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An Angel In The Alleys

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Tn one of tüc alleys ruiming oft froui l'ountuin Bridge, Ediuburgh, a s'reet crowded ith drunkinness nud poüution, is the low-roofed building in whioli llie daugh ter of Dr. Chaltnersis spondinj; lier Ufe tr help men and women out of their miseries. Her oliief work is with drunkards, tbcir wives and daughters. In the winter, wheu the nights are long and colfl, you may eeo Helen Chalmers, with her lontern, going throagh tho ]ane6 o? the city, hunting up the depravcd acd bringing them out to her reform meeting. Insult her do they f never ! They would as eoon tliink of peltiug au angel. A London baker has his hül-hcads printod upon Ihree different colorg - red, green, and white. Tho object of this ík to avoid the necessity of giving instructions to the man who delivers the hrend, flour &c, to tho customers, aa wier. the bill is made out upen a red paper, it do notes " danger," and he is cot lo leavc the goods without the cash ; if on green -paper, it denotes " caution" as the cus tomer, is douhtful, and the man Jis to get tho monoy if hc oan ; if on white, it h pafe to teave any quactity of goods on redit.


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