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"WM. M. SINCLAIR, COMMISSION MERCHANT IN ÖRAIN ANP FLOUR, ROOM 1", IW LbSALIE STRKKT, CHICAGO. líTOyl mack & sen mí d, ■ItUMÜ '"' l)ry Oqo3i (''Ti,j, Orockery, t, 4 South Main Street. MORKIS HALÉ, Ü. I). RmpENClí and OfflCfl No 18, corner Wilüams aiid TnompSOll Streets R'-_'n!ur oftieo hourtt 1 tp 3 p M Advicc and Preftcrtptiona from G to ? I, M. esch da, free gratie? to the poor. 1264 R. W. EI,LIS So., DSÜUGISTS and dealer t Ín Patnta, OUa, ete No. 9 Son"' Main Street, Anu Arbor. J. Q. A. SE8SION8, iTTfRNRV "'1 Counsellor at Uiw, Real Bátate hik! ' íninrance Aent. CouveyiincinL and Collection of f?l.i:m8 promptly tittenced' to on liberal ternib. pite iu Dontaely's Block, up starre, Hurón S....'V;, Ann Arbor Mlch. W. II. .IACKSON, OKflST, uccaorto O. B. Portcr. OíHce,corm'. ' Malí and Hnroa Streets, ovor the store oí R. vfilli.- Co . Ana Arbor, Mlch. Ansesthotice adtnln W'tdir requlred W. P. BREAKEt, M. I. SIITSV''.' x" ANDStTEOBON. OSTce at residence, forvóVilitv-Mi and División Ktrt-ot. first dour Bul o( Presbyti'rian Chnrch Aun Arbor, Mich. BL 3". JOHNSON, DSAI.KR TN HATS and Cnps Fvñ, Straw Gnodí SenU' Furnis'nin Goodt}, &c , No. T South Main Street, Auu Arbor. SUTHERLAND & WHEDON, (KK aud Pire Insurance Agenta ;ind dealcrsin líeul ?!■ te, Olficfl on 11 uron Street. "JOHN KEOK & CO., EAI.F.ns Ín Parnltnre ofall kimls. No. 62 South Mam Street, und 4 West I.iberlj-, Streot, Anu Arl.ur. ' W. D. jHÜLMES, it.U.l'U In l'iturcs, Frames, pc.. Ko. East IIut nStruet. „ JjEWIS C. VSSDQX, BtiLKB ii' Hiirtfwaro. .StoviiB, Houíc ruruishing l.Ttn Warc cfcc. No. 31 South Mnlu Street. BACII & ABEL, DK LFRSin Dry Qoodí , Groceriae, í,c, íc. So. 20 S allí Main Street, Aun Arbor. 8L A WSON &. SON, 3R0CERS, Provisión and Commlsslon Mfrrhants ' ur dcsierx i W'mi.ii Une, I. -ni i Piaster, and Pías. ter Paris, No. 14 Eiis iinrun Street. s. sondhèïm"."" HüI.KSALE :;nrt rct:ul dealer in Kady Made ; iu', Clothc, Cflsaimerí-s, Veatlogs, flod Gents Purnish ii;: Goods. No. 0 Sooih f tyri Street. i WM. WAGNEiï, BE W ER in Beady !ade Clotbinp. Clots, -CaeBl■crea and VestVPKB, Ilats Caps, Trut fci, U;irpet ' Hül'S. &c. . -l S u th MninStreet. GILMORE & FISKE, ! ÍOOKSEI.I.EIIS and Staiaaeru, Medical, I.awand ■ College Txt Books s-.liool aud Miscellaneoiis I Books. No. 3 Xorth. Mam Street, GreKory Block, ■ Add Arbor. , ' , i FINLEY & LEWIK, DÏALERS In Boots, Shoee, Gaiters, Süpycis &c, So. 2 East Uuro# Slri;et. : , PROF. DELOULME Prm tho University of France, givcf privute and. ] Ihnrouyh tetfWHn in the Prench Xan guace and Litentare, and tfu! Lïiiin tongiu', and also in vocal aud Ditrumeutïil mosto. PIto y'-;irv enerlence in teacbngtlicse and otber branches oí o lioeial edjObation. A fa II courM of the above studies yivcn to any ] :!w ttiiit inaj be formcd. Aan Arbor, 27th Dec-j 1TO. 13C2tf J _ , ' HR O C K E R Y , 1 V JLASSWARE & GPOCERIES. J. & P. DONNELLY ''tin torea largestock of Oroctery ,(; lassware ] ltedWare,Cutlery , Grticeriei, , ice. . kc. .all le b JH t UDUsually low prieel . ," 'No .12 Eist HuronStiect.Ann Arbor. "28tt J.&P.DONXELLY . - JOHN G. GALL, DEALER 3FRESHANDSALTMEATS. ijARfi, SAISAGES, Etc, Orflcriaoliritcd aud promptly fliled with the beat ,t in the market. 31 Kn9t'Vahln)jtou street. Aun Arbor, Sept. 16th, 1SGS. 1235tf JJ ARKWEY, 3 Munntaotnrcr of Carriages. Buggies, Wagons, AM) SLEIGIIS of every Btyle. made oftlie bist ■tfrial, and warranicd. Repalring done pjomptlj 4 pnces reasonable. Detroit Street, neur 1L. H. PPot,Anu Arbor, Mich. lïIOyl jAWÊ HALLER, 22 HÜRON STREET, (EAST OP COOK'S HOTEL.) iADIES' FINE GOLD WATC3ES, 'tiOLD AND SILVER American and Swiss Watches, OOLD AND SILVER QIIAIN8, WELRY, CLOCKS, &c. o. GOLD PKISTS, : rfocted Lazarna & Horrl1 SPECTACLES. "'"ttSpoons, Sx. lSWmS DC. B. PORTER, DEN-TIST. l8? m the 8AVINGS BANK ELOCK, Ann Arbor. AI1 Operaüons on the Katurai Teeth . PERrORÜED WITH CMIE. SÜRPASSEDFACILITIES AND EXPERIENCE iWHKG mmM TEETH, ""tof the proper tbr., skapr, color, firmnr.rtand a al cxpreision. 1244 . öotoR.W.ELLIS& CO'e wr stnctly Pure Drugs and iinMaints ,Oils, &c,


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