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Since The San Domingo Commission

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sniled the impresión seems to have gainsd ground ilint f a report a'i 11 be made that the Dominicana favor anrmxation the Seoate will feel bound to rntify the treaty of purohaso. Are tha opinions our people to be ignorcd, or is one party to a bargain Bufficient n tliis case ? It is possible thiit tliü Dominicana may be manipuluted to deel ire fnr aunexation, but iots that scttle the point tb at we neeJ or want San Domingo, or that the hOD9st, nïolligont eentiinnt of the oouiitry is wow or will be in favor of its acquisitiou ? ItrocmBto u that the citkena of these Statie should be oon suited enually with the foreign residents of that islumi and the half breeds anc negroe- muler (h-ir coDtml. Do we want it? and w'iat eau we do wvh it are really the quostions to be answered. - As to what to do with it, a friond suggdsts tbat Cor-rress oou'd graut it to the Püoiüc Rüilroad Compsoj, and take anotlier rnortgage on its franchises - on which, of cour w, it will n't lo pxpected to pay ÍL:toiest. That woulil dispose of ii, aiid offcctu.illy. Cü.Ni'KHMNO tlie new comoilation of the genera! hwsof the Stilte, just ordered by the Loglature, the Pontiao GazHte tav? : The labor of tliis coinpllntion wlll rcqutre at k-nst h ypar's close appllc&tlon, ml ilic psy nttached to tlie c-nict.-, $2,000, is nt enongh. As trio oompilation i to be completed and lja'.f the ed úon prin'cd aud bouud bv the tirst day ol November next, wlien is tliat "yuar's oluse appücatiou" to be I put in ? - The Landing Republican aaya of the compiler, Judge ükwey : wlll Immodlately ustablish an ofllcc In tliis city, and wlll t once cúter apon bis work, with tlie view of Mcertalnlng wliat laws now ri our statnte hooks are obsolete, and ofBecuring thoir repeal during tiie pieseut sessiou. The Aitaus suggested tina method of proneduro uoine weekj siucu, aud it carried out p'omptlij and intelligenlly a great many obtiolete laws uiay be disposed of and excrexcences lopped off, to tho dtícided bcttermeul of the compila i ' " ftEFORK tho Lcgislature toóle its recent recese, or in the first twenty-four days of the sefBion, sixty-ttven billa hud beeu inlroduced - 32 in tbe Seuate aod 85 in the Ilouge - amending or repealiüg tho compiled laws and the general session laws. Sorne of tbe sections propos:d to Ie amended have stood upou tvie statu'.e books from ten to twenty years, while otliers were enaoted at the last session. We Tenture to ay tbat lour out of five of the proposed changes will not butler tho satutcs in the least, and (Lat thoy are only sought to bo made to meet individual and isolated cases, aud perhaps to the injnry of the general public It is a great pity that we cannot have douo witli this eternal tinkering of the general laws of the State. In tho Lansing Ilepublican of the 2d inst. we fiud an article purporting to give the Congressional, Judicial, Senatorial, and Represer.tative district, with the]? population, "for the tiuiely convenience of the menibers of the Legisliiture and others sceking informatioü." Such tables fhould be correct - and we usually fiod thein so in the Iiepublican, but in the one in question we notioe one mistakc of inipoi taaco, The population of ibis ds r ot - represented b ' Col. Grant -is put at 8,333. It should be 11,020. Bro. Bingham oinitted two totrna in muking up h s figures. Tuk rr.alo monsters at Washington havo mudo ar.cther ungallant raid on the advanco wiug of the fair sex. In the House, on Tuesday, Mr. Julián moved to suspend the rules bo that he might offer a resoiution to give the uso of the hall to Mra. Victoma C. Woodiiüll and Mrs. Isabklla Bkkciier Hookek, to deliver on the subject of the enfranchisement of women. and proviiüng that the House would participate in the proceedinge," which was rejected by a vote of 42 to 149. Wbat insult next ? all I T The Washington news-gatherers are again reconetructing the Cabioet. Senator Moiiton is to Bucoeed Secretary Fiii ; Boctwell is to deliver over the Treasury dopartmeot to ex-Seuator Mohoan, of N. Y. ; a "distinguished PeDijsylvanian"Í8 to relievts PoptoiasterGeDera! Ckeswhll ; while "it is settled that Akekman is 'to go,"t'uough his succeesor bas not beeu named. Jake Howakd bas expectations in that direction ; but the uext telegram may malie a new den). A Rppublicdii Conntj Convcntlon, fbr llie elcctioii of delegates to tlie State Conveiition, will be licUrattlieCourt House on the lUth iust.-Jackson Cilhm. "Here's a go" for thoec Radical clergymen who denounce Sunday newspapcre, Sunday lectures, Sunday reading, to. Let them eoil in - that is if the Ci!''' 'ype didn't niake mUuke.


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