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The Best Milk-producing Food

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A correspondent of tlie Germnntcwn Tekgrnph says: "Thcre is no doubi r. difforenoe ir, the o lality of miik in different cows, soma being rich in oascine, or cheese, nnd that of otbcrs in butter vet as a rule the milk will fce in a greut metfure what is mndo ly the foed of tüe cow. The milk frorr, tho same be varied by feed from cizbty degres, by th thermometer, up to 150 fcgrees, the bighest nuniber being tbe best, and snch as ia prodused by thi' heaviest fecd. "In a cnrefuily tried cxTriment that I made last winter, I found th.'it heavy fced, such as e , wheat and rye shorts, fed to twelye cows, pound for pounr!, did, not make a muoh milk as whent fcrao icto nine quarts a day, and I hnvi oo doubt that for a iime th is would in Tariably be the resuH, yet I phould no' dare to oootinua, for any cor.siderable length of time, to fced niy cows upon wboat bran alone, ns it wou' J undoubt edly diminisli the strength of Ihe covr acd' 9oon redime her to a conditirm that sha would be incapable of givina; very much milk. I era now feeding to twelve cows two bushels of wheat brau mixed with one busbel of corn nieitl grouud iu tbe cob, with very satisfactorv resulfs. Pbe milk is good, the strengtb ef the animal is kept up, and a dimiuiahed amouDt of hay will keep the ccw ia good ihriving condition. I feed twioe day. It is yet an open question wliether tbe feed should be fed dry or wet. There is no doubt but that io eold weather it would be much betterif the wntor, wbioh ia required by ccws in milk, could be warmed. If taken the system while at a very low temperature, the process of digestión will bc retarded until the tempcrature of the water is raiscd to biood heat."


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