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Napoleon's Last Proclamation

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Jjondon, feo. iz. The followlng a n trnuslation of the prnclamntion addroised by Emperor Na jieleou to the electora of Frunce : Wiliif!.m?iiok, Feb. 8. Betrayed by foitune I hüve kept gicce niy captivity profuund til. nee. - While mourning my country's mUfortunes, as long as rniics confronted eacli olher I abstaincd Irom any steps or word capable of oausing party discuFsions, but I con do ooger remaní silunt before niy couairy's disasters without appearing inentílale to its suifcrings. When I wa madi prieoner I could not treat for peace because my resolutious would appear to have been dictated by persoDal consider■tions. I left the Hegeut to decide vrhether it was to the interest of the nation to continua the etruggle. Notwithtanding unparalleled reverpos Francs was unsubdued, and Btrongbolds uureduced, a few departments invade d and Paris in a state of defensa The extent ot her misfortunes might possibly have been limited, bul vvbile attention was di reoted to her encmica an insurrection aroe in Paris, the si ato of he Rt-pre sentatives were violated, the safety of the Kmprefs threatened and the Empire whiah had been tbree timee acolaimed by the people overtl.rnwn a: d abaodoned. Stilling my prafentiisentti I eiclaimed, "What matter my dyoasty, if the country be eared." Instead oí protesting agaifmt tbe violatii u of my rightg I koped for tbe euccess of the defeuse and admired tbe patriotio devotion of the childreo of Frailee. Now, when th (truggle is suspended and all reaionftble chance of victory has disappeared, it M time to cali tn account the usurpers for the bloodshed and ruin and squandered resources. It is impoesible to abandon the deslinies of France to an tiDauthorizcd government wbich was left do autliority emanatint from aniveraal ■affrage. Order, confidenee and solid peace are oly reooverablc where the people are ooneulted respectiug the governUient most capable of repairing the disatteri to tbs country. It is essuntial that Franco ihould be uuitcd iu her wishes. For rayaelf, bruieed, by injustice and bitter dooeptions, I do not know or claim my cpeatedly confirmcd rigbts. Tbere i bc room for personal ambitioD, but till the paogle are regulariy assembled and iprem thtir wil! it is my duty to sny that all acts are illégititimate. Theirs is tbe only government in which remides ualioual ) vereign ty , able to he&l wounds, ta bDc hoge to. the firoeidea, to reopen the rjrofarjed churches for pruyer, ana to icftore industrv, concord, and peace. At a meeting of tLe Exeoutive Gom mitteo of tbe Frcceh Belief Fuod, held at Boston Monday, tbe amount coutribnted ai reported at $70,000,, and $25,000 more is anticipated. Arrangements for the prompt loading of the WorcesIcr ore petfected. An agent will preede the vecsel to consult other. relief committees already in France for judioiously diatributing the aid furnistied. With,thej(e fucilities the committce hopo lo make every ten dolíais tupply a peron w.itb cheap (pod for oue bundred 4ay. R. B. Angel, professor of the Frenoh Unguage at the United States Military Academy for tbo last twenty-five years, died auddenly of apoplexy Friday laoruiug at West Poiu.t.


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