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Pruning Fruit And Ornamental Trees

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Wc road a great doal about the proper time of pruning troi:?, :iud especial)y the applo trec. Some prefer fn.ll, somc raid-wintcr, pomo spring; but pcurcelj one rcopropaeoda the vcry beat tOna - in our hurr.bie opinión - uiid-summer. Dotibtlots f mu oíd fogies wll I open ihcir eyus and hold un iheir Landí ut suoh au innovatio;;, nnd litMiounoe it n n absurdity ; but tliiñfc wo will bo luiuioed ly a nMjpmjr.-of (he "uve" men of the dayI f vt dtsire to imptovo llie form of & fruit tree cd get rid of somo of the auperflaous wo;d, we síiould prune in hut, if we desire fruit, and n perfeclly iioaled slump, ve should prune froia tle lfith of Juno to tlio 2Oth of July. We have done thiw nith tlie happieet resulta. The fruit buds form nf ter thi, and the opera tioo auddenly outtirifir oSf ita growth, produce budb trliile the wiutar or eurly spring pruiiing, will produce only wood. In pruning orniunontal trces in mid mnnnicr, the bark, instead of reccdinp from the stump, grows over it, nnd in a few yeara will completely covcr it and malte a perfoot MBpntation. W-e have noticed this upon our own pretnises es well ns upon thosc of others many time. ïhis pruning is done when the trtte is taking ita midsummer "siefts, " and then wakrs up, refreíbfd for nnother start, snd llie bark grndually ateals ove" thp stump as if asliamed of theshabby lookfng exposure. When the tree is in full leaf, and pre ents its full fono to u?, we can eee ex actly where the pruning shouid be done, in order that while the overgrowth mi) be removed tho syrumntry of tha tre' niíy bo preferred. Bapecially ia mid suminer praping to be preferred, first, to prodtiofe bixls oa fruit bearinu; tr8es as before stated ; and seeond, vrhon largi


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