; also the southcast qnarter ofthc (otJthweetjiiiuiterofí'ection nuinber thirty-one fflli In townsblp innnber three sou th of ranee íhiihIht four east, (ëxceptlng one acre her -tofore sold to Jacob ScbebTej In the Coanty of Wattitenáw arld State of Micinirnii. accordinc to the CToIted. Stutea earvey, coDtalning one hu nat cd uid forty four acres of land, mororlcasIiated, Nov. S, 18T0; LÜTHER JAMKS, Mortgagee. Joun N. Gott. Attorney for &lortgsgvd IÍM Mnrtprtge Sale DBFÁÜLT havlng been made in the condltloa of a raortgage ' exeented by Paniek O'Keeff and MaryO'Keoff hls wlft to Loster Latlmer, dated Augoíi itih.A.n ÏSflfl and recorded in the He0leti-r's office for Waslitoiiaw Couiitj, Michiirnn, on the isih day oJT August. A. ]). 1608, in Mber :;s of mortlagea ob papo -tT1. . iv wiitch defaalt the power of sale coiitftined m saïd mortgago becamB opefauve and no proceedfnge In law or fiuity havin? been ín BÜtated to recover the debt secured by satd morteftge oiaiiv part thereof, and Lhtfsnm of two hondred and forty-five aud ÍS-100 dollars beïbg ow cUdmed to be due npon sald morteage ; oijc.. M therefore berebj s'V(in timt sald mortfrntie will be forccloped by a sale of the premfset described In tM lubrtgage, or po me part thereof, to-wlt : All of the followlnc descrlbed land sitnat d in the t'lty oi' Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the north side of Hurnn River viz : corumenciuï; ou Üir easl slde of Traver Ptrect or fnttlo rond aa il bl markod in n n mp of Ann Arbor made by 1. A. PaCtlhone iti 1814, u thfl uortheaet corner of a place of land formerly belongint: to Dwiht, Kellogc, and known M ïlu' Clark U1 : Inenco eaBtéxty 'it ngbi aogles witb sftld'etreetorroadon the uortn line ofeaid Clark lot six rodn ; thence norlbcrlv parallel wlfh eaid Btrcet four rod ; t henee wenterïy poraTJel with Raid flrst Uds Biz roda, to aald eïreet: tbeace Bontherly along Mie onpt linf ofcafd Street fbur ru's to the place of beglnnlnjr, beina the lame premitea conveycd toHíitd Pstrlck O"Kceff by Pairlck Donovan and wifï-. by deed, dated Pebrnary 2Bth, lu, nt pttblic vt'iHluc, nt the Court Honse, in tin; City of Ann Arbor, In taid County.on the IStli day of Ffbruary next, at nooñ. Datcd, November 2l8t, lTi LESTEÏl LATIMER, N. W. CnKKTitR. Attfy. 1207 Mortgtgeo. DEOPLE'S DRUG STOxíjíí R, W. ELLIS & CO. A.1ST3M A.REOH Mortgsfíe Sale. ["j6FATJLT havtag boen taaie iu th oondlMon of n I ' certatn mortgage executett bj BdwafVI Ryan, of iqrthltold, Cormty of Washhtenaw ano sute, of Mkíiílmii, toWillfmnS. Bsrry, of the same p'ace. ni ih' Wat flayof .u!'n-t. A.D. 181, and fecorded ti office of the Register of Pee a forsuid County )l' ':'i.ici:'iw. i. ii the fohrth dav of Decraibe A. . 1808, :u Uve oí loo i'. M o! BBld day, In líber BT if innrtL':iLr'-', mi pajre 848, whlch said tttorlgaxe wa dnly aseigned byaalrl Wllllam S. Barry to Lu her Jamos, of tha cit.v of Aun Arlior. i ounty and Hato aforeaald, on th fon lili rlay .-t December A and recorded In the olBce of the Register of I Deed lor aald ouniv of Washtoni w, mu tbe fonrth day of December. A. D. 18Jfl, al i o'd ck I' M f a '■■' .,"'- i :: i. and that there I dnlmed to be doe at tli ■ d le h reof tbe smn of one thon and and eighty iilncdalltrs nd twi'iuy niic cents, alao niï attoruoy fee of Ihltty do] lare afiould anv proceedlnea be had to foredose the samo, and fnrihor Inatatlmenta rn become dneon iaul mortgage, and no aalt or proceedl - ;ii law pr In eqnHy uiivtng been hnd to reooTer the dubt bccured by h;ií1 morlgaso, orany partthareol : Notici' ím horeby rtvi ti t!iiit by virtno of tho power of ale in gald mortgage contnlned, i phull aellat hniiiir .ur t iho iiii hoi bidder, nn the eleventfa oayofMai hA D. í twoo'clock In Ihe noos ofthat day t front do r nftheConri Honae, lo the city of Aun rior. in the Connty of Waahlennw aml State of Michigan', thc premlsesde. scribodln aid inorrgage. as all thnse certain piecéa or pareéis of land deacrlbed aa followa towlt: i :■ v.tsi balf of Uie northwoftt onarter . f sectlnn twen ty-i'iirlK. and f or oro. f the eaut half .f tbe n rthwest qtmrtcr nf sald aectl n, doeded ny ■atd party of the flrat part t" raid party "f the nee'íxl part. nllb'iiiL' n t wnship nf K'iith c' eix eart, In ssitl tnwntbip "f v rthflcld, i the C unty i r Waihtonaw, Btate uf Mlchi' as Dated, Dec, lsth, 17 1. LÜTHRn JAMES, Assiguee of suid M rljcagc. Johv N. Oott, Attoraey Cor AsBlgnet 130 Morttrnfio Sale. DKFAn.T havlogbeen mudo in the condltion ofa certalu mortgage execntrd by .Jo.c-pii w Walt, or the City or Aun Ari.ur. (, ty f Washtenaw and State of Michigan to James Twadwell. of the tounshlp of Aun rhor, Ooniitv and State aforeaald on tho aeventh day of July A. i. im;?, and recordad Inthc Register'! office of the Connty of Washtenaw. on thc-aeveoth day of Joly A. i. i.v; at'U o'clock P. m.. In lihor ■■ of mortgage, on 454 and thatthercle clauned to be une at the date of tnla l the min of four bundred an.l .ixlv-nino íhíl. Wir and twenty twocout, alioan Attorney1 fee of tinaón dollara ahooM ny proecedlnea betabnto fon-. 'Iom' f-ai.l m_"rtv'n(!i', ar.d no proeeedinga at law or in equltj havliig been hnd to recover nald sum? ot money or any uart thereof.i Now, thereror, ootlce la herel-y glren thatby vlrtw o( a power of nulo in pid morig igi ntalncdf I hall solí iit pnbllc auction totho h hefl btddvr on the lSih day if Pebrnary, A. 1). mi, 'it 'J o'elí k i'. M. of .nirl day at tbe (rom door ni the Cmirt Ilonse, (belng the place wbcre the Circuit Conrt r.r thc Coonfyof waahtenaw aforwaid la held), tbe follow iii" deacribed piocesor pareéis of land sltaated in thc City of Aiin Arlior. and descrlbed a followa. to-wit : BefiglotsNo one.two and tbree, in bloekidx, In Brown Kuliorv Idditlon totlic Vlllage of Ase Arbor : aleo ohhl r((ls síjiin.-e of land lying north and adjolninff p-iíd block alx, and fronunfEónPontlac ftrtict; alao 8 plece of land adjolning paid loieeas-terly, and hslnp niño rods and six links in length and foor rodtfln wldth, and adjuiuin thc uortliliue of jald block six. Hatud, November Ï3d, IS70. JAMES Ï1.EADWF.I.L, Mortungce. John N. Goi r. U'.i? Attorney for Mortygageft. Mortgage Sale. DEFATJLT liivíntr been made ir thc condltion of a certain mortgage ezactited by Dorliskn N. Orepory and Edgar M. Oragory ol the'city 01 Anu Arbor. Michigan, to Enocti Jumes of the sama lneo on tbe lir.-tdnvo' October.A, . ose thoníand elitht bmi' (Iro.l and elxty tbree.nnd reoorded in the office ofthe Register of Deeds for the Connty of v.ihtenav and State aforewiid. on tbe m'tii i!.V ofOctoher, A. D lS3,at T:20o'cloík P. M.of aaid day In líber M of mortgfleea. i.ü"o :í;,m. whlch Mld motaire was dnly ed by sald Bnocn Jame to Hem v I. James, ..f Wllllamebnrgb, Maefachusetts. nn tne 'onrteenth day of Varch. A. D. 1885, and recorded In theofllce ol thc Reeiater of Deed fot uüd Connty of Washtenaw( on tne 2d day of November A.l) l'7o, :tt ;i t o'clock A M In fber 43 of morttragea, page 2 oí which said niortaEage and bond accompanylng the aarae'. there Ís claimed' to be dtie at tlis dateofthla notlce the inm of nlnetwu hnndred nnd rlve dolían, also an Attomoy'. feo of.flfty dollara abooldany dlnga be taken to foreelose th! same, anduo sul! orproceediDg in law or cqiiity havinj; beeninstitnted to recover the dabt or any part thereof: Notice i hereby glven thut by virtno of the power of tale Ín síiid mortfaee comalned, 1 shnil aell at public auction, to the hlgheal bidder, on th" llthdayof Febraary, ncit, atiwo ColockP. M ofsaid d;iy,at the frontdoor f !::c Court Honse. In ti; City of Aun Arbor. in sid ('ounty ol VCaehtenáw. the pr' m lees dcacrlbed lo sald mortguire, as: All that cer ■■ .ir pare 1 of land sltnate and b Ins in the City of Aun Arbor. in the Connty of Waáhtenaw, and State of Michigan known and descrlhed aa follows, to-wit: J.ot nnmber nnc in block No. one north of Hnron atreet, 1n range two, aecordlng t. the recqrded plat ofthe villftge (now city) of Ann Arbor belng all thoae premiosa known as the Monitor Moto] property. November 2il, tSTO. IIF.XRV L. .TA MES, Asslfmee of sai;l Moitj.'ni;o. John N. Gott, I2'.t(i Attorney for Assiguee of said Itfortfrage. Mortgiige Sale. DEFAl'LT hXTing beni made in the condition of a certain mortgage rundo and execiited by DorIwka N. Qregory anrl Bdgar M. Qregory, o( the city of Ann Arbor, in the CoDnty of Waahtenaw, and State of Michigan, to I). Jttroea on the twenty tblrd day of Aogaat 180i2and recordfld the same day at -" o'clock V. M .. in Uber 'ju of mortgagea pae '7ó and thAt thert la now dne and onpald on nud mortgage and obltgatlon accompanyinjc the game, the auni of one bnndred and one tj LOudulli to bocome due, two thousand dollars and internet at the rato of ten por cent. per anmiiü, somi-aiinuaily. fr')in the 2Sd day of Angnsl 1 .s-t. on the twentythlrd day of Angnat, 18T2t alao a reai?onable AttoVney's fee shold any taken to forenjosc h' aame, and n- proceedlngs at law or iu eqnity havmi? been had to recover the sane. orany pan tnoreof ; Now, therefo're, notlce is horeby giv en, ttiat by virtne of a power of Mie in Mtd mvrl gage coutained, I anall sjbU at public auction to tb Elghest bidder, on the. twenty-Brat day of Janoar; next, at 2 o'clock P. M .f s-iiil day, at tiie fr ntdoo' ofthe Conrt House, iu the city of Ann Arbor, i unid ounty, all that errtuin tract or parcel of lam known üiul descrlbed a3 followa, to. wit. Lot No one, bluck nuinoer une north. In range two cast. i the city of Anu Arbor, in the Couutv of Washtenaw and B.ale of Michigan. Dated, October 23d. 1870. LYMAN D. JAMES, MortiWRce. Jou ïï. Goit, Att'y. for Mortgagee. lïtl Mortgago Sale. DEFATLT having beeu made In the condltiona o a certain iüdeuture of mortsfage, executed b Aognetua Hond and Ilattie M.Bond. his wlr'e, to David Brown, bearlng date the nineteeuth day o Oetober. A. 1). 1804 and recorded in tbe office of tb Register ofDeoda for the Oonnly of Washtenai and Btate uf Micbigaa, iu Ii0er88ol mortajies, on paiie dö, on the. twenty third day of November A. D I8M, whlch mortgage was aaslgned by aic David Brown to James T. Morton, by written aaagn ment, beiir'n: iluto Pebroary Otn, isö,-, and re cordod in Hber 'Z of raortgairea, on page 2'.tS iu Buld Keglatek'd ónice, ou the fourteenh du1 of February, A. D. 18 5, by whk-h delault tin power of sale contained iu eaid m rtg; ge lm become operativo, and uo miit or proceediog a law or In enancery having be.-n lnathnted to recove thu amouut due on suid inortiage, and there belnj non claimed due on said mortgage ai:d note accoui panylng the same, the sura ol Beven htimheil am twenty Kwo dollars and twonty ix conts. a woll us the furthor gum of llfteen htindred dollara with in torest froin October lath, 18T0, aecnrsd and to becom due on suid mortgage. and aln tho furtlier Burn . ftfty dolldr as an Attorney fee 'ii thi fbreclosore i'xprt-'gsÏY greod t be piúd in and by said morfgagi as often aa any proceeding la taken io forecl'te thie mbrtgage, t-ithur at law or In Chancery ; Noiiee is horoby given, that aaid m rtgae wilVbe (orecloaed on hlonday, the twenty-aev eiith duy of Uarch iiuxt, at ten o'clock IE the forenocn of said day, at the aouth door of the Conrt House, in tbe City of Aun Arbor, in saii Connty. (sala Court House beiiijj the place o holdlbg tbe Circuit Court for the lounty o W-ashtenaw), by a tale at pu lic aution, to the hihest bidiier. of the premisea dasrribed iu eaii mprtgage, or so mach thereof as ehill bc necessarv to satisiv tho amouut due on eaid mortgage witïi rea-onablecoets and expenses, aud the interest on üaid mortgagc, together wlth an Attoruey lee o flfty dollars providrd for In sa.d mortgage. and mbject to the payment of tbc further aam of flfteen Uundred dollars wiih the interest ibero n trom October ïüth. 1S71, yet to become dus tberoon,' whlch mDrtzaged prmlaes are deacrlbed In said mortsage aafollows: All thoae certain piecesor parcela of land situated in the townshlp of Salino, in tht Coonty if Washtenaw ar.d state ofMlchigiin, dexiü.o.i as followa, iz: theaóathwestqnarierof sectien tMonty-onc in township four Boutli and rang tivr euu, ín tho statt of nichlgan, exceptlng t.-i f res on fron Üie avJ side tboreuf; also twent] aerea off from tbe north end of the cast ha!f of the northweat quarter f aectlon twsnty-elght, and top acrei off frnrn the n nh end of the west half of ttu west balf of the northeaat quarter ofaection twen elght; all In tcmnablp f arronr scuth and ranga five oast. and contalulng in all one hondred acdolght) uqrea "1 Ijiud more r losa : whlch two lasr deaenbet párcelsbave been dlicharged from saiil mortgage and wil] not le aokl by virtne thereof ander thU notlce. Uated, December 2sth, I8p, JAMKST MORTON, Asi'uee of .Mortage. Colman, Root & Kinnk, Att. meya lor Assiuee. 1302 Mortgagre Sale. DEFAULT havipjr been made in the condition of acortaln mortgage executed by Lllen Bnel of cifv of Ann Arbor, Connty of waahtenaw and ïrate of Michigan toMartfnuaL. Shutts Hnd Horac C; Dicktnaon, of Waahtenaw 'ounty and State of llchïffau, i.n tho tliird day ol'May in tho yearof our ,ord on.' thonaand liu'iit hnndred and saty-aaven, trtd rocorded In the ofllce of tbe Regl"ter of Doeda or -aid 'ounty of Waahtenaw, on the 4th day of Muy. a. 1). iii at '". (.'oook A. M.. In Hber 80 of HO" tgngei1, page 480, whlch said mortgaeewaa aeL'iii'd by Iloraro K. DlckiSSOO to Marfüitis f.. Shutts iri the Brat di.y of June. A. i. 18 7, and recorded in 2 of asslgnmenta of mortgages, on the '7th ,ny of November, A. D. 1S7(, at il o'clock A M. on 851 . and agaln aaalgned hy Uartlnna L. Hhutts to 'arm Donclan, on the lStb day of September A. . 1807 and rooorded in the otlii'e of the Keglater of loedsoiiihe Ktb day of November, 1). '870, at o'clock a.m. , in ■-' of aHtgnment ofmortsa. ep. on paire 039, and that thcre is dalmcd to be clue t the date beroof the au in ..f live hnndred and aeVnty-seven dollara, alo au Atlornoy v fee of twenty vcd.illars ihonld any proeeedinga be had to foreh)so tiiis mortgage, nnd no snit nr proeeedtnga fit aw (ir in cquitv havinfi In-on hail to rocovor thi debt eenred hy nald mortgi ee orany pari thórrof: Noc f hereby L'ivi n. thal by virtno of the power of iir in said mnrtL'age contalñed, I stl aeltat pabilo lirtlon to tho bicheo! bidder, on the tweny-üfta day f Febrnary. A. 1. 1S7I at two o'clock In thc oon of tlint dav. at the front door or the Court ' [onse. In theClty of Ann AThnr. In the Conntyof ,'axhtoiKiw and State of Michigan, the premlaea ' ;ribo.d in saldmoKgage. as! Alltbat rortain iiioitt! r p'iivol t)f land pituato in the ( ily of Ann Arbor, I 1 Connty and StatéaforeaaM, and known andcltv:rlbed aa followa to-wit: Lot nnmbor rhirteon in lock number two (2; north of range Koi fonrteon lyi ín theeaatern adnition to the City ol Ana Arbor orraerlyYlrïage ) Pated,'Novemberl8th 1R70. LOUISA 3 TICKNOR, .Execulrix of the Lnxt Wlll and Tciïtamont of Darius IXntgln, ÖeC. John N. Oott, JiUomot &' ' Eentria. MortgRge Sale. WHEEK8, defauït Sas been mndelo theeonclitloos of ;i (■■rtaiii mortgage made andexecuteil by Mary E. Kuckman and SÏlas C. Ruckman her busband, t Ch&ries - iriug date the ofOctoW A. h. 18t, and recorded ii. th i fice of Ihe Register of D edi Forthe Conuty oí' Wattatcnaw and Stiftte Oi Michigan, in Libcr furtyonu Mi; ol Mongueen on pae lonr hnndred und of net V tin ■ ■' i'i: : mi sëcond da y oTV bruary . A. M 18. Q: And whereas there rvmuina doe and onp,-ii(l in baIo m ' he som oí three hundred and ■ twwity bine dollars and fortyntne cenu '.■: ■.'.-:'.,. ; :tuii w heien no suft or procecdlng eltber at lawor ■■■. aas been Inetitnred to recover ihe sameor :iny Mrt thereofi Now, therefore, notlce is hereby ülvenlhatbj viftnu -r the power ofsald In said , mortgaife contalned andbvvirtne of the statate ín ', su h ciuwi m:i(!" and rovldud, i lt il] aell t public ; anctton t the hlgnet bidder, on Batnrday, the ty fltth (■::- . d ji Pebruary, A. D, UTl, atthchmir ' of twiiu'ivKk in tiic afteruoon ofaald day, at the ooierdoor ufthe Ülr all Coart Ruotn f the Coanty ol Wnhtenaw, In the Citv of A nu Arbor County aforusaid the premlie depcrlbed in sald morí or au thereoí M muy bfl neceerary to sattsfy the Jim ainth iiow doe or to become dno on taid mortgage at the dnte of thta notlcei togetbef with Uielnterest whlch ihaU bare acerned thereon, an Atorneysftfeof fifty TfiP} dotiara no. in said mortgage provldedi In case proceedjLagi be taken to fore Ciow thtütame, and the costa, cborgea and expenses allowed by law, and provided (o In eafd mortgage. The deacrlptioaEor aald premlaea ís :is fo%i ■■..-■■: v;i the followlng descifbed premlsea, .-itimted in t lic Cou tj of WaehtoiMw, and State f UlohJganttO' wit: thi west ooe-balf (w l; of the norlh-wesi inie-qimr'cr'ii w ïofcectlon m-vrn (1) t-wo four C4 .-outh of range foor eaH, oonittiolng tliirtvncres. AUo all Umi part or the weel hall" of the aouth-east qoartef of aeCtion number onu tl), tn lownshfp nnenber four (4 soath of raage tnree ('') ?& fouthwest of tho River Raieln anrl iiorth of the 8allne rond. contaioing obont elRhi acres, said properly betn conrered i siliif i :. Rut brmah by James Pennimmi. by deed dated Norembei1 26th, A. V. isvi iiiul recorred In Llbvr unmber thirty&ix of [cu(l. page 8t4 in the Reglsterfl ottce for the Coanty "f WaaatPiuM and st;it; of Michigan. Paid property to be sold, aobjt'ct to the pftym ot of the (um of three hflndredaod flfTl-100 dolían C8W.T1J and Interest fromOct. 90, iüa.buiuL' furüar iuitaUmests due on aniel mortgage. Dittetl. Dcc. 1, 18TO 12ïS (Ml M'J.KS KELLOGG, Mortgagee. Cbaitoery Sale. IN PÜRSUANCK and by virtne of a decree of the Circuit Court fr the County of Waahtenaw, ín (Jhiuiccry, made on the twenty-elghtb day ai Septerabur( A. D. 18T0, in the cnec whereln Hanuah Loufse Snckctt Is complainant. ftnd Solomon Van John C'islcMo and K' iran CuetulJo art; defendants ; Notföe U bereby giren, thai I hall sell at public aiiction, t the hlghest bidder, on Sfttnrday the twenty-elghtb lay of Janaary next, at (bleven o'clnck A. M. of saidday. atthe front "r south door of the Court 11 ome in tho Cïty of Ann &rbor - In the Coontj of Washtenaw, lu the State oi aiichlgao,the folio win g dewrlbed real estáte to-w!t: Tlt-: sonthwest qoarter of the roöthweet qaartu of seotton oumber two (8i thr sontheaat qaartei of the aoutheat quarter orsectlon oamber three (%} : the uortheast qnarter ■( the northeaai qnarter oi seciton oninber ten Cioj ; the northweet qnaTtcr of the florthwest quarter oi scrriim nnmber eleven Ol). rll in township ntnnner one (1) south of ninie nninber tour (4; eit, con: taiuiug on bacdredaud slxty acres more or les, and the north half oi theaouthwest qaarter of the ftotttheasi quoTter of seotlon nnmber eieren fu J in lowiiflhJp one Oj wuth of range four i,4j east, coniatutnu twfnty acrevmore ir leas the whole conatltattuff n farm belng In Waehtenaw County anrl State of KfchlgaB Dated, Aun Arbor, Decemlirr Ifith, A. 1. 18T0, SIBLEt ( TAYLOK, One of the Circuit Coart Commuteloners for Waahtenuw ('uunly, Michigan. E, C. ShavaKi Sollcltor for Complaiuant. 1 3'iowO Rfal Estáte for Sale. CTATH OF MICHIGAN, Conntj of Washtennw BS. ■ In the matter of the eatate oí' JobnGeorge Vol, deceased. Notie1 i heteby pivcn, thut in pnrouance of Hi) orrler rantod to thé undefdtgned Admiuistrator of the f-tate ol unid cecoaw.-d, by the Hun Judgeof Ptobate for the Conniy of Washtenaw, on the twenty-iecond day of September, A. l). 1870, there wfll be ioW at public vendne, to the b ten est bWlder. at the goifth dooi Of Uu; Court House in the ity of Ann Arbnr, in the ''minty ui' Waebtenaw iu faitl State ou Satarday, the twenty-first duy of Jauuary, A d.i-mí atien o'ciock In the forenoon of that hy, frnhjert to uil encumbra nee by mortgage or othj rwiíe exitin;: at the t me tf the dèftth deceaced, and nleo eabjuct to the rlght ofdwerof bis widow therclnj the follow ng deserfbed rea) estáte to wit: A parcel of tand deecribed hs c m mendng ;it fi poisi in the c ntör r the Eboi White road oa the west line f Bectloo thlrty, in ttie townsMp Of ApXl Arhor. and thirt en cbalQSDOrtb fnm ih' BOuthrWest corner ofaaid section, rnnninjj; thecci' Boath two and a balfdegrees weet thfrtMn chaina to the eonthwest corner of ftfljd WCtlOQ thirty. th-Micy uorth elchty se ven and a o uarter desrree.fl easl tweaityiwo chaina and eieren Ihiss, t henee north two and a half dèfffpe w8t etohteèn cbaSnfl and sixr.v threé lir.ks to the center of uld KNt BVbite rond cbence sonto scv - 1 1 ty tbree ana a half desreea weet along tb center o snfd road t the lace ' f bcglnnlnKi tnirty-four and 96-oo acres. Aleo a pleceofland begtBotng ?t the Dorth-%et corner of iêetton thirtyone, in the iom of Ann Ar hor, nnimng thenceeast alongtbe tectlon Uno forty fonr chama and fortytbree links tn a stake, thence sonth seven chalne and tliirty on Ifoks, thence wet forty fon r cliains and forty-three Unks. uorth Befen cbaioa and forty-flve linlis to thu place of beginning. contaltilng thïrty-two and 7S 10 acres. Also the -:iHt h.iif of the eat half of the sonth weft quarter oTsüCtion t'n, in towmbip three sottth of ranir'1 flvo eatU coctaln Ing forty aerea more or lesa Aleo twentjr acres of land lying oorth or th bfghwayi anti off of the west ide of tne et half f tht; nontbessf qnarter of gectlon twenty five. in township two south of range Lve east: all befnfffn naid Stut e of Michigan. Diitcd, December 6th A I 1870. tïO8 JOHN A. VOLZ, AdminfBtrator. Beal EHtate for Sale. STATE OP MTCÖIGAN, Counl y of Washtenaw, ps. In the matter ol the estáte of Wllllara v Qrant, (V.ceasf'd. Notlee i? bereby ivcn. ihat in porsaance of hu order granted to the nn(U'rtirner], Kxecut r of the e&tntc of c;iitl ilec'ftied. by the Iloa Jude of l'iohute for the Coiuity of W&bténaw,'on the tbird day of Jamiiiry, A, D. 1S71 there nül b suld at public venrlue, t the hirhe-t bidder, at All 0orte Kxchantic, in the viÜage of Dexter, iu the Connty ot Washteuaw in aald State, ou Tueday, the twe-nty-firat day of Fehr:uiry, A. D. I8TI1 al ton "'clock in the foreiiuun of that day fsubject to all t'iicuinbrance by morbcagi; or otti rmvg axUttng al Üio time of the deaih of ald deceasettj th foflowlng described real estáte. f-wit ■ I,ot Dlne In blotík nhu'teen ol the village of Dciter, in BaUl County ai d Stae. Dated. Juuuary 3tl. A. T) 1S71. 1303 GEORGE O. PAGE, Exccntor. Attaoriment. Notice. TN TÍIE CIRCUIT COURT for the ConUy of WnshX tenaw. Ellen Mead, plaiutifl', v. John Mead, dei fundaut. Noties i liereiiy l'Ívcii, that on the third day of November, A D. 18(0. h wrlt of aïtacbmont agafnut the goofla and cd itteí, tanda and tencmenïp ut John Mead, was iued out of the Circuit Court f r the County of WAshtenaw. in favor nf Ellen Ueftd, plalntin, agatnsC JoUn Mead, ilefendant, for the suni o tiix Imndrt'iï dollurr, umi ittnrnable on the sixth day of December, A 1. 1S70, at ten o'clock in the forenoon Dated, Aun Arbor, December '_'4th, 137 '. COIiUAN A i OOT, 1Bi2wO Atty'sfoi Plaintiff AtíHchmeTit Notioe. STATE OF MICHIGAN, The Circuit Conrt Tor ihe County of Washtenaw. Henry ■'. Hilfer juk! Cornelias ParsODs w UnrandoA rnTlvr andWilliam H. Harding. Noiioe i lu-rrby üiven that on the lïth day r Norember, A. o lato, a wrlt ui Attachment. w:is tMOed ont of aaid Court at the Kilt Of .aid Plalnttffa agatuat the land, tenement, euodu and cnatttew of said tlefendant, f r the fumnf iwo hand ml ami Pixty-feven Í 1100 dollars, which wrll was retnrnable November 2Stb, I8TO1 and returned not persona Ily serred. Uated, December -Ibt, A. D. 1870. JOSLIN & RLODGET, 13üIwG PlaiaiinV -Ut-rneys. C.)mmiss;oner8' No ie.f CTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahtenaw 9s. i The undorslgoed, bayiog bten appoiiufd by the Probate ■ ii rt of suid Connty", (.'■ mini Blovers to reccíve, examine and a-Just all claims and dcDiand" (C all p TSQD8 agftlnat the caíate of -John Mnsou. late i f -:ikl Oounty, deceasod, heréby give Dotten that nis in"iiths fn m date nrc Rtlowed by order "f n'u Probate C-urt. for (sradlton t present thcir claims ftfminut thé estufe --f saitl decea86d. and that tfu-y will mpot at the reaidence "f Aaron Chlldt, iu Anroeta, i.i Bftid County, on Snturdny, tho twentv ill'th day of Fcbrufiry, nnd Tiicsday, the twenttetb Báy oí Jniie next, at 10 o'cl ck A . M. oí cach "f th se days, tu reGoiye examine ml odjast snicicUima Iated, December BOth, A. J. 1870 1301 Jffií'SiN, }C- i. CornmissioDets' Ntice. STATE OP MICHIGAN C nnty of Weêhtenaw , sa The understned, havtng boen ïtpp Inted by the Probate Conrt ter aaid Cuauty. c oiiniaaloiierfl t reoelve, examine And adjnat fll claims and demandtii f ail pir"iis agalnst iha rstate of Ulrich K cder, laLe oi aiJ O'unty deceased, hereby give notice that six m 'ïiths i'rcm date' are alloxred, i order of snid Pro. Dfttfl (unt, foi credltors to pretest their in nis atfalDsltbe eatato of aald deceaféd, and that thcy wili meel at the retSdencè "f Aaron L. Felkmnpi in ttic towjuhlp f Saline, in satd CotuBty on Saturday. tip' twcntv-flfth day of Pebruary, and M nday toe Dtïieteeüth day i f June next. at V" otílcck A íí . -f eath of aafd daya, to receive, examine, atd adjiiKt sald claims. Unte.), Dwewiber I9tb. a d 18T0. I3o:w4 gar"'1 }c„mmisSi.,u,r, Estáte of Samuel K McMath. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, ConntyofWashtenáw, as, Notice is hereby gtvon, thaíliyan order of the ProbateÓonri fox ttusCountyoI Waabtonaw, made on tht' Mth (layof December, a. i. I87O ix months from tiiíit date were aUowfd foreredlton to prevent their claims aíraiwt tlv estáte f SaiuuelK McMath', late ofeaid ( onnty déceasedi, and ihataDcredftoraofaald wr. :!((] ri; ix'quircd lo prc'-nt tlicir claims to said Prooatö Cïinrt. at the Probate Office. 'ii tlt City of Ann Arbor. fbr ezamlnaüoii and allowanco on or bofore the twenty -eixih dny oí JuDB, ncxr, aiu hat nwi claims wtlloa board beforesaidProbAt -'ourt, on Satnrday, tiie èlnvmtb day of March, ai Aüiidajt tho clay of -'uih1, nest, n en ocfock iu tht! Torewoov ófeacb of thóe days. Dated.Anu Arbor. December 'Cth .. 1). is:u. HIRAMJ. BEAKES, 1S02v4 Suáge of l'robatc. Estáte of Ltvi liishop. OTATE OF MICMGAN, CuQntvof Waihtenaw.SB Notice is hereby gtveu . that ïy an ordsfoftbfe 'robatt Court for the Conoty of W ashtenaw, made i t!u' niiH-iciMith day of Üw'ember, A. P. 1870 eix montlifi fTom Ihiit date were allowed for rreditorn to retent theír claims aiininst the éstate of Levi Uhop, late ofald Conüty, deceased, and that u rt'litors of'tald u-cciiscd ar? roqolrjra to present telr claims to öaïd Probftie Court, at the Probate ffloe, In the City of Ahii Arbor, tor examination and Fowauce on or boforo t he tweQtleth day of une ni'xt. bik] Hint sucii clatins wlll be beard befare sald ProbateConrt, (nTut'sday, the twenty-ilrsi d;iy of Itfarcb, and on Tuesday, cbe tvehttetb day of -f uno, next.atten o'clock in the CoftfflOOd ui cacli Of tlioc il:: vy. Dutctl.Anu Arbor, Dcccmbfr 7Oth. 1=:70. UIRAM J. JiKAKES. 1301 W4' Judtjeof Probate. GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO's forstrictly Pure Drugs and Medicines, Paints,Oils,&c.


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