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Ni w XoUX, 1-Yb. Mth, ISTli Gold, which nt our lust writiiiK had gou alove 112, has heen gndually weking alowar tavel ui.l is muw iif:iriy ic knrar. The monoy mnakel li i i itp OBMft thj bank balancee latiafaotoTfi and finan■ial uiViurs are iti a wrj i:iir oondiUon, taking 11 hingfl into oonbidcmtion. The report froin Wathing on ycstenluy, of ilie oonfldtt&oe ''xprensed by thfi BOCr;tary of tin: Treiusury, ín being aUs to fuml i he gOT■iiinu-ní aeouilttai acooriiag to tM prqpowd, with ismrano 0 to the mne iff't frontnunty íinunciul sonrccs aliow almn!t con'-liisivuly tlmt ahonld thc fftTOnble proüpectrt (HHi'.ir.ii'', :iU chunca of (rovornment pocuri:ies will, in latfl thítn 11 inonth, TOadh n hihcr valuó. Thfl appi)iii1m'iit nf a lup-h rommisMÍon by onr own (rovnrnmcnt, and tlmt of (ir 'ai V.riiiiin, to cfinirr ind ■attie tlm AKb"" 'íaíniR and otfaet (jnestionfl al lame botwmn thr two -ouniii. hn bad lts proper sfltet In íin;tncial oirrlns, and thc lUmndnnrH' of inonry fnrloausai flbeapsatevW Lütenct, tnüfothor with the [roH]Mvt nbove nlluded to í)f ír. BontwetTs nvoinj? ■abaolptioni t thc new loan, and cairying out hto [ímprnTnmo with rsfeKUOe to fuinlinr thc 5-20 ImhuIí, gfTBll a powerfnl attntlltH tn investmcnt in göreminent lionds nnd otlnr íirst-la-ís ofurilícs. Fbntt íicrc remaitis without quotablc rlianírc in tnot anules. Wbeat U duil and nominal t 1.70 ÍDT Whltc IGoh., and 1.53(1.57 for new apring. DrcTïtOTT, Fob. I5tli. Tho mok has nol leen as nrtï'c Bsthe tlrst Of thr mnntli, thouph u fair bufaeti ha brrn 'lone. The wholeaale gxooexy trade h bean beat; droga ara aleo iood. In dry goods thete aro ame ahangoa, and aastt branda (rf btoached gooda hare advaooi d. Dealen aro generally tnying in Btooka (tor the Bprbig troda, whiöh it i stilt belleved will Ik? good. The reodpta of wbettt (ind flonr, thoujfb lrir,;-, wereleaa than fhepreeading woek, bcing 10,000 bbla. of ihe fonncr, una L1,000 ba. wlieivt. COTD shows noarly 87,000 bu. agaJnat ÏSM th&O half thftt qiiHntity for the weck enJinff the 4th iiwf., and orti noariy 20,000 iigninst 7,000 then. Not murh hm aa yv betn donfi In flonr, tbough the apvard tendency in wheat hu rrBtei some inqiiiry. Tiftrífe lots of cboioe huvo beau Ofllen 1 í'or í", but none i t;ikrn tit that pvice oxnupt to flll or-lerw. ],ow RTiideM were pix-tty W4-11 deaxed oot lost wrvk at A.50Ö.87K rhct ffiÉoept uinbor, is ono cent better, Xo. 1 white sold for $1.45, Kxfni fï.fil, with small luts ftttl.51 Oom la firmer ut 52c for mixed. Oats in piíhI demaad ftt MW .vi';. and li'-'Iii. offeringa. Bye IL1&91.30. DwïwmI bon ara oflVxed at. M, but tho demand al present wiH not po ovt $ft,7ii. lïxittpr is in (foo! donund atprasent, at 25o. tqf ("hoïfp roll, Apple aCATGC trom tin1 oonH&oed cold, Potatoea 89 9 90c. Ponltry bigÏNT, n-'l l lor chiBkflDS, l.Vííl(i for turkt-y, The cuttle murket was Hlightly iminovtsl.


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