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Terrible Railroad Accident

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A moet terrible railroad nciüdent ocurred tn the Hudêon llivcr Uüilrond ou Mondoy evening laBt, A iieavy oil rain going south met witb an accident at the briJga Crossing Wppingnr'n creek, about eight milee'below Pougbkeopsie. TLe axle of tb tenth car in a trtin of twonty-five ors broke, nncoupling the car while on the bridge and throwing it upon the other track Almost in an instant, and before it was poaaible to signal, the upard bound Paeific Express tliuodercd along at 30 miles nn hour, struck the car, tore it into fragment.", and scaitered ihe i il over adjoitiinaf cara, which immediately took fire. The shook broke down the bridge, precipitatiug engioe, tender, two baggage oars and the forwnrd pienger cr, a Pullman's ileeping car, into the the creek. One report sayg thnt not a patBunger chünuu nvui me uuimug w-.( another that three or four succeeded in getting out. Tweuty bodies- fifteen passengere and five employés- hare been recovered from the wïock, ome of tbem horribly mutikted. Among the killed aro Geo. 8. Benbbict, of the Cleveland Herald, and Rev. Mkrrill, wife and two childreD, of Batavia, N. Y. Mr. Fowler had just preacbed his fare well eernion at Batavia, and was m route for Salt Lske City to onter upon a mission iliere. Tuk eeolesiastical ourt at Chicago anuounced itn decisión on Tuasday, in the Ciiksky cuse as futlowi : "We,tue onderalgnd, 1o thereforc nnanhnou.sly declare thiit the Rev. Charles E Cheney is guilty of theseveral chureesand specilïcationa cont:iined In the suld present ment, aiut State thnt In our opinión the leutoiice ui" suspension on terras, tliut is to say, suspensión tcrniinable on such assuratace jriven by the raspondeht a sball be mitisi'actory to the bishop ol contrition for the past, anfl of conformlty In the matter v.lKicin lie has olleniléd Tor the future, Nhouhl be pronounccel upon lilm." Mr. Fdllek, oouusel for Mr. Chenky, gave totice of appeal. The offense of Mr. Ciiknky was in omitting the word "regenérate"' from the baptismal form for infants. - It is understood at Chicago that Mr. (Jiiknky will continue to net rec,or of Christ's Churcb, despite the sen;ence of suspension, and that the society id congregation"will stand by Liio to ihe Ia3t." At Battle Creek, on Tuesday, gronnd was brokon od the Ohio and Michigau Railroad. Hbxry C. Lbwis, of Cold water, President of the company, threw up the first shovel of dirt, and tlien S C. Kooe, of the firm having the contract frotn the Btate line to Allegan tried his hand as a "diggist." Judge Graves presided at the exeroisei, and speeches were made by Judge Upson of Coldwater, and Ilon. Gbo. Willard of Battle Creek, aad great enthunlasrn prevailed. This road was conceivcd and bom years after the Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northern llailroad Compaoy had a num to live. lts üne is no more protmiiug and the towos along it no more wealthj irf xii ooitiwaier, mttfe CTcefc, nncf Allegan Lave eubscribed more liberally,and have worked together for the project, instead oí setting up o'nightu to devise waya and aieaus Vo eat up each other. - That' the differeDce. A sTARTLiNQ rumor gairicd circulatioD at Washington on Wednesday, and was telograplied to Chicago as "a special,' that tbe Uuitod States bteamcr Tenueesee, with the San Domingo Commiseioners ancf party on board, had foundered at sea, and all on board lost. Ioquiries at the-Navy Department showed tbe rumor unfounded. - The story probably origioated from surprise having boen cxpressed and uueasiucss manifofted in official oiroles at not hearing from the Tenncsseo. Slio has been out over tbree weeks, and information of her arrival at Bamana had been expected withio twelve days of her sailiDg. A stablk for the Alaska elophant has at laet been construoted. lu the House, on the 4th., a bilí was passed declaring Alaska & county of Washington Territory, with the oounty seat at Sitka, extending the laws of the Territory over it, and giving it oue counoilman and two membors ef the Legislature. - To what State cao San Domingo be attached in like manner ? The Spring series of elcctions being at hud Congress, and the Kadioal journala are taking stook in all sorts of Ka Klux outrages, juat to work up the enthu&iusm of the "loil" to their voting pitch. "After electiou" all will be quiet along the Hoes. Kuch is trategy. Cbamkk, brother-iu-law of the President, wliosc appriintment as Minister to Denmark has hung fire in the Senate two iiionths, was coufirmed on Balurday, Ciiandlek carrying hs pint. The news from France tulla of great euñeriog from want of food, and is uot very cncouraging. Gamdetta and the Paris goverument don't agree, and peace is by do ineans certain. It was the name that induced Gkant, ClIANDLER, HOWARD & Co. to take 80 afFectionally to San Domingo. An offer of "old Jamaica" would have been just as waroily received.


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