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Prepare Your Hot Beds

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in me courBe or a lew weews trom bow- say sbout the middle (o tiie lesl of February, hot beda should be filled with fresh stablc manure and seeds of tomstoes, early cabbage, celery, ppper, lettuee, egq plant, etc, 8own, if you would have an early supply of these vegetables. . In order to avoid depredaticmg of rats, a pit ehouid (e dug about two feet deep, and lined with brick, stone, or stout plank, running the lrame np about a foot and a half above ground in the rear, aud about ono toot in front ; bank up all around with dirt In tbts pit, at the proper time as above suggested, place vuur fresh manure about two feet fleep, pressing it firmly ; and if it is dry, wet it all through HÜghtly. Ovtr this put threo inchee of good, rich light loam or chip mauure, finely sifted, and in thre or four days thereafter ow your eed and water lightly immediately. Put on your sasb, and every warm, bright day, elévate tho sosh a little, and give yoar rapidly growing plants plenty of air. Be gure, however, to put down tho sash tight before sundown ; and if ft oold epell uomes on, throw straw 01 bsy, or old elothes over the aash until the weather moderates. Wnter as remired, and you will be independent of the professional gardener or green house proprietor, whose planta, too often, aro delicate and wort I le is. Wcodman. A traveler who demanded his trunk at a isaltimore depot before all thén, and was told b ihe Iiish bagage matter that he must have paiieucc und vva:t bia turn, turned upon the bcgguge mae ttr with, " You're ao impudent dog ;" to Bich he of the trunk rejoined, " Au' failh ye aro a monkey, ana it's u fre t pity thafr wben we two were made beasts. ye wtifcti'i an illephant, so that ye could have yer bltisted trunk under your uoee 11 the time." ïhe very latest tbing in thu advertís ing Hue, is a lady who, throu&Jb tho newfipapers, eeeke for employment ak an ornamenta] guest. ' She -ívü 1 arist ai dioneror eveuing partios - by her graoe, and wit and beauty, cootribu'ir.g to the enterUinmont of puesis, nud sim will du everything in tho highest ."tyle of the art- only she demnnds that & handsoma oompeneation be made, They miz things considerably io China. A man tailor may be seen working dili gently at a lady's dre?s for about tix oeuU a day, and a washfirman will wash and iron your olothes at 81 a hundred ; while a boataian's wife may be seen tuggiog ot the oar or bandling tho saila like aman, too, wHi a baby ou hcr í-houldors. The largcst theater, the IargcBt aireas, oaêt' the largest disüllery in the country are managed by wonien ; n tí face ot' whioh it is constantly urgcd tljat wotnen are not wtckcd oncugh to tako a lisüd in politics. Nonseiise ! '1 he cbargo is a Tile elauder. A geuUeinan nt íremnnt, Ohio, hada reoeptiou at his houso tlio otber eveoing, and when the guests we4)t away, it took the bost all niglit to wash the tar acd feathers oíi his pe'.son. A rural corespondont ack8 us to oxplain what a siukiDg fund r. Any pntn of public Dioncy which f:illfl into tbc hniids of the present admiiiistration is a mking fund.


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