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Making Love

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In Seville, which is popularly belloved to be in Spain, tliere is in use a most foHcitous invcution in the way of making love, clandestinely. After dart, young cabelkros stoal beneath the lady's lattice - which, perchaDce, is in the third story - and softly unecrewing the handle of tbeir wiilking sticks, proceed to extract from the same, which are hollow. length after length of hollow tubiüg, screwing them together after the fashion of a Japanese fishiDg pole, or the old apparatns wherewith sweeps clean cuimneys. A mouthpiece is fitted Dto each end and one raised to the window abovo. Soon by the aid of this improvised speak ing tube, two souls with a certain uuauimity of thought and two hearts with a possible unieon of pulsation are eoftly communing. Now this is all very nice, seductively romantioand all that sort of thing, but mark what the Knowledge of it brought to a certain youth of Baltimore. He had read of it, or heard of it, and happening to have a surreptitious affection for a young and wealtby lady, which she as snrrcptitiously reciprocated, he detcrtnined, with her connivance, to avail himself of it. He got a tin pipe of the doí-ired length, msde by a tinner, and in each end of it placed, for want of a beter mouth-pioce, a funnel. Deücious conversation went on, lic sitting on the top of a water barrel and she leaDing from her window above. Thcy would converse for hours, and exchange nll the soft nonsenso in the world, and then hc would unship his apparatus, put tho funnels in his pocket, wrap the pieces up in a newspaper, and go home in a condition oí etherial bliss. Tho course of true love never did run smootb, snd one evening tho old gentleman, smoking in the back garden at an unusual hour, saw thoyoung gentleinau arrive, fix up his apparatu9 and commence his soulcomniuning operations He made up his mind in a minute. He went into the kitchen and asked for a pitcher of boiling water ; it was handed to him and off he posted up stairs. Just as he reached his daughter'a door he commeuoed ealling to her. 80 telling her lover to wait o moment, ehe camo to the door. "Ncllie, my dear, run up to my room and get me my spectacles ; I'll ivait here till you come cown." She disappcared up stairs, and he stole cautiously to the window. The minuto he touched the funnel the amorous and unBuspecting youth olapped liis mouth to it to resume where he had broken off - "my darling, you cannot imagine how - ." Just then the old gentleman commenccd assiduouely filling that funnel with hot water, and the rest of tbat miserable youth's sentenca was never heard. He wore flour ou his face for a fortnight after, and deolines to go into sooiety just at present. - m-4 i i -■ Somebody says " devil" ig a mean word any way it may be written, Eemove tho d and it is " evil," transpose the e and its " vile," remove tbo v and it s ill," remove the i and 1 remains, whioh has the aspriate sound of " heil." The bilis of fare at a largo dioner party in New York, reoently, were of different colored satín, painted in various beautiful designs and frmncd in mouee colored velvet. White poplin or wool-repped costurae are the latest novelty. They are im ported ob upper dresses to be worn wit] black velvet skirts. Chicago calta her foundling hospita a "refuge for anonymous humaDity."


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