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As To Low Dresses

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Most tashioDS owe Uielr urigin to au tteinpt to give prominence to ttie strong poinc or bide the wcak pointof a king or queen. Tbus, powder cauio into vogue to oonceal a queeu's gray hair, and large perukes because a king was bald. We learn, however, from a Belgian paper, tbat the custotn of ladies cxliibitog their busts iu all the beauty of nature l.a a far more romantic nrigio. In n battle in wbich the Ifranon weie engsge 1 (all datts we may mei)t:on, are reeeived), their raiiks were hrokeu, and they wero routcd. When they retreat ed, their wouien barcd th ir breai-ts ;u;d entreutcd theni to pierco thtm rather tban peiinit them to fall iu'.o the bunds of the emmy. This wa too mucb for the galla it Gaul. Narved with freah courage they turnod, ranewed tbe combtt, ai.d were victorious. From that our Freueh-women hve on festal occuBiuriH ulwayd been accuntomoc to wear their dresse low. Io fact when jou see ono who appeari to hav fwrgotten the upper part of her dregs, i i no proof of ÍLdcli';acy, but 6Ímply a iudication of the povrcr of nationul sen timent. Tbiü satisfactorily explain what many ignorunt peoplo have takc tor


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