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The Capitulation Of Paris

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London, ,li!'. 29, !.3O p. m. Tho Euappror V. . ■ a nt tbe íollowiug dispatob to thc Empresa August : Vi;üsai:.i.i:s, 2:10 p. m , Last night au miiinicc fur throe reeks was siniKjii. Th reguláis and Mobil '3 aro to be retaiiit'J in Paria m prisoners ef war, ïlu Natiorral Guard wil) nu d-ertake tbe maiotenuDce of order. We ocuiipy c)l the forl8 Pii'is rimains invnsted, but wil! bc allowud to roviotaal e soxi n thn ara's aro surrondered. A Nudoual A'senibly is to bo suni'noccd to meet at Bordeaux i;i u fortnight; AU the armiea til the fieW will -!:iiii lh-Ar rwpective poíitioiiH Tio ground betweeii tlie opposing linea to bo neutral. Tiiis is the reword of patriotigtn, berci gui od great aaerifioca. Thank God for this fresh inerey. May peace oon f.. Huw. (Signed) WILHELM. ADV1CE3 VIA. WASHINGTON. Washington, Jan. 29. Seeretary Fish lias reoeired tbo follov ing telegram from Mr.Morao, Charge Affaires at London, dated London, Suuday morning, Jan. 29 : "Tbe Germán Ambassador here lian offioiilly informad ibo that the capilulation of all the Paris forts and an arniistioe of tbreo weeks by land and sea was fcigned about eight o'clook last eveniDj at Versailles by Count Bismarok und Jules Favre. Tbs army of Paris will remain prieoners of war in the city, but it is not known wbether tbey aro to bc disarmed or not. No details have jet been roceived. Count Bernatoff tbiuks A ari importaut fact tbat the armistiee esteuds over the sea, and that it ph uld be made knovvn ns widely as possiule." XIIÜ NRQOTIAT.ON3 TOIl BDRBBNSBR. Special di-; N'owYorkJI. VmtiAiLLES, Jan. 30. A tbe facts couceruing lbo d tions dcívelop a bettor feoling ia evident aiimtig both Frencb aiul Qortnaoi and all beiu to agrte n boping for the teraiination of tho war. The Frerich, tspecially, are well pleased at the appanent moiiificatiou of the Germán dteire to humíllate Paris by a triumpbant entrv iuto íbo capital. Tbe negotiations bc'.wean Bismarck und Favio fortn ono of tuu most intciestiug cbapters in tho bistory cf this memorable war. Theanival of Fsvru was knowu to nore ezeept thoso iuiiiiediately conoerutd in condueüng biin ;hnuj5h the lincs. üti bi orrivul at lhe hme eccupieiJ by Bismarck ho was immediatily m ! ? t ■■ i te.l iptotho prrgenee of tbe O'iatifielt'T, After a fe.v rcmurkt BisDiarek said : 11 Well, Moneieur Favro what ii the object of this vi-it ?" Favre (much affeoted) replied : "My object ia to put a top to ihe terrible BuÖerings of uiy country, for now that hope of relief from without is lot, Paris must Deeda seek peace. All wc ask is such considera! ion na a generous eneray might give without loss of advuutage or honor." Bismarck expressed a desiro to do all in bis power to sbow his respect ior the gufferiny;n and gallnntry of the French nation cousisteut with the siifgty, honor and intereets of unitcd Germany. He naid tbis had been from the first to the List tho object aud desire of the Emperor a:d bis mivitiers since the commoneement of this uuliappy war was forced upon thetn. Favre first demanded the terms already reponed. Bismarek replied - vIt is not my provinoe to refuse or accept terms, but I must say that the f resent proposal are such that I eannot mynelf approve, and I feel ooufident tbat my augUht master will rejeet theni. Ilowever, it is my duty to submit them to bia oonsideratioD. Favre was politely but strictly put nnder surveillance, and occupied au opartmeot over the Pólice Bureau. As already knowo, tbe firt overture were prompt ly rejectod. After Favre's return with tiia acoeptance iu eubatai:oe of the demands of tlie Brnperor, great excitement prevailed at Versailles The mayor went twice to the polico beadquarters to endeavor to obtain an intertrieív, but received a peremptory order cot to repeat the attempt, as iuch act would retider hiin liablo to impriaoa ment. An interview agaia took plaoe between Bismarck nnd Pavre, the former nfterrards waiting on the King and ccnucil when Fnvre's ou the part of tbe provisional government was eubmitted. Alter ]5smarek left tbe Einperor he waiked into the oifico of bis chief aid,.Gen. LemdorflF, and bepan to whistle a Pruwiao air wbioh tbe trumpeter sounds at a bonr hunt wiien the bo :t is down tad petiled. After uoncluding the tune ho vsalked out agnin, liaving novor spoken a ei:-g!o v.urj lo v:v 0B6 present The nesl morning tbe tertns drawn up over night between B isme rok and Favre in detail ere hamled the Em peror, who opened t!ie popera, resd and frowned, ai.d nbeerved in :i disturbed tone "Eniore faroopa De Balivtrns." There is good resson to believo that tho Emperor is bftdgertd und bothered by the truck of olitioiaos, liut he wilt be well pleassd wben it i all over A rumor is curreot tbat MoUke ie grently disa4ij6cd with tbc action of tbe Qrowo Prioee?t army on the ocoa sitMi of the Bortie of tbe 19tb. lle thinks that groimd lost anneoetsarily, and expressed bia.opinioii o There is a gruwiog coldnes in 'coiihcquence between the Crown Frioce and oommander-in-ehief. TUK 0OND1TI0MI r PI5ACB. Losdon, Keb. 1. A. Bpeoia} telegram to ihe Loudoo Time from Boilni ?.s the tonditioi'sof penco pTewribed by Binaarck embrace th cession of A taoeand Lorraine Belfort and Hels, the payniont of ten milliou francs mdenaity for expenses of the war, the eission of ho eolony of Ponddioherry, and tho trausfer to the Uennan navy of twenty first-rate frigates. Fiivre refera ibese tenis to the Natioual Astembly to meet at Bordeaux. Bbbxin, Feb. 1. Ppenccr'g Zeitung, a pomi-(.fiicial ji i:rnal, declares ita belief tbat an understaudiig bas beeu establiehed between JB mnarek and Farra is to a basis on Tthieh negotiationi for peace slmll prooteJ. PnoCLAMATlON BT GAMBBTTA. BoRDÏAUZ, Fel'. : . Ontiibttta has ií-Eutd a proolamatioD, ft : "Y: - Pruetía believes tbc rmiilice uill diraolvB onr armíes nd B'.-euie the elèction of a Cht: iber ready to oonelade a sbameful peace. lt dopend.s on Franco to upset ihcio ;aleui;ition. It ií nece-í.'iy to ihake tbe srmistico a period for the inatrnotion of our youiíg troeps. (Jontinue wirh uirelaxed vijjor the orgoi2ation for dofeí.so, end for war if necessary, wbile you instnll n National Kepul.ücan Ahembiy williag to make euch a peace n'y as is compatible witb tho honor, iak.a:id iaUtgrily ol Fr&nec


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