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„ Coming north- Oíd Sol. _ContracUng- the nights. February camc in Spring-likc. Zk heavy raiu Muuday night finished Ét W"_ltb!owed big guns yesterday- from awt,ndcol(1_250feet deep yesterday noon- the ■rtesisn well. „Today Is tlie 2,404,4G3d day siace the jalunlng of the Julián Period. _Bt Si'.vdehland has dcclined the cali U, He Prwbytcrlan Church of this city. _ lie Regí 'Us of tbe Univcrsity are to patontbc evenlDg of theTth inst.,- Tucs_The banks and bankers of Jaokson idtertiw !u the Patriot. Thuy mcau busl„Wby Is the old moon llke somc of AmArbor'i fast young men? Because alsoütl te nlghts. -ÜoCJH is w e''ve another " last " lectiitlu the S. L. A. course, on the 9lli inst tsbjcct - Ctreumstancet. -■Klchcs Ukc to themselvc wings." jome of the wooil piles, gules, etc, Su this txlnity, du, too, occaslonally. _ Materialfor the uetf Congregatlonal Ctorch is btinc guthered upon the lot, cor KlSutt and Willianis Streeti. -Cüad.ncey B Stkdmax has been appolnted Supervisor of Lima, ticé (íeo. S. Fhek, deceased. A Republican. -The Mv. WKOTS, of the Whitmoie Uke House, havu issucd tickets for a Washliglooliirtliflay lï.ill - the 22d. - t Unlvcrsit cxBiniiiatious - first KBiegiet- comnieucfd on Monday. " Potiu" wtKcn in good demand. - "Paccfai and happy towu I" - the ex lmllon of the guileless siranger who fooiKilialoiie lawyer's card In tlie Arocs. -The team of Allen Crittksden, of Plttsfleld, ran away on the 25tli uit., lipset il wigon, aml severely injured Mr. C. aud lik -Hon. Dwionx May, Rev. J. H. McCarTi.indDr. E. P. Christiak have been apnled visitors to the University for 1714. -Col. CAMLKL Whitb, father of the ilt Hon. Thomas White, of Ihis city, MttNort, Oakland county, on the 20th . -EWcr Kx.rr still holds forth at the Stpliit Churcli with crowded houses. To!i; he has set apart as a day of fasting tod prayer. -ItUasserted, and wlth somc show ot :tilb, that there is an unniarried lady in uil city who very modestly admita that UtUout of her teens ! -In Italy they are nrglng a law to proñittie ale of llqaorwlthln thrce miles of uj Institution or lenrning. This is done opromou pedetttrianlsm, -Wben Solomon wrote "there is nothnew undcr the sun," he must have an'tipited the appcarance of the Washtenaw -ounty Court House and square. -The Chronide has at latt venturcd the plnlon that student? should be gentleWlj anU law abiding, the same as citi "Better late thau ncver." - J. 0. Baxks has purchased the lots on teSlreet, next south of the rexideDce of Gïo. Smith, and wlll build a fine' "on the pame next sununcr. -Rev. Q. L. Fosteu is reported as gay%ln the recent Christian Convention at low, thnt he thonght it wrong to eat !tn on Öunday. Then we must cry m, Aia DicKiN-soN ha ving lailed to de"l Joan of Are wlth the S. L. A. on the "nlog of the ÍSOth, is now set down for '"'' Rights "- evening nt named. Wtthe poor fellows be glad of this hint they have a singte " right " left. -Johk McGraw is ërecting a building frCornell, large enough to hold a library '80,000 volume, with lectme rooms, at a to hlmself of 1150,000, to be called ""McQraw Building." What Michigan 5111 will perpetúate hl name by doing a ■Senerous deed for the Michigan Unitrsity ? -In tUe lïttle talk at the Law Lecture "on Wedncsday, Mr. C. B. Grant, of Leglslatlve visitingcommlttee, declared -tnself a convert to co education, aud " in ot f woman's riglits- as lu understood ""ind then ventured an opinión that "'■tomín matron, Cornelia, was as wor. '"'Bnlation as Anna Dickinson, and , mother of Washington would ftvorably vrith the female lobbyUU"ff.SUington. lie Cturier has receicd from G. T. jJtoiE, an egg measuring "% iuclius by % lid by a hen of the Spang.ed Poland ■II "s sorne egg, n doubt, but we have h P'aCecl on our table by H' Bai'ister' ■ e"! Ward, measuring 7% nches by f ld another about the same sire, laid j.' 1&8t sprlug's 'chickeu of tho Cochin , 6 breed. Wait until that chicken " to & "heu" and then clear the track. JfcKDHICKÜOir, ■ the State StrOet Tea' ha ''USt opened a cholee lot of fresh ileft""1 IUVltei' " Iovers of a ti00d arli" hñ i"" AtKl examine IIe alB0 has


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