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Musical. Tlic undersigncd has taken the room over Manos. "W'ines & "Worden's Store, known as the Young Men's OhrKtiiin AMOflhlflllU Rooms, for the purpose of teaching Vocal and Instrumental Mumc. The room will be reudy next week to receive pupila in Note Rcading, Voiec Culture Piano, and Hamiony, in Classes or private. Particular nttention giveii to beginners. A libera! patronage of the public is aolicitcd. J. R. SAGE. January 30th, 1871. 13O7wl i ím i te?" If you have a discharge froni the nose, offensive or otherwise, partial loss of thü sense of smcll, aste or hearing, eycs watering or weak, feol dull or tupid, or debilitated, pain o: pressure in the hcad, take cold (-asiiy, you may bti sure you have the Catarrh. l'hüusiiu K aunuuliy, without rnauifesting half of the above symptoins, terminate in C'onsumption and end in the grave. Xo disease is so common, more deocptive or les nnderetood by pliysiciaiu. Dr. U. V. ?iercc, 133 Keneca ti-eet, Butfalo, N. Y., istheeole roprielor of Dr. Sage 'e Catairfa Kemedy- a perfect spêcific for Catarrh, " Cold in the ITead," or Catarrhal [leadache, which he sends to any addresti by mail on receipt of ststy cents. Sold by drugbsts. FïtoM Tkxas.- " Swect (Juinino I have found to be in no wise inferior to thü onlinary Kulphate (bitter) (iuiiiiuc in its anti-periodic effecta." Dr. A. D. 13oLgB, Vmrrville, Texas. FBOK Inpiaxa. - " I think it equal to the Sulphate and Mrcii BBTTSB rolt cuildbln." Dr. M. l'liillips, Alfonte, Ind. From Michioas.- " It has proved in my IiiukU as efficiënt as any remerty I have ever used." Dr. D. W. C. Wada, IloUy, llich. gold by Eberbach & Co. Bounty to Solflit-rs. Thosc who enlisted in 1851 on the flrst cali ofPresilent Liucoln, and who were houorably dischared )cfore the cxpiratioii of the term of their enlistment. ure entiUed lo $10n each. as bounty. Aodsoldiers aoUatlng ander act of .Tuly 4th, 1804 retobeallowed the nnpaid lustulmcnts of bounty fthey were discharired by expiratïun of service The above classes should inako application to tbe anderslsncd. Miirch -24tli,13T0, ' l'UM JOHN N. GOTT, Bounty and Claim Agent. Srconti Hand and Vc (r?nns And Melodeons forsale very chcap at Trof. Mills' miihic room, No.43 Main Street. (Over Ilulli Rob 1270lf ALVINWILSF.Y.


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