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The United States And England

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Id Bar opcnint? ipeeoh to Parhament, Queen Victoria announocd that gbe lal proposed. to the Government at Washington a joint High Commission, to sit t Washington, and to whioh should be reforred the claims and differonccH growiog oat of tlio fisherion on the northeuvt ern coasts of the Britiah popesessions in America, tbo juestion of boundariex, the narigation of tho St. Lawrence, aud any other juestions therewith conncted. Simultaneously with this aonoaucement President Grant sent a mcsgago to the Senate, wih Stöccorretpondence between Secretar; Fibh and Sir Edward Tiioknton, and nlso nominated for confirma tion five Commiisioner to ct on the part of thia Gorernment. Tho corres pondene showt tbat th President se oepted the proposition mtde by Ear Granviu.k, through Sir Edwaud Tiiorn ton, Triih a provisión that the Alabama olaims, lo-oalled, fliould bo referred to the same eommissinn. This wag aesent ed to, with the further propusition " tlia all;othor claims botfa of Briti.ih eubjects and citizetis of the United States, aris ing out of acts committcd duriug the reoent eiril war ia tbat country (the United Btatep), be similarly referred to the same oommiseion," which watt also agroed to. Under this latter clause i is sarmised that the English bankers may put in the ootton-ioan claims, holding that tbe viotnr asiumes the liabilities o the vanquiflbed. The Cotnmiesioners detignated by the Britixh GoTcrnment, are: Geokge Frkdkrick Samuel Robinson, Earl de Grey and Ripoo ; Sir Edward Thorn to, Minister at Washington; Sir John A. McDonald, of Kingston, Canada Sir Joun Rose, also of Canada, anc brothor in-law of Commander Temple of the Tennoseee, whose fate- with the San Domingo Commissioners, bis pas sengers - is just now ia doubt, and Mr Montaode Brksard, Profossor of In ternational law at Oxlord. Lord TjtM tkhdks comea as Secretarj to tbe Com missioners. The President has named, and the Senate has oonfirmed : Secretary Fijii Juslice Nelson of lbo Supreme Court Gou. Sciienck just appointed Miniater to England, Attorney-General Hoar and Senator Williams of Oregon. It is xpeeted that tbe GommUsion will oommence its sessioo about the firs ol March. - Sir Joun Rome has duclined the duty, and Sir Stafford Nortiiüote ha been named in his stead.


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