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'i he laat Installment of t)e Februar magazlnaa comes otftlmlng iiotice. The are : - Oíd and Uta, as beautifully printe and plctlioric as ever. Amoag the paper are : Piuk and White Tyranny, chaps. xv by ÍIrs. Btowe ; Haphael's St. Cecilia, poem by T. Davlilson ; Protoplasm Agaln, by J Klliott Cabot ; A Lady's .fourney In Syrla by Miss S. ES.: Optiinlsin, by C. Palfrey Before [ went to Brook Farm The Near cr Jleiiii.s[)liero, by V. McLear. ; An Enstcni Story, poem, by Mrs. H. L. ]3ost.wck ; öorrento Papers, by Chas. D. Wagner ; Practica] Athelitn, by C. H.Brigham. The "Kxamlncr" and "Kucord of Proy;ress" de parttneat are tiiled ivlih reviews and brlefer nrltcles of Inteieit. This ia a scholarly magazine. 84 a year. Addross Roberts BROTHERS, 148 Washington Street, Boston. Wedid not receive thc Jannary number. Will ihe publisiiers pciul it ? - Thc UaÜtoUo World has: Slxtus the Fiflli, The Heil of the Wanderers, Dr. Ni"vi!ians Grammar of Assetit, Dion and t lie BybiUi Coraison lixing Ilouses of Nen York, E&rly Mlíslona Iu Acadla, The líccluse of the Cunton, Alphonse de I-amartlne, Myslicul Nmnbers, Our Lady of Lourdes, Origin and Characteristlcs of thc Ullesian Hace, Natán and God, New Englaud In tlie Seveuteenth Century. ThU magazlue is a uecemlty to all who wou ld know vvhat the Catliollc Church Is thinking and doing. $5 a year. Address Lawbekox Kkuoe, No. O Warrcu Street New York. - The Ocerlund Monthly has : Salt-mak Ing in Alameda, The Rotbschllda aud thelr liaoe, Coast Whalhijr, A Pliantom Tragcdy, A New View of the Labor Questlon, The NJrlit-Dancer of Waipio, Under the Dragon') Pootstool, IIow Jack Breeze Hlssed belng ■ Piuha, A Chinese Primer, Giïzzly Papera, Cliloe, etc. ; 'a readable list as must be conceded." $4 a year. Address John II. CarmahT & Co., Sun Francisco. - The Laaien' Rtponüory has a Hst of irticles too long to be reproducid. The principal ones are: The Beginning of Miraclef-, Án Italian Olla Podrida, Frorn Alsace to the Hartz, 111., The Wonders of the Sea, Hl. ; The Feinale Orpliauage at Barellly, India, 111 , Talks about the Woman Question, Kindred Spirit, etc. The Childreu's Heposilory and Editorial Department are also well-illled. There are two full l':i'e steel plates, "New Knglnnd Farm House" and "Love me, Love my Dog." K magasloe of pare literata. $3.50 a year. Address HlTCHOOGK & Walden, Cluclnnatl, Ohio. The Golden Jlours, from the same pub. lishers, has a fiast of fat things (or the boys and iris, lucluding : Breaklng the Rules, chapg. ui.-iv., 111.; William's Keturn, or tlie S;ory of the Wonderful Friend ; Birds, thelr Structure aud Classificution, wlth flve U's. ; Boenea in Carthage In Olden Times, 111. ; Curious Fishes, 111., etc. 2 a year. - The Ilerald of üealth bas: Alcohollc Stimulants as AAhetlng Mentality, by Nel■00 Sizer ; llabltH of Study, by Rev. Charles II. Brigham ; Studies In Hygiëne ; Recipe9 for Wholesome Cooking - pies, ple-crust, etc; How to Treat the Sick, and other articles of interest. $2 a year. Address Wood & Holbkook. New York. - The Affriculliiriilhas a billoffare fitfor a gourmand, and full of Information lor the farmer, gardencr, IVuit-grosver, florist, and the ladies. lts llluslrutions are numerous and flne. fil.SOayear. Address O. Jüdd & Co., 245 Broadnay, N. Y. Wlth the Argus $3. We wlab to make one suggestion, and that is, that the advertlsing and premium list pages be so macle up that they can be throvvn out by the binder. This arrangement we are confldent would sult 9 out ol 10 of the AgricuUúriti subscrlbers. The annual meeting of the Washtenaw County Bible Society was bekt at the 51. E. Cliurcli n tliis city, January 25th, at 2 u'clock r. m. The meeting was caüed to order by Prof. EL B. Fbiezr, President, and opeued with prayer by Hev. Tj. It. Fisk. Hl-v. II. L. HüBBBUi was elected Secrctary pro tem. The report showed that the sum of J393.29 had been received during the year, md tbat seven hundred and flfty families liad been visiced. The ofllcers for the coming year were electcd as follows : Pretideiti - Prof. Hexry S. Eiueze. Yice-PrcsidenU-Ucv. II. L. Ilubbell, Conregaüonal Church ; Rev. Mr. Fisk, Metho [list Church ; Rev. Mr. Gillcspie, Episcopal Cliurch ; Rev, Mí. Schmíd, Qerraan Lutheran Church ; Rev. Mr. Bwalnfurt, Germán Methodist Chuixk ; Prof. Oluey, Baptist Cliurch. Secre'.ary- ffra. W. VV'hedon. Tredsurer- Johu Moore. Executive Coinnuttee-Rcv. Mr. Gillesple, D. Melnlyre, J. A. Scott, L. Davls, and Prof Oluey. The PresbytErlan Church in thls city vas designuted as tlie place for holding the next annual meeting. At the evening meetiug of the society, 1dtercstitig addicsses were made by Hou, C1. Walkek, of Detroit, Prof. Putnam, o' Vpbilanti, Rev. Mr. K.napp, of isaliue, and Rev. Mr. Fisk, of this city. On Friday tiflernoon last Geokge Wood and Qkorgk Coleíiax, both in the employ of John AV. Cowan, of Slmron, got mto a qoarrel, wlien Wood struck Coleman tvvo blows upon the head with a club or heavy cane, killiug him almost instantly. Wood claims that Coleman assaulted him with an ax, and that he acted ia selfdefense. Wood was about 60 years old, and Coleman about 40. An examinatiou was coinmeuced beiore Justice Goodyear, ut Manchester, on Tuesday, the result of whictj we have not yet heard. Rev. C. H. Brishah will deliver the llrst of a coursc of tliree lectures next Sabbath iiiorning, in the Uuttarian Church, upou "The Temptations to which Young Men are subjected."


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