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The "no" Power

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1 he abihty to sv "no ín ufo i éo valual-la that it might truly bo oaüed tho ato 8de of oiio'm charaotor. It i.s au aluiost suro liga of a utroug íaiod and a sound heart. Tbat clerical wit and editor, Sydney Smilb, who could be gousibla u tpite oí !U fuu wrote the followiog very grava paragraph on tbe power oí "no" in youiijf uien : "Tiio purity of moral habita ís, I ara ufraid, of very litlle lúe to a man miles it is ácooinpaniod by that dogroo of firmncüH whioh enulilbi bim tu act iip to wht hu may .hink right, in spite ot' solioitatioa to the ootrary. Very lew young men havo the power of uegation in uny degree at tirnt. Il inoreasf with tbc iuorease of coufidouuo, aud with the experiouuo of thosa iuconvoniuuceK wbiah result from tho abxenoe of this virtuo. Evury young uiau must bu expoued to tuuiptatiou ; ba uaonot eurn the ways of men without being wituoss to their vices. It you attimpt to preeorve biiu from danyör by looping tiiiu out cf tbo way of ii. you render it quite uiiiit for aiiy etylo uf life in whion bo inay be placed. Tho grout point is, not lo turn him out too houu aud to givu him a pilot at lirst." Corsets aro said to De evouoniloal, bocauso tliey kee[) Honieu i'r)Ui 'l ruuuing to waieï."


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