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Chandler On The Rampage

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A Washington special t tbo ( i Commtrciil (Rop.) of February 8d. thus pictuies a recent peTformaTioo oí "Miohifrsti'sdi.-ítinífiiisheii statesman": Tne'Seiiato wcDt into esecutive PC8nion tD da y a-t rü earlierliour than usual, for tho iurposo oïdispoeing of the President'i broili r n-law, ex-Rv. Mr. Cranier, who ni two mootha ngo, nominated as miuiater to Denmark. Senator Chaodler, who Bcenis to be the special chniupion of tho l'resident in this matter, oponed the pTO;:eecUngs of tlie Ex enulive se9sinn with a tÍTafie on Mr. ■tfumni-r ntid he fittle uliqne of antiAdmi'JtalmtioT.istH, who run the Foreign RelatiiiíJsC ■numittco, Aftcrreciting the personal rclnti'ii8 of Mesara. Sumner snd Bohiirz, of the Committee, vvilh the J'rffiiilciit, lio sniil it wasnu ontrago, a diggracc and a shame that men of that tandiug in the Sonate eliould allow tlieir personal feeüngs to intefere with their j ubliu dutie?, and cspecially to the injury of a oitlzeo nominated to office He ca:d that for two months hns Mr. Graoier's r.ominatior been toefore tho committee, a:id aWbough tho committee has repoi ted on other cásea time and figaiu in that period, not a word has been heard froui them with regard to Mr. Oramer's. Ho was of the opiüion, and ho was sure the country would be of the lame opinión when tho fusls were made public, that the dolay in reporting on Mr. Cramer's nomination was cauaod by Mr. Sumner'B narrnw prejudice againat the President, and it was mean and eovvardly to make an innocent man suffer on account of a difference with a relativo. He kaew, he said, a inajority of the Sonate was in favor of Craraer's nomination, and it was a high outrage that ono Senator ehould be allowed to thus dofoat tho wishes of a tnajority ol the Senato. Ho therefore appealed to the Senate to take tho nomination from the comniittoe aud disposo of t at once. Mr. Suiniier replied to Mr. Cbandler, denying any personal feeüug in the matter, anti said tliat the delay ia inakiug tlie report was caased by a simple desire of tho commiltee to investígate gravo charges agaiost Mr. Cramer - charges which had denanded thf closest sorutiny, and which, if suslained, would make Mr. Cramer a most unaccepUble person for the place it was designed to Bond him. Mr. Cramer, he said, was cbarged with disgraoefiil conduet while a Consul abroad. Amoaq: other things, it was chiirged that he had engiiged in B row in the public higlnvay, aud had had his face elupped without rescuting tho same, altbough be was the afigressor. The committee we;e invesligüting thcso oburgcs, and he thought it highly tliat with the invcstigation only half completed, the committee shoold be forced to makc a report. Mr. Scburz, acd other8 of the Foreign AflFoirs Committee, sustained Sumner in his explaua tion of the delay. Mr. ïhunnan, and otliers of tha Democratie members, then took a hand in tbe figh aceusing the President of having tnstigated Chandler to make the fight against Sumner, because of Cramer'a relations to him (Grant). Duriug the melee, the Democratie members causcd to be read from the Clerk's desk a list of all the President' relatives appointed to office by Kim duriog big administration. Scveral Senators decied the eorrectness of the list, as read, and defended mtmt of thoMj who were his rclatives, saying they were pood and faiihful officers Mr. Chnndler floally made an effort for a direot voto on hi resolutioQ tn discharge the comraitteo, aod in po doiug raise.d the ire of Seoator Trumbull, wbo replied in a most snathing epeech (m the President, flArftfWrWóïroiTSni1 witLdrawn, úñ'cí Mr. .Sumner and his Foreign Relations ororautee win uo ailowed to report on Mr. Cramer whenever they see fit. The President's friends deny that he ins'.igated Mr. Chandler n the movcment, nnd ayliiat the President apjiear to take no interest n iho matter, aöd doos nol oare wbether Cramer is ooufirmed or rejeclcd.


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