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Estáte of George Sutton, 2J. STATEOPMICDIQAN.CointyofWMhteaáWM -7 At iiKCüliin of (he 1'io1);i(i('.ii;i! fnrlhí-n o, WirtM... holden ■ thc Pb?tí Offl4S"?S CftyofAnnAtW on Wdneday, th fourth d,,í,, i Hlrara J Benkc, Jndj; of Prohnte ín toe matter of thc estáte ofUcoreSmton m Incompetent. " n, nf i klJ.vm, Ourmli.m of sald estáte com. nto Gonrl and mrireMute iaat he U nawSSE5 ■ hit :ir tacconntasanch o.tnrdinn p rcd l'hereupon ll a Ordereil. t hal Monday.thAhlniMi. (luyoi. am. uy Inaunt. M ten Ccloeïlu the fr? dood, be Wdfor examlntngaXllorln.ini ".DÍttalthenextofklnofaaldlncVmMJi ■ berperadm lntred in ,„,1 .tate 1,1 wX'Mloapnwral H eselon of eald Coort tliníí bJTjoMcnat the Probate Offlce, In the c ' "t Jn Arbor. In MldOoimty, aml show cause, If auy tíí," the êaid account houM n?t bíáíowS! AihI [ti, hirther ordered that aaM Ouid& gtronotlce otlM parMpi fntcretd In .aid cs ,',? of the pendeney ofsaid accoont, and the heaí!. thereof. bv caojing f copy of thuj order L„"„,! ll.hedlntlie .1. .i,,,,,, .i,-,,.,,, neyípaper priSt and clrculattog la ;á(d Connty. "bree ,uïïih2 weeki previobt tu laldday of heartns ""mit f 'V;,r"ncó?-V-) ' íi'iíam jT'iíeakks 1J"J Judje of Probate. Estáte of John Peati. QTATFOFMICIiniAN.Oumy of Wa.htfniw . O Ataseaíionof th J'rubaic Court fr t hecf' ' oí WaBhtenaw,Aholdei. at the Probateoffl?eta?S OltJ of JLnn Arbor, on Satnrday, thc thir'ty ñ,.t PwentíHiramJ.Beakeí,JudgeofPrbat JMg! "er oftheataie of .Iulm 'pe,,,, of'Varwir' ALr Then-upon t is Ordered, that Monda), the thi, tleth day ..1 Januari „ext, „t ten o'clock rnlÍE 'o'enoon.bea.íUfuedforthehearingofealdpeUtlm aud that the al law of oald decea'ed, a"d ín oHierpcrsoua Interatted in said etate. aré reanlüJ toappéai at a sessloti ofsaid Court, then teb holde at the Probate I n, ■,., i„ the City of Aun Arbi? aml show canse, ífnnythere be, wlivthet'raTpr om,. petlUonortóoQM not hegrantefl: An,l it s?urtoe 'h' erdd,thatMld twUtíoner glve ootice to hSpenSí lntoreítedJn_aId late, of the pendeney ofi De t non the hearing Aereof, 6y cauelng ■ .i thfs Order to be poblished In the fcAa.Í?Et' newapaper prlntedand clrcnlatlng In ald Courh! threeancceealve weekspceTionj to said day of heiil fA .tr;ipcopy.j HIIiAM J.BKAKES, l808M Jndtreof Probate. Estáte of John C. Depew. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coiinty nfWaghtensw 1, k ;V '. ■ ■ ' ''o o! the Probate Conrt for the Conti pl Waslltenaw, holden at thc Probate OÍBce, in i CltyofAnn Arbor, .111 Tlmrsday, thc tw.rrtv nlnth day ol Dewmber, in the ycai one thousancl einht hundred and sereritr. ' Present. Iliram J. l5eakei-,Jndi;eof Probute lu the matter of the Estale of Johu C L'ene docertaetl. ' y ' ODreadiDgandniingthepetitlon, dnly vcrlfea .f Mary E Depew, Adminlftrotn, iayiiijr tht t,, niiiy I. lic. etl to Hl crtain real í.tate whfKof said deceai ed fll i seized. Therenpon it is ordered thal Thnrsday thi ninth day if Febrnary next, at ten o'clock'iii :t asigned for the liearini: of said ni tion, and that the hei al law of suid dcceawl aud all other persons intcresleil 11 said estala are r,-t,iirc(l to nppcar at a sesalon ol aii Conrt then tobehotdenal the Probare office in thcC'icyai Ann Arbor, and show canse, lfanythere be hviht prayer of the petitiouer should not bc grnnted' ilmi il UfurOier orderei, that said petltioner iti, ■ot Ice to tbe persone Interestedin wild estáte Ahí pendeney of 9a1d petiöon.and theheariuir thereof b? causlngacopy f this ordei to bc publfehed in tb Mwkigan trgiu, newspaper iriutedand circulntit, in sáld Oonnty, four anccewirr weeka previon t naid day of hearing, I1IKAM .1. BEAKKS A'r;,'"coPyJndceof Probttt, Estutc of J. pi.ilip Sclcnk. CTATKOK MICHIGAN, ConmyorWashtensw.iii ■n At nue-sion of [bc Probate Conrt for the Coumt of Wufhtt'iinw.holiK-n itt ihe Probate Office in the City of Aim .M-bor, on Firday. the sixtretemh diy ol December, in the year oue thousiind eiirht bun. dred and seventy. Present, ilir.iin .1. Beakes, Jndge ol Probate. In the matter of theestate of J. I'liirwüchpnk deceased' OnreadlníandfflÍDgthepetlHon.dtily vcrified.ol John SchenK, AdminTttraior i btmü vm prayiDc that hc may he liorneed to pril ihe real eetatewnwof gala deceased dled sel sed, fot the purpure ofdbtri. ballon ui the proceeA) of each sale among thc'nrBonn LntereMed in sakl estáte Thcrc!i,ni it Fa ordered, that the thlr. tleth i'.ny of Jaminry next, at ten o'clöck In u roreooou be asslgned tor thu hearing of said peti. tion, and that the heirs at law of said di ceased and all othei preOBt Injfreated iu said estnie, are reIjnlred toni pc;ir ut :i ses-ion of sa'rdt'onrt, thentobe al the Probate (Mei, In theCiiy of Ann Ar!r. and show canse ilanytherebe, whythepraurol the p-titioner houldnot bearanted: Audftifo. Ui-r ordered, tbal eeid petiHoner glte noticr tolkt persona In teres ted In ml i state, of the pendencvol said !■ tltlon,and tbe hening ihcreof, by ciiídj Copy Of tbla ori'er t be pnblJKhcrl in t'he Muhvjir t in wf.iainr, prlutedand drcalatiof in said (Jounty, f.ur uccessive wceksprevionB toiaid 4) of hearing. (A trnecopy.) 1IIKAM .T. HEAKKS. 1SU2 judjr, Of probate. Estáte of Samuel J. Freemau. STATE OF MICHTQ ' N, Connty of Washtenar, At a semion of the Prohntc Conrt for the Cont? of Waslu]iiiw. holden t the Probute Office, dj) City of Anu Ar'or, on WedDesdar, the iwerity-(nt doy of ücci-mixT. iu Ihe year unethousand eigh'ibudred and serenty l roem lliiam.T. Ttonkes. Jndpe of Probate. In thr mattef of the Estáte Sumael J, Freemii, decefiei d. On n'.ulhi!.-anil filiiür the pftilion. dnly verijfd, dI Wilüun Geer. Execotor and Adminisirator, pryini.' thst he mny be Ifcensed to ''ll certain real cslite wher f s.'iid deosasi 1 died weized. Thereupos it is üidered, liiat Thnreday, the tetoii dav of Pebraary rifxt. at ten o'clock In tbe Inrcnooi kt asslgned fur the heariiiL' of snid petition. and tliat th tegateea, deviseèa, (inri heiri at law of .said deceased, and 11 othtr benons IntereaUd in iaicl etnte. arertq ui red to appear ut Beseion olsaidCourt, thentol holden, it the "róbate office, inlhe City of Ami .rbur ut! how catife if nj there Iw. why tbe pitjtr ot' i petitioner sliould not be fiacted .- Am il is further ordered, that sa'd petitioner gïve notieetothe pontons tnterested in cald estáte, of the iendcnryif Baldpetitlon, and the hearing t hereof, bv caiuiui;i eopyof Ibis order tobe ijubüs-hcd in the .MiWnjo Amas, a newspnpcr printcd and cfrcalating ii. mi County, four succ.easive weeks previous to said day of beanog. (A truc copy.j I1IRAMJ. BEAKES. 1302 Jadeé ol Probate. Estáte of' Frank Jonnioge. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Cunnty of Wfwhieoaw.M. O At a sedsiou of the Probate Conrt for the C'yimty Of Wasliteiiav, bolden at the Probatr Ofliee. inlhc city of Ann Arbor. on Wednestlay, the fourtteolk day rf Deceraher, in the year one tuousaud eight hnndrud nd scvttiiy. Present, Iliram 3. Beakes, Judgeof Probate. Iu the. matter of the estáte of Frank Jeaniagi, deceaped On readlnfr ánd filtuff the petiiinn daJy verifiedoi Marta K -lennine, Adniiuiptratrí.t, prayintf ïhatibi may be llMDsed 10 ■!! the real estáte whercf id deocased dt tl selsed, tor the pnrposo of distnbüttol o tb piceeds of sueh amonjí tho persoca ÍBterestecl hi taid estáte. Tlureiipou t i Ordered. that Thnrsday, the twnty-sixth day of January next, at leí oclock íq Üw forenooD, be asslgned for the hearing of ssM petition, and that the heirs atlaw of eaid dcwawdt rad all (Ulier persons iuterested in said i-M, are required to appear at a sesIou ofsaláCoirt thes tu beholdeu at the Probate Oriice.iii ttu cilj' Aun Arbor, im! showeanse, II any there t.h) tía1 ]r;iyer of ttie iietitioner should uot be prnntedi And it is ordered tbat saidpetiüouer sivcuo. ttcetoihepersóQsluterestedlusatdestaU ol the peídeney otsaid pelition, and the hearln," theKof, J eanafnga copy ofthls Order to bepublifin'd lutk' Michigan A rttt. a newspaper pVlnted and circnhitÍDí in said county, foor tiNcajMIve weeks previoutlo Kaid dav ofhearin'r. (Atniecopyj HIRAM .1. ISEAKE8, 13D1 Judí.rcof.Fr0bl. Estáte of Ilenry Bowcr. STATEOP MICHIGAN. Countj of Washtemw.s At tseHlon of the Probate Courtfnr theCoitt) of Vashtenaw Rolden al t lie Probate oftlee, ú tht City of Aun Arbor, on Saturday, the twecty-pixid rtay ofNoTumbor, iu the yoor otc ehounaud eis" luiii'tieii and aeyenty. Present. Ilinim.).' BeaTtes. Jndge of Probate. In the matter of the Estáte of IKuiy tsowfr, deceased. Ou rraiiiDgandfilirgthr petitiou, dnly verifled.' Margare! tí. Bower. Auniiinsiracrih-, prajlni tlwt he may b' licenscd to sell certain real estáte 'hr of íaid deeeaacd diul tcized Thcrenpon it is ordered, thatMopday. theixte1'1 day of January ext. al ten .o'elock in the forenoon bo assined for the hearing o!' said pc11 ti.m. and th'ai the heirs al tiv of saiil t' ceased. and all other persons Intercaktd t saineW1" are reqnired to appear at a eessíon ii lid Oiïirtr tben to be holden at the Probate OrMce, ltM City 01 Aun Arbor, and show cause f any there lx wliy the prnyer of the petitioner. sbo.uïd not ffrauted : And it is further oydered, that sainpit tioner glve uotice to the, persons in'ereated in i-' estáte . of the pendency bf said petition. mui !' heariiiL' thereof, oy causlng a coviy of thi order w bepnbH8hed En the 3tivhigan rgutx% nefspsp"' prlnted and eirctl!:uiníí iu Bald i'ounty, Aiur 8UCoeslv! weeks previous to said dav of hearing. (Atruecopy.i 111 AM ■!. HEAKES, I8M Judire of Probate. Estiite of SIlv Ann Pfny. OTATE OF M1CHIUAN, Couiity of Wasluemw. ' O Al a i-Hsiuü of the Probate Conrt ir the. i'ih:r!7 r Wii-htpnnw, boltu at Ibe Probate offlc i '" city of Aun Arbur, 011 Mouday, the twelWi cs.f of Doooml'cr, In Ui? year one ihousjmd uiyhl bunilrcd and seventj. Kresent, Blram J. Bêatci, Jtidire of Prtbite. ' i::Ut-jrul' ihc estalf oi Sally Anu rri.p cea-cd. corees. Wheelcr. Adminislrntor of said Of'1'; comes into Court oud reirescais that he is u prcparcd to render hle final accouut as êuch Adm'i.-lrntur. Tlii'ruiipon it is Ordervd, that Satnnlay. 'i"1 E tceatb day of Jnnuary, next, at tcu o'clock :u I forenooii be aflsiffDM for ëXantoiiig and allvipw mch accounl. and tliat the beirsatiaw o( J ceasod.and all otherpr8rtDslnterostert iu eald esta ij ire rcquiri d toappear ai isi'Sf--]on ofaaid Cüiirt tv . to be bolden ar the l'robattüfflcc. in theC.ityol A Arbor lusaWCónnty andhoircanplrauytheiP2 wlivtlii' siiidaccoiliHsholildiiotlii'allowed: Ano fnfth'er Ur■d, said Adminlajf a(or cive boikj [o the pcr.iiis iiiti'ivsit'd in aaM ojian', of the pf" lcnr.' of sai! aocont, and heariuu thereo 't lanSIpg il copy of tliis order to l)t' tl!ili."hl l tne . a iif sp.-ijnT printcd and circt'latiuB n Batd Conilty, three Buoceulve weeks prevlon w isfi! day of hi'.iriiiL'. _. GotoR.W.ELLlS&CO'e for choice Wines and Liquorf , for Medical Purposes .


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