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The Fire By The Sea

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There wcre MTOD fishers with nets in their hnndw, ■ . j i aikcd mul tnlkeil by the naaide l&ndl ; Vet aweet mk the sweet dew-tail 'I'ho word th.-y s]ikf, though they spake so low, ■ tbc long, dim oantnnei flow, And we know thom- onu and all - Ayol kv.ow tin-m and loro them uil. s, ■-, . -i-, sad men in tlic days of old. And oti: waa gentlfl and ana was bold, And Hu walked with downcaat eyi - ; The lld was Peter, t)ic Kontlu waa John, And Uil'V uil wen' s:nl, lm (he Loi-d wus gone, AiiJ'iIjï knew nol lHe wonldiiso- not il tho deud would rise. The Hve-long night, till the moon went out, In th6 drowninp wntt'rs thoy l)tat ubout ; B( at sluivly throuifh the fogs tluir waj ; And the saib drqpped down with wringiui; wet, Am] na man drew but an empty net, And now 'twaa the break of theday- The grent gld bi-eak of the dny. ■■('ast oiir ih tb on the othti' side"- iTwos Jeaue speskinK acroai the Ude)- Aiirl th.y .ast nnd wero dragging hard ; Bui tha! .ü.'i; Ie whoin Jeroalorad, C'riud straightway out, fur liia heart was inoved ; " lt gonrxiaan ïxni - Our Master, and our Lord !' Theo Simon, girding his flahev's coat, Went over tbc nett and oit of the boat - Aye ! nrst of them all was he ; Bepenttng soi-e the dcniul p:ust, lic feared HO longsr bja heart to cast, an anchor, into the sen- Down Soep in Hm liungry sea, And the otlici-s, tliiwipli the mists 80 dim, In a little abip oama aftel hun, I Iragging thcir net through the nda : And whsu tiiey bad gatten siaae to the land Tliey wi%v a tiri' oí' coala in sand, And wit li arins of loveso wide, Jeaus, tiie cruciütxl ! 'Tis long, nnd long, and long ngo, biuce the rosy lights began to flow O'er the nills of Onlileo ; And uith eager ey) s and Hitad hunda . maaw on the nndi The tilt: of ooala by the aea - Ou the wet, wild sands by the sea. 'Tis long ago, yet faith in our souls Is kindledj ust by that tire "f coala ' s'.n amed o'er the mista "t zoo sea; Wnere Peter, frirdinif his risher's coat, Went over the net and out t the boai, Tu .mswer, "Iov'st thou me f ThrioB over, ' Lovat thou mcl"


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