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Spurgeon sententiously expresses a DUinber of thoughts wortli remembering in the following appropriate senten cos, which he publishesas "advioe gratis." When you see a man with a great deal of religiĆ³n displayed in his shop window, you may depend upon it be keeps a very sraall Btock of it witbin. Do not choose yonr friend by bis looks ; handsome shoes often picch the feet. Uy no means put yourself in anotbcr person's powor ; if you put your thuxb betwoen two griuders, thcy are vcry apt to bite. Drink nothing without feeing it ; sign nothing without reading it ; and make sure that it means no more thnn it Bays. Don't go to law unlcss you havo nothing to lose; lawyers housos are built ou fool'a heads. Put no dependenoe on the label of a bag, and count the money aftor your own kin. In auy business never wade in the wat:r where you oannot see the bottom. See tba sack open bcforo you buy what is in it ; for he vvho trades in the dark asks to be cheated. Keep clear of a man who does not valuo bia own charactor.


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