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Inserts And Apples

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The Fruit Culturist of the Oneida Coaimunity, New Yorl-, in bis report to ho society for the yoéi 1870, speaks of be prevcuüon of iusect ravages as folow : According to my obserration, the 'ruit tnat remains on trees in orcharda ío situated that stock of somn kind can uve í'reo ranga in tbera, and tlms dislose of the iruit that drop, aro much moro free frota iusect deprtdations thn svherc animale are kitoirether excluded. l'his fact jerhapa puggests the only feasblo metliod cf keeping ia check ihooe nsect tribes that so much annoy us, by J'.'stroying oar fruit er ps year after ïf'.'ïiiFcs, luiu. ; r-aiOTjs oj úüá tu run in tliem. The preseni eaon, ïiowfver, we have seeded nne orchurd with tho intention of givinf} it up ;o the range of jouug stock, and have also propoaod to fenoe other, and purcuaee sheep to put in thera during tho summer montbs. The generality of orchardistsreoomniend swinc ior the pur3OSG, but there are objections toallowins; ;hese to run at largo ; besides, sheep will, I think, be pmfBrabla in some rejects, as thcy will keep the grass grazed ihort, and prevent weedsand ehrubbeiy 'rom jzrowing. The iraportance "f disposiüs; of tlio jpst (Iroppings of fruit should uot be verlooked, if we expect lo be sacces?ful io checking the inercae of thosc insect? that prey upoa it ; for the reason that the first broods that háteh io the Spr":Dg aro comparatively few, and we hould escape with little damage wero it not for the more numorous eeoond brood8 which attack tho fruit later and thus deatroy tlie entire erop. Thi?, I have been satieüed, is the caso as regarda Hic iipr!o-worm that is doing so mucli. damage to fruit throughout all parts of the o'iuntry.


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