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The University In The Legislature

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Ou Friday last Mr. Stphiij, of the Senate cmniit'ee od public instruction, reportad tho result of tlie j iut cnmmittees' ïisit to tbo Univcr.-ity. The report sets tho nnniber of student, the lck of accooimodatiins, e-peciilly iu lle literarj depir'mdi', tho absolute oced of lurger and bct'.er Ice ure rooms to accommodate tho ycnrly incrca iug oiirober of s'udent?, and of a chapel or hill ia which t!io studtMitg of uil the d -!p:i! tmoiits can 1 convencd on oommencement nnl (.tier oocasiona, and recnuniend uu appropriatiou of 85,000 for tbe u' pose oskcd for by tlie Reponts - a new l uilding for cbapcl aod leotnro roomP. - In ilie H ue, on the wme dny, Mr Grant, from the comniittee on edueatton, also ref'r'.t:d upon the sumo cubjoct, ai:d acconipanicd lus report with a bilí Rppropriiiting 870,000 for h cbapel building, which was rend a first aud eecond time and j.lacod on the generul or der. The bill parsed tho nrdenl of the eotnTuittee of the hole on Yednesdy, and was placed ou tho order of thirc readinp. A favorable indicittioD. - Tbe faots ainl argumenta sit forti in these two reports ought to the members of lith branches of the Legislature: th:it the Univcsity has no fi.nda cnough at is eommand to mee the growing demnuds upon it ; that i can nol maiutaio its present rank auion eduoational ioetitutioos more liberall endowed without mmediate aid ; an (lint to refuse (-uuh aid atid pcrmit it t lniiguisli or retrograde will disgriee tli State in all educational circles tbrnugh out the vrorld. The bilí introduced b Col (ra nt ought to pass both houaes aud without a tingle disitnting vvtt. - l'rivate advices By the bill paeaei the House yeeterday. Goud. Pending b vote in the United State Senate, on Mondny laf t, upon a join resolution prcecrihiug the oatli to be ta ken by Mr. Mn.i.ri!, Senator eleot from Ueorgia, Mr. Morton made the declar ation tliat the bili repcaling tho tes oath "passed the Senato lnit fcuioo without tho knowlcdge of three mem bers of that body." If th tatemen is true, - and would a Radical Senator lie about so small' matter? - wha wiiere tho Senators bout ? Do tbe members cf that body pocket $5,000 a year, and then fo uoglect their dutien that they don 't know what they are yoting for ? But taking the aaeertion as lightly exsggerated, and yet it ii evi dent that tliere is "something rotten in Denmark." Two or three amendments to the constitution are absolutelj necee sary to proteet the public againet scheining and lazy legislators Nobillehould be alloned to inolude more tfian one object, to be pet forth in its title, which would keep " the oat out of that mea tub;" and then tbe yeae and naysshouk bc taken on tbe passage of every bill and a majority of all ik membert Uct required to vote for any bil! in erder to paes it. Now bilis are passed with less than a quorum preient, by a minoritj oft the cseoibers eleot, aud without their contenta being known. 1 - i - In tbe Senate, on Saturday last, Mr. Mann presented a petition of ihe Wwhtuuuw Gounty Medical Soeiety, aaking tor thetegulation of the practice of phar rnacy ; also, petition of tbe aame tooiety, asking for the regulation of the prao. tice of medicine. , "- In the Houae, same day, Mr. Childi presented remoustranoe of J. D. Coiiiy and 41 othera, againat extending tbe boucdaries of the village of Manohester ; also petition of Ai.exandkh Oor. don, and 37 otheri, for an amendment to the charter of tbe Detroit and Saline plank road company, so as to render it inoperative on tbe last fire milea of tbe road, terminating at Saline. RIb. Post presented sundry petitiont for two professors and a Homeopathio hospital At tbe University, one from members oí the of the Homeopathio Sooiety of the University, and one from Mesfre. Ghas. Tripp, Jas. Kiogeley, C. H. Millen, C. Eberbacb, aod 16 others. Thb ed'jcational eommittees of the Senato and House each reported, on ïucsday, tho results of their investigation at tbe State Normal School. Tbe cemraittees conour in recommendiDg liberal appropriations for the coming two ?ear. The bill now pending ín the louse makes an appropriation of $15,)Ü0 for 187], and of tbe same aam for ST2. , ,


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