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Snow A Benefactor

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We wich to show how the Crcator of uil sends tho snow ia wiatcr as a blessiog to the earth. All northern-born Vys end girlg fihotJd liko tho iiow. It ia a blessing to the poor man ns well as tho ri-jh. - Wo have lieard a poor boy gramble over the s;iow in this wuy : "ü!, dear, I wish the snow would keep a--v:iy ! It is all rery wil for boys nnd giris who cnn ricte in a bleigh, and havo uice pleds but I can't Ree the pool it is to do to ub poor folks I" Stop, friond, youri'a'hpr canuot afford to pvotect his garden with manure. Our heavenly Father sends the snow toprotect the grpe, root imd vinea from the chili blasts of winter. Vogotntion 8 always more beautiful after a winter of deep snow, Eren tho litllo suovv-Htorms of t-pring invigorate the roots and flowers, beoauso cf the ammonia in tho meltid piiow. It is ' caüed "tho poor man's inanuro." Melted snow whitens the complexión, Ud it is cnid to remove freekles. It soltcns the tkin tronderfully. It removes staing Irmn garments of all kinds. We iifivo soen nice silks cleaused entirely, vviíli no remainiug spo!s, simply by tlie incllcd smiw. A good frolic in rho sncw is lieulthlul. Boys nnd girls neror in tlie winter sit shifurir-g in tlio hou'-o ni! il:iy beoiuso it ftios. Protoot joarselves wlth warm garments ; - thori tíi!o a brisk walk on tlie pnow. It wil) L"8 heat to your wholo syftom, fur bettor tban tiro heated nir of a furnace Wa always laraent what is cnllni :u opsn winter; we know sioknesa willfo! OW. Komember, every Hing God gives us !ns ita usos. Keep yoúr cyes aml onr always open to learn the usa und beauty of oven tbc common things ofthiscorlh - Olwer Opties Magazine. (íéorge Francis Trsin made tLMy four fpocc!n:s in Marseillrs in l'.;vci days. Loni.' lot' -.■ he ■' ' trngh, th mi yor, at th earncst rejjoost of ihe in I habitant, telfgrnphed tbfl Pru eiana t I eme on ithmeclidtely aüd taka w f'áSe.


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