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WI M. SINCLAIR, 10MMISSION MERCHANT IN ORAIN AND FL.OTJR, K00,. 10. IM LaSAIXSTREKT, CUICAGO. EDWIN P. ÜHL, crrrTTIN'i A1TORNEY. M Ann Arbor Taesd FrUay of eacu Week. Office Court MK. . MACK & SCHMID, MEM in Orv Ooods, Oroceries, Crnckery, "Sfsoïth Main Street. _ -MORKIS HALE, M. D. -mUSCEsna Office No 18. comer Williams and "P „n-treets Resillar office hours. 1 tu S IT' aÍvíct and Preícrlption. from 0 lo T P. M . Sdltof, ftec gratis to the poor. 1264 rTw. ellis & co., MBfflSTS . and deakre in Paint, Olls, etc. No. 2 Bl!!ln Street, Ann Arbor. ■ j. Q. A. SESSIONS, _.,WT .„rt Connselior at Law, Heal Estáte and 'Pa . ljm,vcviicii!! and Collcction ol ,, ,,Ked toon Tlbcral term. OfwSyMBlock, npstair, Hurón Street, Aun Arbor Mich W. H. JACKSON, OEXTIST.saccessorto C.B. Porter. Offlcc.TOrnc'.hiMd Hurón Street, over the itore ofR.Wli2Co A„n Arbor, Mich. Anaestheticadm-.n tíercd i f roqui red . ___ V. F. BREAKEY, M. D. .■ITSK'IAN' ANDSÜROKOK. Office, t rc?idencc, „Vrr Hurón OMiHaa Streetó. flrst door mot PresbyterUn Church.Ann Albor, "Ê. J. JOHNSON, ALERIN HAT8 and Capí. F'?'"""?' Jal1 Purolíhlog Qooda, &c, No. I SWuthMain mi Arbor. lüTHKRLAND & WHEDON, tirSoilFireIn?urarcc Agenta and dcalersin Real ísute. OMceon Bnrón Street. "JÖÏIN KECK & CO., mOBS in Furniturc of all kind, gjJJJ eet, and i Weet Liberty, Street, Ann itbor. ___ " ï7EVvTsrRISDON, DniT.R in Hardware, Stoves, Hmise Furr.isliing Goojta.Tin Warc c. No. 31 South Hhln Street. BACH & AHKL, DI ■LERSiii "fv Oooda, Oroceries, &c., &c. No. 20 iiih Uííb Street, Ann Arbor. ShAWSON & SON, 3SQCKRS ProTiolon and Commisfion Merchants mddeslcrsin Water Lime, I.nnd Plaeter, and Plag. ttr Paris No. U Kast Iltron Street 8. SONDHEIM, ITIÍOIESALE andrctil dealer in KeadyMade Clothlir.CIoths, C'assijneres, Vestlngs, and Gents' Furniíbing Goodo . No. 9 Sonlb Main Street. WM. WAGNBB, KiLER in Readj Madn Olotblng, Cloths, Cassinereíand Vestius, Hato. Caps, Trunk, Uarpct. Blfí.ic.'Jl Smitli Main Street. GILMORE & FISKE, ÍMKSELLERS and Stotioners, Medical, Lnw and toileíe Tcxt Books. School and Miscellaneous Bob. No. 3 North Main Street, Gre,'ory Block, in Arbor. FINLEY & LEWIS, SEALF.RS in Tïiotf, Shoes, Gaiters, Slippeis &c, Xd.í EaKi Harón Street. PROF. DELOULME :'iiv,Tsity of France. fc'ivcs private and lioí;h leesona in the Frenen Lanipitñ&&d Lite. auiciüd the Latin tonfrue, andalao in vocal and attmeutil rau-ic. Vivr. jtwt experlence in teachaïthe and other branches o! a libeial education. ;rse ofthe above etudies giventoany tlwtbst may be formed. imiArl)ur,27th Dec-, 1ST0. mcUt QROCK E R Y , SLASSWARE & GBOCERIES. J. & P. DONNELLY ll'ellitorealargestock of Crockery ,lasüware lt(dwr,Cutlery , Groceries, &c, &c.,all te b 'iditunuRuaily low pricef. So.l2Ki8tIIurpnStieet.Ann Arbor. llSBtf J.k P.DONXELLY. JOHN G. GALL, FRESH AND SALT MEATS, I.AHI), SAUSAGES, Etc, Wongolicitedandpromptly flllert with thcbost auii la the market. 31 Kast Washington street. 'oArbor, Scpt. lCth, 1869. 1835tf JJ ARKSEY, &ï9Syii Manntacturer of Ctfriages, Buggies, Wagons, lüp SLEIGIIS of every etyle, made of the bct Bliii!,aod warranted. Repairingdone pjomptly ■JP'ites rcisonable. Detroit Street, ncar K. K. BtPt,AnnArbor,Mich. 18T0yl JACOB HALLER, 22 HURON STREET, tEAST OF COOK'S nOTEL.) UDIES' FINE GOLD WATCHES, GOLD AND SILVKR American and Swiss Watches, GOLD AND SILVEK CIIAINS, IEWELRY, CLOCKS, &c &c. GOLD PKNS, 'SMrocteEl Laiarue & Morris' SPECTAC1ES. llISpoon8, &c. U9!m3 DRcB. POKÏER, dewtist. ft ■ ■ the SAVINGS BANK BLOCK, Ann Arbor. 411 Operations on the Natural Teeth - PBÜFORMED WITH CARE. flSÜRPASSED PACILITIES AND BXPERIENCE WTON1' ARTÏFiCÏAL TEETH, 0„(%f To G'VE EACH INDIVIDUAL; '"'the proper tiie, thape fiolot ; firmneiêa'nd a al rxpreniiott. 1244 GotoR.W.ELLIS & CO's fr choiceWines and Liquors ÍQr Medical Purposes.


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