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Night School For Colored Persons Closed

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An annoutiSemeiit was made In thls paper nbout the flrst of November, of a Nlght 'School for colorcd persons. Meetings huil prevlously lieen fielfl', and the ñames of thirty persons were said to be ■eenred, ilef agreéin to pay 15 cents a week for tro nlglits of Instructlon. A ffent'eman of tlie Unlvcrsity, wuo had had experienoe In teaching such'schoólif at the east, offureil hls service, nt a moderate compensatlUi, am the colored péo'plê itfe nssurcfi, tbat If they wou!d attend and pay Iba sinall fee, that any extra expense would bc met without calllng upoü tlmn. NotwItlistanHlrtg tfiesè' favorable clrcumstancos, the school, after havlng had n feebl cxltence for three monthn, hss beeu glven up. Scarccly a thlrd of thosc who were Bald to bo piedad to Rttend have shown any Interest. The few persons really Interested, and on whose account the closlng of the school Is to bc regretted, havo been thosc who had made somc progresa In educatlon. As the pnrtles who vrcrt Instrumental In estnbllslilng this school, enn not be expected nx.uin to make a simlUr efibrt, it Is deemed proper to report the cause o.' fallure. It Is to be rejjrettrd that thc colored peopie generally are no Indifferent as to thelr improvement. Many adlittft are unable to read. Very íew have rceoIVed common school edltcatlon. ComparatlVelJf few colored children are In the schools of Ibe city, alÜibligh they are open to them wlth the uaine privileges tliat white chi;dreii eujoy. The School fioard has uVbn allowed the Btteudance of adu'.ts, thongh not requlred to do so. The colored populatlon of Aun Arbor !s about 300. Onr Cblored frlends should know that It Is not by socletles- whether tcUrtt or open - or RnjusementS; that they are to ttaln the posltlon of respectad and useful citizen, as well as promete thelr own bst welfare In the opinión of the present wrlter, the Intercsts of thls part of our cominnnUy would be bet secured by thelr havlng ttit)nWi_ them a Pastor - a m&n, whtther of thilr own race or not - of educatlon, one to whom they would look up, and who would (cel hlmself charued wlth thelr itinporal as well i Cttrnal intereSté.


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