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A Sleepy Sinner

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A professional gentleman 111 jNewrk, N. J., wlio hiis for sonie years oíEciated as ore of Ote gtrymen oí St. Bardabas' Episcopal churcb, aíter service in bis own sanctunry, tbnught lio would drop into the Methodist cliurch, where more tbim usually iotersting cseraiscs were going on. He to(k a seat 'va a very conpicuous pnrt of tho ediríce ; hut be had teen called up the Mght prcvious to attend to ilulita of a (.rofentionül charactor, and in spite of bis efforts to overcomo a disposition te doze, he finally nodded good-rjiglit to thoso in bis immediate vicinity, nnd dropped ssleep. Presently the jiastor extended ao iuvitation to all tinneia " who dtsired the prayers of tbe cliurch to stand up." Tho vcBtryman awoku j'Jst in timo to hear tho last corda, wbiob he sapposed had been aiidrefscd to the who!c ciklic(rntiou ns bu i' junction to rise to Iheir fect. He gtood up, and was bsIodUI cd to bear tbo pasior ezclaim, " Thcre!s one poor sinner, tLauk Gcd; let i:s all pray for bim." The congregaren bowed 'luir tends, and tbe good pastor prajed lo:g aod ferventlj for tbo conversión of tLe vestrjfiimri.


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