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l'U'w ii tb beurt maj ■ lyot bot brsvlc ! Üi.w mm h itii iii-sh riuiy suilV-i and nof dial du h if any puin o) tf soul or body t: inga oui end more nigh. ■.n time ; (11 thai is wuni, All QYÚB muy bo bume. "We sha inlí I I oÜSs : i:.,. Wbose ■ dge seemei I he quirering life ; ■ H:ai Btili, although fche Li torn, Xhis "U'p Bt e a Bofrow rising I ■ icbing ill, . . pay- But whi ti the blow falla, tíien onr hearta are stül, Not tliat pain i of Ite Bharpneas .-lioru- líut tliink it can bo toriic. ■ wind om lnv al out anothi i Ufe ■■ lii-'ni 11 i In-ri . .)- I ' 1 ;. ■ ,.ü- r.wll - I faints and falla In deadly strifb, Leaving os Btanned, and strfoken, and alone ; But ab I we do nnt witb tihfon we uiourn - This, alöü, oan be burue. -■ i(']iu:iil, p.iiu ! üll irrifi' and Mii-i, i v,' ; lito iníljrl -; its worst On soul and body - but W6 cunuot difi, Tliuugh wc be fitU, .iiid Üred, and faint, mul v.oni ; Lol all liiius qod io boxno.


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