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llonvrn is nol roAebod ''' i nl ; But wm bui ld tli'p UiddeT bf which v. ■ ':.-' trom tliu lowly i irlli bO tfl 43, AinL wo niuuut iU smumiit rotmd by round. I nntnt thesti í liiui.s to !"■ ■r,uu'!1y true, That ;i noblo dvvA is a stop towwd fxl - Liftíug the sou] Crom the oommoii aod Tu a purai ;iir ;iml a hiomW-r v:i;w. We riaa by the thinga thai ore tra By wii.u we bai e mtwb w d ■;: gen Dy tiie ptide depo And tiu; ranqiüslwd ill we hourq We bopi we rotolve, wc osxun. we trast, AVJi. . i tilHut our boai oigt Ourlii-saiv Uuiiiny: in tlm sttiüid liut. "Wiuijb for the ftngglg. bul fe for the men ! We must bonow the winga to tliul tin: uy - Wo tnay fni]''. and r.'.n! o, oud ospite, and prayi Uut uur fuct lunst IÍH ur we iall ;ii,-iiiii. Only In dream i the ladder thrown Frora tin1 wary earth to thfi aapphire wall; But the dri (UpOJ I ft&d the visiui's fiUl, Aud tby fllaepex wakd on liid piUow oí bUum. Heavrii .-- & i. i, . ohed si A ringle t-nmj ; But we tniild the iu.ij.jr by whiofa we nse Jiuin the lowly eorth t inc vaultod ildesi And wc inruilt lo iU uiuuiit roniid by rouud.


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