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Fatalism Illustrated

Fatalism Illustrated image Fatalism Illustrated image
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A bad-ehell Uo.'ptist uumster, m-iug eouxwhe're on thu fruutier of Missouri, vtts íd tbe habit of ta)ing lo y and to bis churcli : "Pricudü, you iiot takc any unusuiil caro aboul our livcs ; the moment of your death was writ.tca beforo the loundatioa ff (lio norld, and you cannot altor it." Ili wiíc ubsevvcd whoo be left on Saturday to meet oue of bis fronticr ïuissionary ungaements, that ho dressod thé fliüt of bis riíie wilb unusual oare, put in dry povvdcr, frcsh tow, end took evory puiu to uiake suru tbat the gnu wcüld go off iu caso he carne upon an Iu-.! It struck bc-r oue day fis slie saw hiui iu tlio saddle, wit íi Lia rifle onjiia bhouluoi', tbat Lis condiict sontradicted bis tcacbings, and she Baid to 'jim : "My dear, y do you take tbis ,'rifle with you ? It' jt was 'wi'it' bcfore tho fouudatioo of the wüi'ld ibat you were to bo killed duriüg by an ludían, that rlfio won'ï provent it aud ifycu ra not to be iilird of rnurse the rille in "nnnO0M&ry ; o why tako it with you at "Yes," he rep'ied, 'to be sure, my dear, of ooorse you ure all very right, tD 1 that is a very proper view ; but, gee her, ray dear - uow - really - but then. you eoe, my deas - puppose !■ should meet an.Indi&Q while 1 am gone, and hia time. bad. como, aud I liadu't my rifle with me, whot woulil be do ?■ Yes, my dear, wo raiwt all eoutribute our part tnward'the fultillinent of. the decreas of Providence."


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